Billboard (Apr 1898)

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THE BILLBOARD pre*.. CHeMerton: F. A. oneiroid, lrea>:; lu. A. SUB. eecy. POCIGHHKKPSIE—RucneM Count j Agrlcul- ' tori) Socletr. Sept. 6 Id ). Rob. W. BIt«. pres., New Hamburg; Aur. 0. Gnr, trcu.: PRATT^TIJ.E—PrnllaMite Agricultural and I JiA'iihi nn■ mi cm At::, iiUurul , xTSSSnoS^ c ' a Wl ' LBijAKOK- < S;£5oQ ! 'Filr. Sept. » to IS. Huse Etoue.^prea.; F. M. Cu--'—' MARTS VI LI.E-Unlon County ■ Agricultural nt KlTTAN^N^KfUlipnlTlK 4 Frit Aleoetall HTeecr.^Amftlir^L"'' ]UinrlSLt>-UiB>Se]d Fair. Sept I? John M. Harden! prea; J. A. Blllotl, W, D, Hinted, traaa. 1 eld— ami. a Dm :.. HOETH Carolina. . ELIZA tlBTII CITY—Albemarle RALHIOII-Nor" & prea.: IH.WIU Sharpie. "trMa. Bltninvllfe F HONSBLLdVILLE—Hot I 'HERKIMER- ..tltui. jv'oiema*] ' C- ■ Vaebear Trer i.i..mmi:i:t.ix i ■ VII . : . . : as, «HSiTKiinLI.E—Central Ohio Trl-Counw Ana. It u> It- B. LJmeaban-. prea.: L. A. Seelei. treaa. Colllln&ui; O. W. Hctker. WOST UMOK-Adnml Count. Agricultural OSAGE COUNTY FAIR ASSCIATION. BURLINGAME, KANS. SEPT. 6, 7, 8 and I, KM. Con m mications solicited from managers, of new anil noveL attraction! for County Fairs. AtWresa, CENTRAL CANADA EXHIBITION. =^sb= OTTAWA, ONI.. CANADA. September 16th to 24th, 1896.