Billboard (Apr 1899)

Record Details:

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-Trifr BIIXBOARD 17 M4SSA.CH1J6BTTS, BROCTON, MAStt-Brnton Afrlenl CUM-SlNGTON. MASB.-fllltelie Agricultu- ral BmltIT- Sep'^ » W. «£, CunnDtDKICE. aecj. CHEAT B A ItT^iO TON A^. —1 jilLlQLEFlELD, " ' MICHIGAN, ALLEGAN". MICH.—AlleE&D Counti Agrlcul- Under the auspices of Columbus Lodge, Ko. 37, B.P. 0. E. 4 One Solid Week July 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1899. A Mammoth Exposition of tbe Trades. Arts and Sciences. TO ADVERTISERS. Space to Rent 1 for Display Advertising. No' Distributing. Exclusive privilege will be given to any « advertiser for their line off goods. Excursions will be run from all over the State and adjoining states. The Board of Trade, and the whole City of Columbus are interested in the enterprise, and it will draw more people than were ever in Columbus before in one week. WHNTED.-Bovel Exhibitions of all kinds on per- centage or certainty. I Address ail communications to ' AL. G; FIELD, Chairman Executive Commitlt*, SPH AR BUILDINO, Brad Str