Billboard (Dec 1898)

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THE BOlBOAKD a u be crossed Dixie' s not aBsassliuited Bwmed ■ coaflrmatlon of tbe as- ■ertton that tbe bnllet never team nioaMsd tliat n-ould Und a mark In blm. Vol exnmple. wlille lie tras tak- ing- Hrkots nl tlie door o( his Bbow !□ . Ulss.. n dnmlieD looter Bred point t>Lml;. with a big re tlie liall passlnj: lliroueb JUtUf tlie conleolion—tbai he aever rdt ttke BBsiitest seasation of Fear. aoJ tbe addiUonal fact that he is a sincere s of tmmliient jull Odd and coutiadlctory as it SMjr at first appear, the near coming at Oe aoDlTeiBarr season of "peace eartb. Eood will to man," throngb enntradletoTj asaodatlon, recalls an nDpobllsbed but antbeiitlc incIdeDt in tbe sreat down's sensational career. CTHlitaUe alike to his patrlotlsin and i trsgfcatly stlrrios and ro- mantic beymd tbe latttnde allowed oSctioii. The facts as id^etched witb- t gli awl from Dan hlunidf, and pojinlar in the itoulh: thGre s bis nioii- ey for me there: I need It, nnu I iii certain that tbe result would not have ral^tiood that he ( ■Handed a nesro regiment during the war. Xothlne coiild have been better ciikulnti.ll la unreiison.ibly and mnr- aud tbe dragon's tectb tlias sown brousht forth i ....... —* iin^ BiOpesUac CtTt New Hamc Ai lenetb. and dnrine CiirlBtman week. Dan s bljt "i^aHshopper." with Unss Ilylni; and bnnu booniini;. nlenm- e<l np to the levee at Shrcveport. on the Kcd Itirer. The news of bla com- InK had preceded hlro. and an enorm- ona crowd bad gatlicred al the water frant to meet Udl That Uib majority hislj paid BO more atteathMi than tboosh Ibejr had be«i snoW'tlakea. Some of tbe more conaervnllVG bCEBcd him nat to tMc dealli nad (lie itentnic- tlnn of his sliow by ntleitiiitlnj; to land. He calmly replied: "This Is a freo coDDtiT: I liavc wroDBcd no mnn li It; face of tbe cMlbed Mrth. Law m order were lemporarllr orani in a Ildal ware of tbe vlkat H-i-ncs. made up of bushw) <-nnip followers. I>lachlp|n<. times and out la wo. Ufe « rlip mob. .nnit II siilrscrilicil lo the (Src- iiadn riitflnn'B dlclum. to tbe extrni at linKt of refraining from dbf acts at Tlolence while (he show was belnn iinlonilrd and the tents ptit l: lirore* of his pat roan wire amnafnt; ti;cmM>lvni br sbootlnc (luvaeb tbe (<nt'K ami paDdemoolUni rticoed til nil Ihc Iiistlnrs.s of Imd Mood and wnrse wlilskf. DurlnR a momenlnrf Ititl fionic one ehniited a. demand tbnl their lives In their bands, faced that nac In defense of what they bdhved tu be a noble prlndide. Where wen j-oa Iben? ShumiDi; at home like the lUstardly hnshwhackerB you arc tob- blne. raviahlnE and rlollnK. t aay to you agatn. stand I ne liere nnarmed and alone,-under the tohl of Old Olorr, Na-t-ncSUHti.