Billboard (Sept 1898)

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THE BILLBOARD Vol. X., No. 9. CINCINNATI, SEPTEMBER 1, 1898. A%S£S5 THE CHICAGO MEETING. ^g^peHE^ gg&S&SSvm The Complete Stenographic R.pirt ot Ihe Convention ol The 7~*r*TT~"i r~TT* || gg== '|| International Association of DisMbutors. !3?" ■ *Jg B r,'..»T""j", « M „ „„. J" d at Chicago, July t°-2l. 189S—The Minutes of the Meeting «pro- D^!K™?^V.V.V r V:.V:.V.:.'.. D "^V dS^'H.S.a inu Kcia ........ zi.ii jJj^S"^""™^' j MW raoniDor*. wp' ji, [he pari of the stotiOK- Louli H- fUmicy rai A to order by Ibo PlXll- B ......... . ..... — • , ttty .Jig" - ' '' " Third order of huFlntss: "noil call of iho ^BO^SkSS^^^SMi'-S^^ nirmltn M Hit Seernitr. ^^H&BBiEE&SiiSfllf' r ic*i ,« r ■-. . ■, - - . r".n°rrf r ihp l '?oil E »'phibV''.i. r the Slaloa. and proooidrd lo or ^■■^J^'y^^^^M^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - 'I hor^-nor and iniwae'ihe^SMrelary ^n"!™ BKT. 8<f JBB^ HUKflH '**■ ■ •»*■ r--™»» in good ilenSing. with tho ^.xotpitnii oT^a ■ 1 ■ 1 -*-....-»- . - f .«■« .. ■ ■■' i . ■! n- dnrln«T H mwl^i/eir^i'ny ■ COL. BURR ROBBINS. SSuXSiiJ , \i^ r '*"^" M ho" '''"'^rrunllv' W " IL *™ - ™ —-~ -- — * , """" r - | , r *'"'i e , Jfi^7* |J i ,, I 11 K" tdWI SSoun! exuded > LMuS r 1 * 1 ™ 1 ^'' Y ™. b "* 2 h ™ rt ""' " bor » D |l° b h"MTl*ia r t'titry: 1 walil In |inl both sghrott l^"ol'owSn7*^"iri y K«ouiiV: " " bo "rjVndrd"^ ™Uri. '' Iho Scrr.-liiri.-t. ~:i rl,,i .-,.m iil II..- ■ H r ( soltoilinK n.omhors ,11--o Molior, hoinK duly .oconded. «, Imii- boon ot.ii-Id. ■r\r.t tin- r.tniior .. uriMl sr. Mr. Caso-aml^l ^IJ^** 1 Hoports or 1SSI o'nii l«ws "t". ^" (> ...:'.' l 1 i.':]^■ . , , ,i ,'.r.v.A vc o^": cutTV"iembcri:'iw "'Mr.''FroFidfnt">rid''n7oVi.or""s' BS5.S2 alltulfon and by-lawi. I hog h'orewllh to sun- minn. ii mia llmo. I doffro lhal llto tnntlor uror. . .. ... ■ ,. Ma"'™ «, .hovo itiilod On Ihts loouuiiL I mumod (ho dutios of Ihls oHloe I (ound ah- Hllonctoi. ]>artloiilHrly lo liard wort litvoln .1 ^ M rilli^ra'Srl'^UoHaljnii^ b at »U.Wi^~mkV»-r." An>!hins"r»rillor Ihoull* <l rortora ."d ^.y»»r "I STSJZS^SS^S^ ilw'll? ■rllTwcVli* at lb» huHm ot tlial BIT L^^^AiT""' "S^r^md,. „ JS sees - f™«- -