Billboard advertising (Dec 1898)

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Hffi BUSQARD The Billboard. reeling anil \rlll. This Ve do la tlie January Issue, In Ibe we Shan be glad to hare aad eriUelm hr poat Irom Boi>ds, and why tliojr ue aopMlar to ony olbcr. After ■ few weeks ot nioDths of ttiia the consumer fi eolne t-^ give tlie new article a trial, and th? sright dJffereuce from t|ie goods pre- vloUBly used la opt to be regnrdinl as dropji^*"*'"^"'' 'avorlie Soyal Baklnff Powder speuda tSOO 000 per je«r to keep tbeir anicle bt^ Ji^jNMta^ and to prevent old and rnu- Peace in aarth and good vHI to men. Heie'a a Umj CIuIatiiNu to job and Hawr New rear boat "Ifea BV- BTcordlm to Am It la also to In psydudogy; Like tends to recall like. Induction begin* with obserratloil. Barir Bird Tobacco^« ett«. Bbonld ^ve a twelve i . et to the oar advertising a„__. aud tbe newEpsper advertising agent and to the maeaiines, and to tbe ad- Aaanmlng Advertlcs la In fact a aei- cncs In embijo. before we take up the teal work of Its conBtmctlon. It might l» weU Eur Bs to Aetennliie taoKOj ■MB* flu^ a>t, toa. It b knpwledge- oa anr one partlcnlar One amassed. teverelT tested, co-ordinated and bjb- tcntatlxed. Therefor^ AdvertlcB Is BncA kancledce as wa iiin» as of ad- Tertl«a with Advertising. They 'are aud most always be kept separate and distinct. Tbe one is a science; the otlier an art Ttaer are t^ted only Having deeVM •**»tt Mr ae!- euce Is, let US proceed to MM U. In order to do this we nraat rev ert to ad- walch Oelr aettai niuattale this phase of ezperl- Id phytics. In order to deter- nilue whether all bodies fait to the gronnd at tbe same time, we place a silver dollar and a wisp of cotton In the exhanated leceirer of an sir pmnp, and note the time t&er lake to de- scend, fBdependeia irf tbe reslstanca of the air. In Ifhi Maaarr. In Had mil bow tiie motive Cseidtlea of tba mind operate, we call iq» vtsloaa Mt cAdacts wbieb are fitted to todte oar deAre, CDpIdlty, OT covetonaness, and tberebj Both in pbysfcal aod parehied ad- mnt needa beglD wta and an Important difference in the agent or instnimenl of obserration in tbe two departments, in the former, we eniploj tbe soisea. In the latter, we f Wbat la advmWng? Wliat Is lis oUactt What la It dilallr engaged tn attrlbote after SnaU; arrive at tbe prln^ve principle and Bnd It to be—making known or Tbmfotc tbe matto- about wbhdi Adverties Is engaged is Incentive In- telligence, and since It becomes the end oC an aelMee to dtatover Uwa, wo II wOl be seen that Advertics must oIwajB be Inlimately associated with - psrebologx, tboneb at tbe same time occupying a separate and i wblch Is all Its own. tt l here that intdUgcnce « thon^t Is of two kinds: one of which—pnre knowl- eds^haa to do only wim cognitive faculties. Tbe wblch Incentive advnUse in tlie wiato^ bnckwheats and strictlr wfatw foods advertise tn the summer. Bat hats and shoes, clgnrs. diewlng tobacco, smoking tobacco, coffees, teas, soaps— In fact, anything that Is used all tba time Bbonld be advertised on tbe bill boards all tbe time. And 1 don't mean to say that the same old ebeslnut ot an ad. shall al- ways stare at the reader from the bill boards. The newspaper advprllser long since learned tbat II did not p.-iy to repeat the same nd. IndefiDliely, and the prominent users of (he oews- pnpers now change tbelr ads daily or weekly or monthly. Slany bill board ndverltsers hare learned tliat Ibis Is the best wnv also wiwn posting bills; and the II. O. Company and the makers of the Cbllds Cigars are among tbosa who ctiai^e posters at least onee « MiMk. There t* a vetr striHig teMpMlia with all advertisers to give otdaa fkr large editions of posters, thn* aeeor- log the lowest prices; and this detire lias caneed many an advertiser to lay In a year's supply of one poster, to be Tlie paster may be as good as Is made, bnt dsty or ninety days' constant mdlDB of the aame thini; in the same colon, oo tbe same UU board, becomes tl r e ao —. ud Inallr. tbe beholder ceases to see the poster at alL He pays no more attention to It than to the same old house that lie passes dnily to and from bis work. On the otber hand. If tbe adverll-ier tells llie same story In slightly dllTcr- eDI wording. Id different colors. In an- otUer size poster, or tn a different nr- mngement of the same wordn on tlii' name colors, there Is ■ novelly, niiil the new sheet Is seen and rend and remembpred. And If tbe article Is nil right Its aale wm anatantly ioctcaae. ploded In the crowd tbe a Viewed as a practical Joke. R « startling success. I ti laughing, even indnding tba m The latter, in fact, are sttU h altieit with anxious eyes on the n nuining publishers. They wHI Mt ai krawledge it, but they are on the lotd out for more cannon Bre-emck^ra. They may well loot sbarp: there wi be others. It has become quite a fs to do as Muosey doesL His lead wli be followed: Imitated almply b^as hi- Is Slunsey, and tkana wHI Iw M or noise and Kinnb*. 1^ ^ hhh h Joflv t On October 12 Mr. Unnsey delivered nn nddreis before the Sphinx Club, at the Waidorf-Astorla. In this address (advenlslng In some of It* phatea), he advanced soaie t^giital views on ad- irithtbe cogntttvepowacbot proceeds fnrthar, and affects tbe motive facnl- tisB, aBMBtlmLM t'jmod the orectlve. tUte to .them enslomer always a customer, and all that sort of tblug. juid many of llieni actiully believe that their S|ie- clnl brand Is far snperior to anything on tbe market of a similar nutnre. In mnny Instances, Ibis Is only relatively tbe case—the article In qnesllna Is dif- from otber i chnj irin „ purchasers, and .. _ ins of tboee pnrcbasers will continue - - - -■ - your article ■ a wbllc yoii i >ry, and tliey i . tny l ag and nslng yonr goods; but not both. , by pointing out that be served tbe ad- TtTtlser, and the latter should pay bias foi bis serrleea. He did not say mmek more than this at the banqnet. Be did bint that looking oa tbe agent aa he did. be felt tbat vrere be to CMi- thiue paying him commisslona, he Hbonhl feel as though he were brtbliw him. He said It nicely, however, and HI grcBi length, exercising a flue and illRcrlmlnatlng rholce of language, and h.iiKllInt: Bubjecl with a degree of lincRse thot tickled his hearers vastly 11 wDH BO new. so original, and so d—d funny that they smiled broadly, and - hardly restrain themselves from lond plebean guffaws, lid not langh. however, ctor. he carried hia part Two days Inter he publlabed thyt address: however, with n supplement, entitled, (he step that follows. We quote briefly from the supplement: "Pollowlog up the reasoning of this nddmiR. I hereliy s()iiare myself with It On December 31. 1698, all com- missions on oar publication la adver- IMng agenla will cease." There li> more than this In the aupplemeiit: tbat Is to say. more words. T^e terse ex- cerpt above, tbougb. embodies all It It Is all so funny, so Inexpressibly ludicrous, that they are all laughing. Tbe very Idea that the advertlslnft agent aerve* dtber the pnbUsber or the advert is er, or, to fact, any one bM lilwHif, WdL man K la dalMw,