Billboard (Apr 1898)

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Continuous Publicity on the Billboards. they know why I get three or four bill posting is not a spasmodic ad- vertising medium, as some advertisers think On the contrary, the most successful users of the billboard are those who make contracts fnr six or twelve months, and who supply the hill posters with sufficient paper 10 renew at frequent intervals. While thirty-day bill posting is good, the continuous, lasting display is what knocks all the persimmons, Many of my best pleased clients are those who have made yearly contracts from the beginning. But whether you want to post for a year, or for thirty days, or for only one week, yon can get expert and conscientious service by placing your entire order with me; and you can save yourself all vexation and worry. I place bill putting Willi the best bill posters everywhere, at their regular It-w- est rates, and 1 guarantee the scrvicr. Miould any portion oF it prove un- satisfactory, you are not charged fur that portion My dealings with the hill posters have extended over a number of yeais; aud tbiy consider an order from me as an equivalent to the money in hand; that's one reason best service; aii3th;r reason is that they get business from me at frequent intervals, sometimes orders a month. among my arguments why>w< should place your bill posting through my agency. Loncj-Distonce Bill Poster, 107 West 2f>m Street, New York. Telephone.