Billboard (Feb 1899)

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THTi BILLBOARD The Billboard. twmtj-fifthDflbcnioplh. Our 1 Billiard AsvirlUimgit ,*Uln Ltminn ./Z™.tr Exckaxc', 31 Ckarinr Crms, i.rf at Antrim* Die chief tuaIters with wfilcb Uie Of w sclfocc Is engaged Is -making knowo:*' disseminating certain 11> lot licence. It Is certainly of the very greatest im- portance, then, tlmt kc know bow n« rlous i-ii.i ■■■■■■ Tliot «' ilch we acquire Oral is ntultlvi or Instinctive, if you choose It Is lubcreut knowledge— primitive troth. Metaphysics Is ilie science of primitive truth or the uttu- itlons of the mind. It must be patent to any one open to conviction tbat Ad- vertics will be ftU'thored and material- ly aided by Metaphysics. The second kind of knowledge that wo acquire is obtained by observation It should be observed tbat we do not claim tbat Advertics is as yet anything more tban nascent. We have been assailed from all sides of late tor-on outline of the coarse we pro- pose to puisne In the construction of another desires as to lay down a rigid plan to be followed, and still others, bent upon haste, merely desire an In- timation of the general direction that oar- inquiries and speculations will take. At this stage of our investlga- . We can only say tbat Advertics. like Anthropology, puts under contribution all sciences that have man for their object. We shall pursue empirical methods—that Is, we shall proceed ln- I*sycbology Is the quires into the operations of the con- scious self, and therefore It must also pay tribute to Advertics. Finally, there is a third source of knowledge-; reflection. We obtain the knowledge by thinking it out (loosely) for our- selves. We perceive the truth by a process of rensoning called discursive thought. I*glc is the science of the laws of discursive Uiought, and hence. J.ogie also will be pressed Into the service of Advertics (as will also later on the remaining two of the five men- tal sciences, namely, Ethics and Es- thetics. its principal subdivisions, Anthropon- omy, Ethology, Ethnology, Linguistics and Glossology. The principal subdi- visions of the last named, viz.: science imperative philology. At the same time, we shall employ the metaphysical method—that is. we shall reason deductively from so-called ultra-scientific grounds, but In reality nlar estimation it Is tbe most conf used ,and confusing of al Is due to the fact that tbe been made to covei lation, attainable and a proper province allotted to It, and it la kept entirely within that province, we claim that It is one of the most certain of all departments of knowl- edge; it Is so in Its principles which There will undoubtedly be many anonymous readers who will hold that no speculative research Is necessary for the discovery of the laws of Ad- vertics. To all such we will state that t we have lax. It must be understood not attempted herein to build a frame upon wbicb to hang the science. It is simply a list of supplementary sci- ences, which it will be well for read- ers who are followiag this course to take up. Although we will use both tbe Inductive and deductive methods Nearly a Million a Year. AU Due to Billposting. Br Cam w. Home. Printer's Ink is a weekly paper de- voted to newspaper advert la Iiir, ""'1 Its readers have, from lime 10 time •during the past few years, been re- minded of tbe wonderfully good news- paper advertising living done for Ill- pans Tabules. In fact, the publication has. In numerous Instances, been known to claim that BlpaD* advertis- ing was among the best and most pro- ductive advertising now being in- dulged in by any national advertiser Itipans began business in •01 or "02, and Printer's Ink for January IS. ISSJO, publishes a table showing the progressive sales of Hinnns, month by month, from January, 1S112, In Decem- ber, 1S0S, Inclusive. Tbe table lllus- the cumulative effects of adver- Thoturh Die Ilnwcs posts only twice a year. In the wring anil fall, us makers now bavo ihrcc of the finest stores In New York City, auil Ilie bat In known mid sold by lending dealers from ocean lie magazine advert nun* during the past year, lint linil become one of tbe mieiTSHOB of the century before trying that met bod. I am not one ot the kind that de- clares bill posting lo be the one and only method or advertising, as Is done so much by olhers in talking nf oilier methods. But I elaIn Hint one thou- sand dollars In bill posting will do more service than four thousand In any other method. H. L. Kramer. high J cd at ?11 in January, 1S32, they ran beyond W3.O0O In June. 1S3S. It shows that the seven year's sales were re- spectively as follows: SOTC. S2.12ti. W.532, $12,037, S1S.241, ¥50,10$. ?23T,- 8S3. Truly, a remarkable showing. But —there arc others. 1 have no Information at baud show- ing Hie sales for seven years of ar- ticles advertised oa tbe bill boards; the George W. Childs 5e cigar, tbat lias advertised on the bill boards al- most exclusively since it was first made in 1805. Sonic of "The Bill- board's" old renders ma my article showing the growth of Its Dun rating of |10,C00 to a rating of will on men of ordinary application or ability. lie Is a success. In the vernacular he bM won out. It lias been the fash- ion for several years to speak of Kra- mer as a plunger. Many persons who know the man only by reputation, and judged him merely by what they saw Had these goad people known him personally, realized his sound sense would have been DO surprise over the great success bo has achieved. man who establishes one proprie- tary remedy In these days is supposed to have accomplisbeii a great deal. Mr- George w. Cb ceeded 32,000,000, amounting iu money to nearly a million dollars at whole- sale prices. Here Is nearly three limes the money In one year from bill board advertising that Itipans shnws In seven years of the most persistent newspap- c advertising of the kind tbat gnnd 1 to bo the best Xow for two short-time records of the bill boards: Early Bird ping tobacco is made at Winston, X. C. In the year 1SJIT the wholesale grocery house of M. Fersfs Sons & Co.. of Savannah, Gn., paid Its manufacturers $102,000. In Septem- ber, 1808, Early Bird tobacco was placed on the bill boards in Savannah, and has been there ever since, with the result that the sales have doubled iloves success Is the ho has early learned the science railing, mastered it* difficulties. " if bis energies to man is II. 1,. Kramer. lie business hours." His busi- :m liilegral part of himself. i0 Is not actually at work at it thinking about It, planning, si'lieming, devising new methods, and Improving lis system. He possesses great executive ability. ml t I pel ml dull always grace a gnnd fellow —atliibnte* which have stood him In good stead. He was nlso happy In selecting a business for which he was peculiarly tilted and adapted, lint the two things Dint have really made hlui a great success were his tlxed. it lie hanging and determined liiini.i-r. ami lils , Li|ni.-]ty fur wmt tireless work, unllnggiiig work, zealous nelbnilH In ndvcrllsltig a nctml use. fully foi it slock ot gold the increased sales are so marked as to be more than satisfactory to the makers. Four years ago Hawcs f3 Hals be- gan using the bill boards, at first with one-sheets, but later with eight-sheets. usiilvi'ly 1 In cre- li cxpeii- thiuk this Is the case. In reality, though, the cost In counted most enre- fnlty. it Is primed and pared and stu- diously reduced to the very minimum.