Billboard (Apr 1898)

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THE BILLBOARD. 15 i ™5 ADVERTISING .ji ^ at THERMOMETERS RULERS and ,* .« .* WOOD NOVELTIES J* J* J« j« AGENTS WANTED j>^j> Btrtb local and traveling. We pay large conunuaioia. Trite to us for Catalogue with plcu and partJculan. J« J» t it. 41 dl J» J< IIS American Mfg. Concern JAMESTOWN, N. Y. WANTED. m ^%Z7Zr N re*s. Address The Billboard Pub. Co., Cinrii Bill Posters 1 Paste Brushes. This brush ia manufac- 8 inch. (3.75 each. 9 inch. 3.00 tuh. inch, i.3= each. send rout onoeifS to The' Donaldson Litho. Co., Cincinnati. SOLE WESTERN AGENTS FOB THE CELEBRATED WIRE BOUND BRUSH. B. C. Bonesteel, Paris, Ills. AmYovONtOfTnfM? '"AIJWPMISt'' PORTLAND'S "XSZT. 100,000 POST PORTLAND. When yon post Portland yon virtually post the whole Stale ot Oregon. It pays to post Portland Try it and be convinced Same Bit ^^JOHN T. WIL.L.IAMS. PORLTAIND, - - - OREGON. TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS. The Host Successful Business Houses Are Using Them! THE CHEAPEST AND BEST METHOD j» + * . cost. Try it, or send us $2.00 and reading matter, and we will si M . sheet stand (size 9 feet 4 inches by 17 feet 6 inches) including a huge litho- erapbic pictorial design pertaining to your business. We use the Donaldson] UtnM in connection with our stands— apprupriate to every business. D. C Humphrys Sc Co. 1227-mARKET STREET-1227 Philadelphia, Perm. FLAGS, BANNERS, DECORATIONS, SIGNS and SHOW CARPS for every purpose. J. POPULAR PRICES PROMPT SERVICE jt WRITE US J* PAINTER'S m CABINET J. H. FRANCIS. NETTLETON. MISS. LOS ANGELES, CAL. ■TING CO., ANGELES, CAL.