Billboard (May 1898)

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THE BILLBOARD Vol. X., No. 5- ADVERTISING BY EXHIBIT. 11 is advertising lo first prin- ,-iplcs. If well done, il can not full lu I., pnMaMe. Tin- ubjert lesson i* I be CINCINNATI, MAY 1, i& n [-r.-s.-nis Ihe article it«-ir. H make, ii* ihmI dlrccily lo ihe senses. Aii rxMUt 11I 11 rair or exposition ■ h.n. 1 In- i<iw>>iur <>f a largo emit he ..f people Is certain, is generally wort I utii. li mm 1 l,n [i ii omul li bring* tin ■ Jvi nUc r race 10 face with Ihe pruph Ii. Ik- wants tu sell goods. Th .1.1m 1111 hue all the lufori sfule. Turn .-.mill be aa Wetlef n-i.-i :uni bMN r»flYr. K Ik That this Is :i grcnl oppnititniiy fnc He dd be lould ne Every unm a-bu |. came mil of 11 i-m.-kery. Tiny b--- slegc Hie (mrn Of I lackctis i.-k fur looK. lo Mine, ur your eraeketn. ir they djnt wn should tarry away llicui. they've simply gol Ii t» (bvm. Matter. So far. so good—your advert'ilug is ll is ■ Hie a 1 sample, rmbc hy ihe n liiuu lo Lave this will Iw your tiiiisii iu Hackeiisack. Tin- eraekcra may be good. They may be belter crackers than nnylmdy else ran sell Fur Ibe same money, but that unites 110 dtSMcncv. A Isjoklet Is till- beat ihing. In a lnHikk-1 you are abb) tu tell a whole tor abaci your goods lu very small tllHIl lliH i-mpiinlon i<> distribute i are even a Bttle bit bet ^.-sls will average. 'Hie effect of a groat deal of this sort Of course, every exhibit -f ml vert in! lk is totally nullified by :ls lust.-fiil and attractive a 'Ills prevalent practice. Xo pulns nor expense slim. 1.1 It is quite natural to want In put- iu draw |H-npIc'K attention, yiir U-st foot forward, but sometimes n,,.|,i. ami ta make a stmi ii s bad imlity. aide tin invasion upon tliei Kiil'|H*c. for instance. Hint yon are samples are served or la 'm reducing a new cracker. Yon give jurat >-irc should lie taken ■way a ton or »M a lood ekxr ' lln.-ki-minek. The,- nr.. Just Uw i Make your booklet aa fev -OlLls t way ■' good Mt better than your era.k-rs (ins yon,- big apples :,. 111.- lop ol "« average. Ilarrvh ^ , 0 bTl . :lk _ wiliMu yul. 1 the 'ire tin; very beet crackers Unit ovvr advertising by exhibit is good liter- to ti Instead of amL good enough for us. We strongly sus- pect tbat jtrnr neiv-fangleit crackers are a dclnsiou and n sunre." But wlien ne find them at Ibe food show to are i>erfectly willing to try thatwhat we enme for. If tliem. Lots of other women n-bo went, lo tlM f.u.1 show do till! Hltlie thing l ami Ibe result be. tbat lu a very short tine, niul at it comparatively small ■at r after c nallfaai arl t ha a l H^Ltlnc for it. Your uti r'nj; iveilge wns a good tlihig, but nrr lavk is not ended. liy ixood advertirfiijt by means of iMm eirculnnj. aud ne«-siiaiier •are, you must keep peiKing away nt iv fact that yonr cnu-kcrB arc belter an nnyliody'H erai-ki'rs, or _you'11 lie. Hot it is on'y out of tig arjcl iaiy brauvhvs of the great art of soul adrertbthMP , - [ i.i nihil into tla- m n-irt oMr». Tin- MHboanbi excel, hi ibis d n-.-itcn. due may obtalu more t'lv'iTs ri'iietitiun in a single day fruin isst.-rs than it Is possible to nuiilre in months from the newspapers. Ity reconrse to the latter. Ue may. at le-st, sreet the render twice a day, onee in ihe morning, and again the erf nine. The hoards, however, are everyivlHre, and work nil day long. And tbey —O! a v. spared |n>sslbli>. anil use short, simple words. <> please Have It printed in large, vlear type, y favor. and use plenty of pretty pk-lures tu When help carry ihe reader along to the end. led out, lTon't lu- afiaid of spending money do ii in on the cover. A handsome cover de- sign iu colors will double the effect- iveness of the booklet—twice as many people will keep it and read It. ■ tn&pectlcn Ihe r