Billboard (Dec 1898)

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4- THE BILLBOARD So Blie wrote the- letter tt . Slid In n ^pell ot Insplratloli. v stroDK Inltaeiice of Iier rrI«M^-|niii> bostfc argnraents. Afterwarcto. came the time of cool refleiftion. and then tbe reaetlon. (enible nnd fji^clc What noBld RIchanI think? \7hnt mmhl be do? What irere the plnuiUts of the CiDb cnmpnrcd to his coatempt? Aod innjlH! he n-onlcl feel coDtempt for her. Mnjlic he [inil placed hln nf- fettfons OS some one else. In Imasrt- DatloD she snw tiliii renillns her episllp herself an object of ridlcnie. of scorn; a peoK pIttCul,' lore-alek maiden, who had thrown banrir mt tbe feet of the none. Mnililyr for we nnd wltli fiiilint; Int." •And Ifi emr hit (odea ont nbltc ax a sbeet by this time," pnt In Roh. wltli a jfrin, -Oh, yon Metaim Imys. If yoii ever do eaeh a thluR a^Jn I II I II Imve tj tell father; hut this time It's nil Sbe gaTe tbem a dime to buj- choeo- Inte drops trlth. and beffau to think thnt life was not Qnlte eiMleil for her. The bnminc wonb were blotted out of existence, nnd BIcbnrd wonld nerer know wlint n fool she hnd iieen. :>Ia(lelliie. n llllle later, frit III? ni-eil (d b^tOmtCmtdm. the MCtase'Canb WlUIe MQd^lIne vns Inmentlns her martyrdom her twio Iirotheni were la- mentlne i^tmetbloe etne. They hath kept saTliMt. "We'd better tell Made- line." and then Tom woidd advise Rob to telL- and Rob wonld liialst on leov- lof tbf pleflsnut tnsk to Tom. nnd Pop nctnnDT refnsed to help theiu ont of their dilemma, bnt lan):hed at them most prD:voklDRly. and remarked thnt ChrlKtmos was oqIt three dajB off. nnd "womeo had tnntmras." The twins', nnensy consciences hroneht them In a .prowling mnnner np to the door ot Madeline's lunctam. -^1^ pmned near the door, wbtch wna —r, uA hwa anm n ep aei" —'— — >>' ■D Mlm ii K ttat abe u awkwardly offcn ornot Tbe trbolseptaodeluid aether to UilDhlnK of what she bad often as- snred herKcK was bnrled. As she walkeil on In the raid evcn- Idc tilr. Hhe passed a bill poster who ' had Jnst put Dp some bills. ndTerilx- ing the prodnctlon of "^Cteopntm," and was iitiq>ptn]c to warm his cold hands in bis po^ets for s few maments. ivhj- was It ihat ererybody conld ba so bappF- ai>d obe so mlmraMe. ' Only a year ofto she had been happy. • Now "Cleopotrn" wbs to be played npain. nnd how cladly would she co to see it If Ritbard only were to ask her. As she wnlked on a new Idea cnme Into her mind. She would wilte blm a simple note. lettlnK him know that she wonld like to renew their old friendship. The letter was to be prop- er, and not to overstep the line of wo- manly reserve. It would be an ad- vance, hot only a slijiht one. It woulJ not humiliate her. and It would be keeping her promise to Carrie. So she purchased a new bottle of Ink. and on reaching home wrote the fetter.. Twice the snn rone and set after thl;! day of Incidents. Madeline was sttllDic III her slndf, not pnrtlcnlnriy comfort- aide in ber mlML tor she hnd heard nothing from Rtehari^ 8ba ftawned BASTPatT.Me: Ob* J. A. VUH^tA good a •■What Is itr she naked. "It's a Hch joke on iii. Pop mid It was: Why our fadlnir Ink didn't rnd<^ ■worth a cent. We torsol to put In snnie bind of an ncld. and Pop !^nlcl it mnilB lots of dllference. I don't think it oncht to. far we mixed up a lot of Eturr. nnd pnt in ever so roanr tbines.** 'llrcesEnry incredlent.' enve me a dime to E< added Itohert. "It did not fade:" en It did not FADE! Oh! And the twins crent some with." >ed Jlndeline. no out of her room nnitn. or face anybody. 8ho Mt an thonch ntie did not cnre for any- tlilnB on earth. A desiNilr. born of bn- miliatlon. was npon her. aiul how looc flw Kit here Bhe did not renllxe. Pres- ently ilie Bcrvnnt cnmc. tapping nt the ilfiiir. and told lier tliat some one wish- inlcnllv. ■ went ilown sfnlro iilo the parlor. Tliei inli-n lid 1 )niH|Vi1. fainlly. ".\o. Ion luul written to me? Then yon bare not fontotten nir? No. I h»Te iMit bMi4 from yn«. Mnilellm-. WnH llm IvHn- kind* TMri yon want lite to ninirt Yon ■«•. I have rhnuccl my ndilresH. ho my mall Is dehivtil wm'-llincK." Wi.||. Iltey mnib- up. ItefoTi> lio .1.- parhil. Mndelliio liBd pn>nilwilliinii>n= ittliiT thltvHt to ga to see "CIi><>i>nlni" ihi- n"XI nlRbt, ami be hnd proinlKnl t'l rHBm bn- Mtem to bar anoiieanL vnu^ a luthi hitDr.Carrle waa lalrt- bved to nxtr' nmstatalaUaiM, itba said. irinmidiBOlly: -Vim Jlnili-llne. whni tiri> roniisnincnl el UMI pl«c« uanO In ■ I I Hlinll llial I mil Id bo hiiniied lavi- done for you. ami It i|i|>y lo sen ytm so haiiffj. my own RlMf« In IL" »i;Kht t« Mt bw-MeWI ■•M m Hhmts la Ttm Ham. LaltMb. too, he hM M mmaU ihew es th» ro«a. We km BO ioM Itet ha Ullr te