Billboard (May 1898)

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THE BILLBOARD The Billboard. 2£' with Mr. As will be seen from his letter In another column, lie has most posi- tive anil pronounced objections to the proposed measure. He Is practical. So is' President Held. We, on the contrary, arc wholly Theories, however, an dally found to lie pnuticnl. and It must also lie remembered that Currau, lard, el «(., are practical men or , : .-• Some snob radical revolution as here roughly outlined will hove to ensue ("-fi'rv Hie officers ami mandates of the A. H. r. "'HI command any very BIG SURPRISE SPRUNG. The Vetera Ad-Sign Syndleaie Springs Into Existence -A Strong, Wealthy and Organiiatioa Entm the Lists not content with bis single coupon, has gone to the new-stands ami purchased more in order to support his favorite. The surprise this month is fume-lied liy P. P. - - ■ '■ t and W B Both have jumped into possibilities nt a single houniL The I. B. r. A. is pushing Schaefer, while the I. A D. have taken up Louden. All of our readers are taking the keenest interest in tlie contest and the next month will see a larger vote than ever. sociatlon oC Fain and Expositions to enlarge Its Bcope. While It la true that representatives of district and county fairs are welcomed at Its meetings, fact that they ore not eligible to berahlp will keep them themselves ot the privilege' to any great extent If the A. A. F. v. would rectify this state of affairs, and admit them to membership, it would be doing a grand, good thing. The fairs of America need to be associated. They Deed a government. The A. A. F. B. Is what they need, and if they are al- lowed to Join it Ibey will. They would moke the A. A. F. B. a rich, powerful, klnnuentlal organization,^* of un- ■told goo.L We can not see any Insur- mountable diffleultiea in the way. The International Association of Dis- tributors moat shortly decide to adopt or reject an official schedule of prices. It behooves every member of the or- ganisation to follow the discussion of libera of the L A. with a guarantee behind It. are en- titled to exercise authority the value of that service. It has occurred to us, with n i of the country, that much more Importance 1b attached to a of the Annual Convention ful of it Btoos and debate, while toe remainder merely looked on and drank boot* till they were bine In the face. Now, all of that Is changed. A more orderly. Each argument, pro or eon, should be carefully weighed and considered. Every member who has a new idea next July. As we stated in a rormer Issne, we favor a schedule In con- formity with the opinions of Currnn and Leonard. the gatherings Improve. The fact is, they have been go misused In the past the will or wishes of the croft to any considerable extent, and in conse- quence are quite generally discredited. a the system, and not posters' meetings. They are packed, dominated, and controlled. They are d the ablest men in the business; notably, the president of the organiza- tion, Mr. Beid, and the zealous and highly efficient secretary, Mr. Stein- brenncr. For the first time lu tl Ihe few. The needs and many are thrbllled and dlsre. wrong—nil wrong. The whole iig of the Annual Convention I be changed. The Idea should draw out a general expression alon. The diffident and retiring HOW 1 t STAND. dicate. The Philistines were fairly stunned, and many have hardly re- covered from their bewilderment yet. n-as received wllh Any one who had of a way, that Fred Jones and J. K. Williams were Identified Willi the new That, of course, altered the complex- ion of matters considerably. Men like Jones or Williams were not likely to become tangled up with an Impracti- cal, imaginative schemer. Still, where was the money? Who was 'behind the throne? Everybody guessed, and no one bit within a mile of the truth, until Colonel Burr Bob- bins, of the American Advertising and Bill Posting Co., and one of the wealthiest men In Chicago, authorized the following statement, vis.: The Western Ad-Sign Syndicate, A corporation under the taws of Illinois, Capital stock, tioo,oooxtx OFFICERS: FRED. D. JOKES.. J. E.WILLIAMS.. Jones and Willi cern has two of the ablest and best men In the bulletin business. They are exceptionally bright and widely experienced. Colonel Burr Bobbins also possesses rare good Judgment and a 'barl* of plethoric proportions. He also pou-. almost to a pawlon. As the new concern is avowedly after Gunning's scalp, the situation Is . degree. The eyes of the advertising world will be on Chi- cago for the next few months. Ceo. M. Leonard M. Monk ,. P. F. Schsefer L. M. Ramsay ....... Geo H Siebe W. B I.«.-.!.-. las. A. Curron I Ballard Carroll. . H. W. Walker Chu. Vogel. R C. Donnelly Geo. Castner Jas. F O Melut R. C. Campbell Prank HitigeraM Albert Weber. Om J. Bbtnt.'.'.',. P. P. Oliver J J Flyon M* A. Suhlbrodl.. Al Bryan W. C. Tirrilt J.GtMA.. K M A. B. Beale. Kmnietl Littleton. Barney Link Mrs. Dundon, .. I I Hll.n.k Prtd W. Jenks, F. P Ketelson C. If. Griebel. Jr 1 H. C. Wilshlre I Geo. H. Bubb t Chas. Bryan. 1 Thk Biu.buaku is going to send the most popular bill poster in America to at- tend the convention of British bill posters, which is held at Dublin, Ireland, next August. He will lie an ambassador ap- pointed hy the craft at large. HOW TO VOTS. Wr te the name of your candidit: ng else) on the coupon below, anil Publishing coupon will be All MajTctin- May ij. This LEONARD LEADS IN THE VOTING CONTEST. Much Interest Manifest—Only Two More dances to Vote—July 15 Sees the Contest Close. April turned in twice as many votes as any previous month, showing that the Most of the : single ones, but many an en- velope contained two and even three votes, y bill poster Notice— Tlie final polls close at noon Saturday, July 9, Under our arrangement with the Amer- ican News Company, Thr BlIXBOAKD is supposed to be on sale at all newstanda. Patrons unable to secure it will please notify us, giving place and date.