Billboard (Apr 1899)

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THE billboard UARKHAM. ONT.. Parmas. pres.; Frank. F. Olney. SOUTH CABOLIHA. SOOTH DAKOTA PILOT MOUND, C lonl Division Agricultural Km-iety, u.i PHt Icott,'ca liffii ^imSm^mmrrtit' Ai Him . !i'r! , ,'°T'B.' atolvlila? aw£V CB "' ' RICHMOND. ONT.. CAN —Carlelon Conn I eanes —FOR— CANEBOARDS! liny your Canes ia Aswrled Lots ana get ■ Big Yartttj ~ Little HLL SILVER HERDS On Pine Polished Sticks. BlggMt Assortment in the Country. CralK^Non^Gowsr; prea.; Willlsm McBL- 7.. CAN.—Annual E< posit Ion .mm ... ..lamlrlal Exhibition'Anocla- HALL & CO., 122 ELIZABETH ST., NEW YOrtK VERMONT. RATTLEBOBO, VT—Vnller F "Wert Rutland, nrea. ?tri™. on*.: V. ■^■ijhi'jim i HITE"l«VEIl** JUNCTION. VT.—A lute Fair. Sept. li to 14. Oeone A ' VIHGIIiTA. ALUiflYS I IN STO: Pugilistic and Athletic Paper. GLOVE CONTEST. Ji-sheet, i color. Lithograph, 4 kinds, i-the,et, z-color, Pictorial, per sheet, 3c. 3 sSeet. 3-color, pictorial, per sheet, jc. . = slieet Pictorial, per sheet, 3c. WRESTLING. i-slte-t, i-color. Lithograph (Illusira- I-sbeet, a^ecdor, Pictorial, per sheet, jc. SPECIAL PRICES IN QUANTIMES national Printing and Engraving Co The Frank Mead Amusement Co. — " The Largest Com pan. in New Rutland catering to Summer Park, ami hair.. Send for Summer a...I 1>™-i i|>uvr I ill,,,i, : ,t,-J Oal.loa.ue. ibiisned iSjs. 37 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. The Admiral" and " ©wl." tic Nickel Machini on Ihcir merits T JAVA. LARKLN, lvXanufartuKr, 560 River St., Troy, N. Y, F. 16 Warren Street. FlBBKIURTi DEI 1IMI PALLONI di gomma. a gas e col fischislto i. SB Ji tolnre, la stums fi M '■ M " " - t4,H " 45■•rk«ti k BMkittt* " KM " El tm " 6(1 » •• 43,00 Serpentl, bambole. ' ogol sorts dl novJta. stool. I ooBtrl corcpratorl aonu avviea'i c'm nol alamo i soil labbricant. del PIUMI flTUEEL, che nol vendiamo firjo da 43 inn [ e che noi garantiatno super o 1 i it tuttl Kli ultri. Cuardalerl .1 1 chl iond« Pal Ion I colnoitro nomr, !■ Terlorl dl quanta' o d prcizi bawl.* Mailorder Printing ^Wilhoiil doubt, m are doine the lJi',v\';' '.i t .",' lT^m"^n'"^l'^P^'l-i\m 1000 Noteheadaj Price JjotL Ca>h ^wllh order. We make a special!; of nuati eta blnnka. 'fhejr H. S. LEWIS, BEAVER FALLS, N. Y. COSTUA\ ES. iniLNiM,; h! H '"p*nVst ; E. A. Dow. In.:' ona.; Andrew NEW' LONDON. WIS—New London Fair. Sept. sua. Aug. Koiott. pro.; Henrr pSstoiiTlT'wiS.-Sheoorgan Connti Aari- cultural Association. Sept. 5 to 8. H. Wheeler. Sr.. CABAM wfcTNAl)A—Weatern Manitoba BTfc'.. BHA>^TFO«D. CAN A D A-SoSh ^Bra^t °Agri^ CHATl'lAM*CA^Ar^-WM^^m"' Dlatrlet U. Col. W. M. Street Fairs! Pleasure Resorts! Electric Parks! | r i " Expositions! etc. etc. f ^ Bostock and Ferrari i Have relumed from their exiended European trip, and are now open to to transact . with Managers and Presidents of the above for The Only Trained Wild Animal Exhibitions; j In America, all strictly European. Larger, better and more interesting than ever, with the J Elaborate Front Entrance, Monster Orchestrions, and all and everything requisite lor j Address ail communications to THE ZOO, Kansas City, Mo- I Pail to Remember that IT PAYS TO PLEASE THE PUBLIC. \ So get THAT that recommends, and thereby avoid FAKES.