Billboard (May 1899)

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THE BILLBOARD Vol. XL, No. 5. CINCINNATI, MAY I, 1899. pelt VEAB. E f.T« ADVERTICS. - Th( SckKi of the Uwi ol Dbscmciutivc NltlMl Mint W« HIM iiilercsli'il in. Ill ra* fohiin;.' tho cHmiph of Adrcrtlrij: (JI.A.SSII-ICATION 111' TIIK VAC- UI/TIK& (The ivoi'il faculty, as here nsnl. slir- iilllo* ii iwwet or eauadty of tiiu In mil- lnsl Issue we niitlliieil iln> line principal slates, ur mmlcs iiC liml. hinailly lertiieil cngnll loll*, reel- ntK awl iimbiHod*. Wo mar no»- |tro- ml Hi IHC|Uln> more L-lnscly Into (holt ml (1 hapliy rrano <>r miml Kin - * wfcjr M a ili-jtrcssfil iniiuil wllhnul cause. Tlii> UMM> Will always lit- fuiln.l to lH< lilt.' lu ;i change lii our thniwbta. in Inrn .ho- li> M11' lullnx nt new scusallniis or lllU'llliO IBV. ivrtalx tisy.i ml crisis tore iiuiiii- laiin-il Hun 1.ur re.-llny* are stlrreil liy .minilnn iis «■..]] ns Hull. Tli..)' I'i'i hr l"ucl IIimi loving perfumi- i'i! it wniTliy :le-l in 11 IIimI «■!■ .iiv -i-;ill li.-il In 111 lu.l .11- linvllltt yl.-lili'.l 1 li ■. This they i.-rtlili'lltl esl;ili|is]ns on Tit 111 t In- (i|ht:i linns (if tnlii.1. Inn Micy i-rr. THi-y have <<•<! Ilii' fuel linn Mil- iiilml cin- •latcs ilii' not kin—la km i-ngni- !• of wlml Is ilone—ami H Is this r llinj imnliiiv* tho change In i' limils nil wn, inn or Mil Having nnroidiri ■llvl-lollS nf 111.'"lilt niuiljrMlM of niliul. h HiMnimttlinn of nhl ua Materially 11 ilimrlill teak In In itimmitr. nr. m<*c n faculties nvrvl:i|i speaking or tins 1. TIIK COtlXI lit, t i'iuvkus. .■.'|,M,.M 111. 1 111 1 111 ISO. Ill mlillMiili lo Mi.' ron'suliis chissill- catlon uf the fiiirullies. Mil! following IllhlllllllllU of the Operations of the Mltnl. In- Iiimiii Kuril: N. Koark. of Mm Keiilnekv State College, will also be. fun ml very valuable: THE pPEHATIONa OF THE MIND. 11. ACQUISITIVE. . Selection if jml K i Detcrmiiuiiioi lion by the 3a. THO Kepr.-s.'nlaliv.. CiiIKicith'S. lb. 1 11 1111 11 .2b, Koc.ilhctlnn. la Asaoclatlno. 2c. It ('cog u Mini. . ........ B11. Tim Coinjiiiriitlvi' Capacities. Hi. IjisU-.i1. If. Xoliniint. 2c. It.'In Mn 11:11. 3b. tuagituitlTo. t,'. ritnninsy. 3c. Compositive. 1«. Faculties: tin- senses, o*. FWdUrtai percepts. Conception. _ 1*. .Faculty: jadelUf lit 26. Hnb-procpsses. 17. Co 111 pari sun ami iliw..-i-iiiiin:i tlon. 27. Abstraction. 37. Identification (classification) Willi., it Ik proper lo mcutioii Unit lunch light may In- tliruwu upon Hip OlllT.-llillllS Of lilt II1111.1 llV tile physi- ology of Hip lirnin. it Is uiiiii'.-i' Hie iiunmsp uf A.lvcriics; ami hence, uo account of II is taken, iu tin- fon- jiuhiR L-liissilli'aliuu. Of luiirso It j-m's -• —vine that llici-e is ;i i-ln... livlww iviilimii , t bt Lilly i tl:l! til- tlTii'! 0 *{i«hcr iln-.v will n-Bpoinl .is siinly nn.l ns crr- tuinly lo I be nrmtl. Aili-iiMiiQ Ims lieen raUril a faciillv. H Is nut. II Is a i-onillllon oitljr. a rnnslin; of one or inuro uf Hie cncnl- TIU-: KMOTUINAI. L'OWKISS. ■' ■■ i' ■■ -ii. .1 mint,. 1 „.. tMirabi ""I irkaCf iwrti-.a." I'or ]ii'ai-lii'iil purposes. Iheii. dial is i" sny. r..i gin. ,-ihis ..r ihe nilvi-rilsi-r. Both nulliorilies nr.- nr.ifdini.l Milnk- ers. mill one takes Issue with them with hcsltnliou. hut it n-otiM seem that cx|Ht;tant nltetiliiiu. whetheri-nn- slili-roil as apprebCIUihiB or nnlirt]ia- lion. Is none Hie less volitiilarv alien- thin. KspeelHiit II eerlniuly Is. tint so ' I* vlewe.1 In any light. Ks- nf lliose pcenliar aIII'lliutes fiVK I'tlWKUS. 3S. I-rwl'vi'^s ideals. nvative amth a - i ma s.«, tfpea, 1 effect the euni'i'ill 111 lion. Attention. Ml.'11. Is aetivP ft .. tss—Hie iL.l.Hnc Wforo the tiiin.1 of presentation or the fixing of the.fac-