Billboard advertising (June 1898)

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THE BILLBOARD Vol. X., No. 6. CINCINNATI, JUNE i, 189S. TOPICS ON THE WING. IVn|«ar. of Cincinnati, hns opened [ ro Us custom. K did not -1:11-1 out with news i«i per reclamation. Tin- ]«stor hns done its work well, li was a food. attractive, speaking post- . !. posted by Bryan & Co.. who know 1 for Hie poster-Hie 1 the 1 I ciicili .if ■ hdte summer resort. 1 m forma Hon Hint lithograph ins had built up (he patronage of the place. It U'ns the only advertising the resort ever contracted for. find the in- 1 is, therefore, doubly val- a scribe one-half of my success to my posters. But 1 lielievo lti met hod even in poster advertising. If you go Into ilils sort of thing, so Id with a dcler- s.-rve. In all this liroad laud, that has m hebrid the doctor's paste* portrait MM DM during the past decade. KanHbirtM your business with the l«Wle through the poster, aud the luster will never full of results. Th.- distribution of advertising uiai- ler through the channel* of family life lias In-come n business of its own. The pmi.ssioiul distributor of advertising nMtrr is lo-d*; as Important as the < ircuhtlloii mnmigcr of the largest *>Uy. In fact, his scope admits of re- suits which cntM be miapmnl as readily as newspaper clrculniion. lint MM snllsfncK lie verified? ■orllso in the ■ henry. Can ll 'i>':nuiistraiion: A was woul to advcrlls. PvTS various spccinlti hillllll li'illl T I .1 Ml I i' -slimals for i lu.iri'sslonnl systematized the territory ■aloraNj trihutnry 10 Hie drug store. ItltMa n weak he had ■ copy or the Icallcl In Hie hands of every holiso- b«**ri within u,e tributary radius. of ftve-eent bottled l«cr lias greatly decrensed the use of labels, hangers, ete. Fifty per cent of Hie beer in glass is now sold without a label or any otlter Insignia. The new lax will cnmiiel brewers to charge more for their product, thus enabling tbcni to furnish style with the goods; It will induce a keener competition, and Hint always means work for Hie printer of fashion post- uf our advertising department. * our hat poster. We could not ■.iucss without It. Clothing post- e not so valuable, for the o-good blot r lhat vertlslng. do it well. Then It will pay at least the bill of the printer. A1..1, to do It well. It is imperative to dis- tribute It well. This is, first and last, the maiD point. There's a great deal Advertise When Others Stop. By Jam W. Hoke. In 1SU3, at the close of the World's Fair in Chicago, the times got hard and harder, till finally very much oC take advantage of the m Hon of business and catch some new trade for the Genera! Arthur, a cigar that had been scarcely heard of east or the PaciOc slope. They started in at Chicago, Milwau- kee, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Omaha. Kansas City. Cincinnati and other Im- Be us patriotic as you may, but don't let pal riot Ism run nwu.. with, your business sagacity. Keep mi ad"- vcrlisiup. Americans will pa? for it. We all keep on eniing. wearing wear- a Mo, enjoying ourselves. If you are slioti of Ideas, give the ■'.Maine" ■ pluce 011 your pasts is during the pe- riod or jour patriotism. Ihi as the ■Mown RBM" Yankee did. He got out 11 srefUc poster with the "Maine" in ilie foregnmn.I. Below It rend: "Hc- niemlx-r the "Maine.' lint don't forget good thing in this liue brings the best of results. Recently we jiut in a cor- set. It would not sell well. It had mm- lienor merit, was cWc aud and we placed these points in the hands of a clever artist. The result is a poster that has captured the fe- male eye and the the face of the i made the trade tolk; and r don't forget that "the trade" Whs handle the goods are a very important The ti of the heavy 1 dentally h the year was over, and before "good times" bad come again, the General Arthur was an established success all through the section, and its makers had bad nothing but "good times" during all the dull season. The same general condition exists to-day to a certain extent; many of the large advertisers are cutting down •ton. I will say that if we wish to ex- press anything forcibly, or demon- strate some distinguishing feature, we always resort o the poster. But we draw the liue on the cheap Blotter advertising is reaching'the • of cvoluth.lL In fact. It has Ai- nu to degenerate. It's the