Billboard (Apr 1898)

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THE BILLBOARD NEW YORK CITY. iiu:iuti> BID fcaii tie bill boards, or all ha roarelaf'wwr) aZftm, IM draining In Dull bu lo wait till trial Sale lor a showing. Hunt Biu ul Dunlin Tire* (Hoke,. E. M. FRITZ BILL POSTING and DISTRIBUTING 0SKAL00SA, IOWA. READY IN APRIL I r\ NEW CHART. ujDBnt tain 11 wduM be B«l*r MIDLAND JDVERTISINS CO., JOSEPH REID, Manager. LICENSED DISTRIBUTORS, WE WSNT Y©U ... BAGS! For Circular and SampJa Distributors Manufactured from the toughest aud best material, absolutely waterproof, aud will stand the roughest usage. Made af- ter our own ideas, as we use many, and find these to give the beat satisfaction. They are just the proper site and shape and easy lo carry any sue load. They are securely riveted, and will not tear. Used by the leading Distributors and Bill Fost- ers. Price seventy-five cents" each; four for three dollars. Send cash with order. WILL A. MOLTON DISTRIBUTING AGENCY, 84 PUBLIC SQUARE, CLEVELAND, O. Advertisers Free. nc'^c'tabl* Directory Is no cheap "fiat," sach as has annoyed the enft far sonc years, hat will be the moat complete work of the kind ever published Toe as a Usher ii - practical Printtr. Bill Poller lid Slfn people, lie wishes me namei ol all per- sons In lie bnsleesi. Many flnoi in Ipeadlot a a anally tbsnuBoi •< dollars advcrtiilnt Do you expect to secure lilts work Without advertising yourself? 11 la net safflcleat Ibst ,oa ore a acabcr ol an aasoclatroi or (hit 11 reliable lid up-to-aKe, write to-day lOiHiwiaHsilhtam^-;.:- S?f2B»T F. V. DRAPER, ~\» i* ama m Lot.., su..