Billboard (Sept 1898)

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II THE BILLBOARD 117 K"M Eignm SI THb Billboard. r^T","ZLTL,""".T ^■"^"-""-'•■"„'".T 1 !" Though the s«a I * T roniij- n-ill be bolL urgent anil InBlBt- «ocIntlon of Muster rnlntors and Dec- a.?'. mA'**^™ h mak« "low wlfro^Sn ^j)" D " *" rnt. for we ilo not believe In dolus orators is to 1* held ID fllllllliull ESSTJSftuItlilaSlf °£*u""$2it!!f* u aepMt-«tt to ""J"""* l " » w»r. «*WMJ 0. next, that dale will be .St^*"* »" JH22TO rjo. Bul - "» tiling. *■ we preach U-st for tlte Initial meeting of the sljju ill;™!?.. bcA"?"™"^',?,"''"™ No '" in Advanc* loyalty lo the association. It has ac- painters: nnd. by (MM of the author- ikip'SSPSfitflih'' an* th™n»»»" ! ''j"ii " r •i>ni|>t Is bed so much, and Is capable of ity rested In us by tlie prnn nHa i Ot Di«WT7i&S^tt3B? , S Apr " !l " ■MMfkant <l»ing such n great ilml more, that we the nlUnnco, we herewith tlx Ikat SSATK'TBS.S.'^B'Sm^SSC - lint i ™ P ,. for cannot abide tbe idea of Its being date. «*■ 'T^****** * ■tnin^Bat! hampered and hindered by Internal Iks vote was M follows, viz.: wftVi JiiVi* ™? i« k"™* bu,l °™ 1, * od fc " of tbe Buffalo convention died away fj n „ of Ufetrilmlore. which we give ——* « «*« all « t kl B » .ViC u»liT nTi. when Mr. Wilsbire announced bis .bis month in IK entirety. Is amle as H - *««~~. J^« 0 t, O.. SliijtlttSji,-, Chairman. N.Uonai idi F ,ii rrn .none in. «*«• " "»"•' " -** l "' t rtC " iD ^ W. P. Williamson. St. Louis. Mo. —«■ Two circulars, outlining the general gestion and inspiration. We fully ex- [>_ Jones. Chicago, 111. s. c. i. h.ia t>r plan, were mailed to nil bill posters, petted to present the report in our An- C. G. O'Brien. Pittsburg, l'n. ^^ffi*n} I&i^lt j ' lp", < niHl Interest was immediately uiani- gnat issue, but the stenographer dis- fested on all bands. appointed us. and we bad to go to We have been bombarded with let- press with a hasty account written Chattanooga and Sioopt! Xflt» Ibou-