Billboard (Dec 1898)

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THE BILLBOARD Vol. X, No. «. CCICraNATI, DECEMBER i, 189S. musses amr, hoju." "VlrU. It vill an be tn OuWrnaR." nM Tom. ~ Kol In roah<> ni S Ibey liad brilcr n'atch out for Ibctr nioHier. 8* <Nl tm mornliic thoy were not bhidereal ^ anj- luirenlnl comiiiand. nml when llictr riillicr tinil tnkeu tlic inr for the clly offlce, bU Kooa made Itielr -tray di> tlie linrk xlnlm. anil eau- iroiiHlj- n[qironrhPtl llie room clveo up 10 tlie sacrpil uccupnnpy of MnilclIiiP fJrey. Thej- bolli tried to peep throujih Itit' kp.v-hole nt the same time, irblcU 8rl ilicin lo BlEBllnj; ■■She's not tlierp," flnallj- came in a Ftai^ whisper from Tom^ ■■I told jou she wept down tonp piirlr llilfl morulna." itald Rob. "No. roo DCTer." replied bla brotber. Kood DBturadlT. And thte point beinc 1. ther inraded tbe roont. ~ d chamber, but the Niid the pret- ira 1 Bohrrl, yim wvn't tril on ui^ pop?" nrm thm hrod of the fiirelly ri^MUfd mf-— " ' II IMr e ■My. Tbej- foliown] tMr falber oat la tin- eale. dlhtrlnic «n Ibdr plan. II wiik wi lo linvo n ralher wlin lofik nil in- II111M. even liel|H'<l llielii. FatherlJ- dlKnltj Wit henvlly u|ion Mr. nm; and wbn he Mt Id dniy . nay ■ caailouarj ward to ' wf H WW ■any "Ihnl nl- iTe perfect liberty in I fverytliins. Of course t want Buf- -n^re. but reform must not stop there. I'e \rimt lihertj iu nil tbings. It Is burnttii: outmce. Madelioe. the way e women are restricted. ^Vhy. If a inn loves a n-otiinn, he has n rlgbt to 'il her so: to show It to tbe whole oi'lil. nnd Is consldereil more manly " ■ On tbe other band, ir - t the hypoerite; niuet pretend that she does iHit: bnt aHsnme an IndllTerenc?: must deny It aad be ashamed of It. eren tbonrt her heart slioulu break. It Is Blianrd and wteked." "Bat it la tbe wny one must do." THE FIRST STEP. BV JEANNETTB SWING. -You know thiit women folks are Elren to lantmms." and Mr. <lrey chiickle<l: "you know your mother b.i« 'em. You know you missed the min- strels Inst week oD acconnt of lluit man's great and noble vhm: b«t tn rtn'Ily we are treated like pony In- fHDts. like puppets, lite Bnt tbere, Uadellne. you knon- my views on tbe subject. I said my sny at tbe meetlofc tbls mamlng. Now. my dear, I am Interested In yonr Indlrldnallty. Come, br. confldentlal. and tell me alt about ir. Maybe I eno help yon lo bring abont yonr own hapidness: bealdes, dolne Eoroetbine elartous for yimr sex. Some one most take tbe first step, yon A confldentlal talk followed, aod It nns mther baitl for AIndellne to lay open her heart at Qisl. but Carrie was very much In earnest, and very per- suaslre. So Mod^ne confewed tn thines that wonW bare rent the 1—rtp of tbe BntfraRf Club, and «aJ t tbeoi rise nn In body lo aaneHon the wra^ aladrtlne mnst take.and place a Iien>*a crown upon ber devoted Iiead. Xbe bad been Rrently admired and courted liy a certain mntleman. Sbe Inred him devotedly, and believed tbat hP returned her affertlOB. Tbey bad hnd a foolb<h qnnrrel nnd separated. e are done. If brinRltiR wlih her a person who was hit imrlicnlnr friend and chum. They bad Jnat come trma a PHimlm: n eiiessed tbat k .... are hiding It from him and everybody, as thoufcb It were sotnelblnjc to be osbamed of. Ton have never even told me all about It. It Is jnst as Mts. Moi^n said in her lectare last we^ I< iiad been abont the theater. . He wanted to lake her to see "l^eo- and she lind not llioiijjht It iiiiiii' i.mppr to po. -I was such a lllllc prnde then. Car- rie." said Madeline, "and I wonid not nverionk his InslsllDK on ray koIdi: to Hpe that lOay. Oh. how I have vhaB» Pd and bi ■ ■ ■WW hM TCTj- foolish. Yon sbonM havo MM Ub arm^rd that y«a had HiaiiEetL and It to not loo late now." "Oil. I never conhi take the flnt eieii.- diH-bired MndeHoe. > . "Indeed: It wlU be wmnw If smm do not. bemnse there are two s" tlilK matter. Tbink Of b vci have made him." -I hone be has not been as lAer- - or course he haiL Tonr duly It plain. JIadellne. He hi tlvUw In londv Milltade. because be was dlsuipulnted iu von. nnd believed yon iBdlBemt. You are looelr and nnbappj, beeaoae you are afraid to tell him tlfl U yon have cbaniced, and are not UdUToMt. Can anytbhw be more MkitfcT Why sliouM yon not both be haiv^? x«a love him and he loves yon. Yon are wnmsliw bim and yonndf. Ton are ndnlnc the lives of two people be- cause yoQ win not act npon the pdn- clpte that yon have a rl^ht. a (esol right, a dlvl e rl^bt, a social light, a ._y other kind of rlght,.4o do or lay anything a man "-" '~ H right ic I tblnk It p fol •nld □ write my deor. this very day," said Carrie, positively. 'T shall not leave yon nut II yon pntmlne." "Oh. I couldn't" ^ ^dld. The letter had been written and BlventoTomtonuill. It had been tha work of several hours. Sladellne a way* prided hersi"" '"— style, and this ir - said Uadellne. But