Billboard (Aug 1898)

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Thb Billboard. i*7 EMt Eighth Ci0CLnnat.O..i;.S.A Advertisements will he pnbliahi AUGUST, 1898. A chain Is no stronger than Its weak- est link, and an association Is like r, it be strong and tru?. . needs be loyaL Hence it In that most associa- tions require applicants to sign an agreement to abide and be governs!) ay nil rules and regulations of the or- one. It Is the greatest safe-- i that any league or union ean e. It protects and Insnres the a or the association, pre- At the meeting at Hurra lo. Mr. I am W. Hoke, the enterprising and capable New York solicitor, made application ror nppolntinent as an official soliclto.- of the A. B. P., and either because of ennce of certain questions npon Lit part or an unfortunate choice of word j npon the part of hU questioners, con- ceived the Idea that loyalty to t-e cs- sociation meant disloyalty to lit friends. In his cbaracterislL-nlly im- petuous fashion Le tluig diplomacy tt the winds, spoke hastily and—bL* ap- s rejected. r that the affair was mo t t only lor Mr. needs the association. Many m:tube.s who voted against him were cat- spoken in their regret and one aai all expressed the hope that next year, the matter might be satisfactorily ad- THE BILLBOARD recusing W g LOWDEN mv,D Im ■ . is the latest and most gratifying evi- Was EUctrd Ambassador to the Meeting it dence or Its growing strength am n- Dublin, iMland-The Popular Mttropoli- _ tan Bill Poster Carried Off Inc. Honor uence - a Handsarne Majority. Seventy members attended anil far- tlcipated in the proceedings, and seven Hilly I-owdcn goes to Inland as the of the largest advertisers in \merlca representative of the American bill traveled long distances to the meet- l "'* wr *- rw lv " 1 **** V °'* B The contest was a great success, lng. In addition to this, over forty Pralty nearly every bill poster In national advertisers sent coin in unlet- America expressed his choice by vot- tions congratulating the organization lng. npon Its growth and thanking the ,1,e uouor sl > onl • 1 P "> • New York members for the great improvement t,owdeu not only received Ihe votes In service which has been brongh: of bill posters, but owing to hfs mem- about through their influence, berslilp In the I. A. of D. the members The interest manifested by adver- of tna , organization pulled for him. tlserslBnsrfgDlncantasitlsma.k.d. fam w . IJok( , n , OBng( ,„ Mr . r^.. It menus that the 1. A. of U. is one of deQ - s campaiglli and it ls (lne lo llls the recognized institutions of America. executive ability in no small measure %* that Mr. Lowden's majority was as Although interest In the proposed larse aB lt P™ Tal «• he. Sign Painters- Alliance continues an- * r -"T^" ".T"" tion at Buffalo, and was [he recipient abated, the movement languid lor of ^^^^ oa all sWes . lack of some one to take the initiative. Mr. I-owden will sail on Ihe Aura It wnnts a leader, some one wb) will nla Aug. 30th. go to the front and give It a push by The vote at noon on Saturday July calling a meeting and forming a w, 0,h was as r ° Uows: porary organization. We have oeeu JL£'M°Monk''.!!!!:!!!!! called upon to do this, Dut we simply Geo. M. Leonard 1017 p. F Schaefer «i ean not undertake any additional L.H.Ramsay l&l work. We are compelled to decline Geo- H. Siebe 110 positively. WewilL J^ardCa^oil! a. H. W. Walker 15 Albert Weber. 25 Chas. Vogel 14 suit in a preliminary meeting. That Frank Fitzgerald at In our estimation Is all that Is needed. jorm^G^eese 1 t8 The movement will then take care'tf Geo. J.'sberer!!!15 itself. P. B. Oliver..!.-.'!".!."!!!! 13 u,*n^. On October 26th next, at Omaha, Al. Bryan 11 Emmett Littleton. 5 ' " t on A. B. Beale c W. C Tirrill 3 ■ {£Sfc::::::::::::::: : tag laws of the assoc-latiqn only Slate E. M. Slocomb 3 _ , .. C B.Woodward 1 Fairs are eligible for mem^rshi;,. Barney Link 2 This Is to be changed. The organl- A Van Beuren. 1 zatioa is to be thrown op;n to county S ^ffEj SV"""!! I and district fairs. Every agricultural C- F. Filbrick... association in the Culled ItaU. uJ Leto! J. C. Fockelman. The advantages which Hill ful.oiv t "iT" tSebel*' jr' this movement are simply luca'.cula- J*. G.^Vdshirc ble. They simply ean not be even tsti- chas. Bryan country will immediately tensider the ity anil take steps 10 :e^d a MILWAUKEE NEXT YEAR. The annual convention of Ihe Afwj elated Bill Posters for 1RD0 1 held a meeting e the membership in the West- Let ■> ■*ttettt all the . State organiwillon--. There Is no reason why nil of then not be In Just as good rhare only or his Slate association, but of [he national body as welL ir the case Is laid before him in the right manner be will come in. The Associated Bill Posters has n cried a wonderful InflUi nee for good. Let us strengthen It and (hereby ex tend Hint Influence. NEW YORK NOTES. Jam W. Moke went from BulTalo to Chicago, checked up the George W. Chllds Cigar display on the bill boards, painted walls nud L loail Hues, made a number of new con traels. and incidentally closeil a ?U, 000 deal with the p UH & I*e. for at Uii< Seldenlierg & Co.'s Cigars ami Navy Tobacco seem to dominate, fol- lowed by Born Uthbl Water. Wash burne-Croshy Flour. Ckanabm' En- cyclopedia. Hunter Whisky. Vln Ma- rian!. New York Journal. II. O. R-ek itt's Bine. etc.. etc. The most i»pular bill poster In America. Billy LowaVn. sals July 31 for Ireland, to atleud the ciuvenlioii of the United Bill Powers' Amril lion nt nublin. Aiig. 10: he carries with him the gooil wish, s or nil hi* feel that Ihe popular vole made ■ As a rule, the Summer siasou is to metropolitan b II Is nn exempli u. In carrying as nMrb elation should commence take steps to aOilate with the Ameri- can. Association of TOM cnJ E.po-^- tiona. The nest meeting tikes at Omaha. Neb.. Oct. 2(;th next an.l every society ^ incited and exp.c ed to send a delegate. It is to be hoped that every fair as- sociation will avail itself of the invi- tation and provide for representation