Billboard (Dec 1898)

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It Is sometimes advisable to adyntise in the large cities before covermg ~ " an entire section or State. In the attached hst the manber of posters cari be increased or 1 to suit individual requirements. I will lithograph jn four colors from design subject to your approval. 4.000 24-sheet post- ers, <)ii feet high and 20 feet long, on the best 70 pound lithographic paper: 1 wil' post j,i ;o of them as per schedule, listed, protected, renewed and guaranteed }o days, all for Whoi you consider the^dbMsfimm the sunwmiShgoiimtiy* you can safely count on this advertising reaching one-half the adult population of the United States. Take all other methods of advertising that you may care to consider, and figure out the cheapest possible plan for one month's constant publicity, and you will find this the cheapest. ' . Then consider the prominence and impressiveness of this handsomely lithographed 20-foot sign, and you will agree that this is also the best for the money—or even doutHe the money. '■ : ■ Place your entire order with, and leave al) the detail work in the hands of the Long-Distance Billposter.