Billboard (May 1899)

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one thing at a lime. One may whistle while walking, slug while playing tin accompaniment, and compose nnil write d letter simultaneously. In like [I to what each Is saying, but Hie itnpreBKlon made or left upon the mind by each person Is less and less faint, accordingly as their-number Is few or This brings tin to another important concomitant of attention, rift.: IN- TEREST. If the broker on the floor of the stock exchange bears his own name called, bis attention Is attracted instantly. If a stock that he Is carry- Imr trly. Or lirntiter, or an Intimate friend, a w known competitor, a client or custo er. a casual acquaintance, a firm The foreeolng phase may be aptly termed sell-Interest. It secures atten- tion Involuntarily. But there Is an- other aspect In which interest may be viewed. We will suppose the atten- tion has been attracted by the nn- nsnal. Unless Interest steps in at once to bold It the Impression will not be sufficiently strong to endure. If. on the contrary, the intelligence docs prove uppetent (Interesting), the at- tention may be held until the Impres- sion Is deepened Into conviction. Generally speaking the mind has ap- petency for aU knowledge, and the un- known will prove interesting always THE BILLBOARD New York. MN^A. TC. ™ '"iSf'*" « «™S«1 * CI.* .Id .i mysterious will obtain it readily. Id Its non-voluntary phase. This process Is usually referred to as . "attracting," and by the way. attrac- tion Is a correlative ot attention, the one literally signifying "a drawing to" and the other a "stretching to." But there are other ways and means. An appeal to the "aesthetics! faculties—to- the sense of the beautiful which Is-In nil men. rarely fails. The Incongru- ous, the bizarre, the grotesque, the fantastic, are all resorted to with suc- From these facts we may deduce the general law of Involuntary atten- tion. Tlz.: ATTENTION IS INVOL- UNTARILY ARRESTED BY THE UNCOMMON OR UNUSUAL. We often hear It said that a loud noise will Invariably attract attention, tnt this Is not necessarily true. It will If It Is nncommon or unusunL If not. It will faH, as witness tbe uncon- cern of n broker up his mem- oranda on the crowded floor of the stock exchange. He is totally oblivi- ons to the shouts and turmoil about him. Note the operative among the jennies in a cotton mill. The clashing din of the machinery is unheard. In the roar of battle tbe boom and crash of « (Trent gun Is unnoticed. The separate noises In these cases produce no individual Impression on tbe presentation-continuum. Each is heard but not noted severally and sep- arately, and if remembered at all. it Is only as a whole—a confused jumble. This gives os the I.™ of attention Does Billposting in Small Towns Pay. Rldrldsc Dlcvckl"£":.l,('. : t'" 'le '.h,.t ■been. P. M. Wlllliimi * Co.. tlrj Good.. Can-fill tiirprt l.-li-.iTiinc Ca . S-sln-, :wv. 1 ". m iliri.. .<i,i rr ii- '<nrr urn lluil II In M-SH .il: I I--V1.I. 1., v ,„, I,.,,, I h,. arniia \o let your kI K h stnul art nlon.-. ror iho mr.n. iaolalfll It a|> r x-iirs. tm- mr.-r unl1 llle I" srnllrnitiii nf dnr. and v,:' 1 ;;.-/;,^ '-V,; v, -III. |..'l ,.-| • 1°°;, ffi:f,"i b « ';,£&•:s,."sz:nsi wm-ncia. 4 ...rxstssss*. Billposting in Denmark. Queer Condition! that Obtain inCopenhigen r" till' r'isuhl pnrt Uli-f D "">' li.rnr nrct. nnil kii l(>1 riK I" [irnloli- ii-r rlinrsf nnr irinrlt (SI cent") nrr Cremo Ci««r It oo In? *P." platforms. , n o ">»"•> <■'• ■ " < "WuUlar. pWl. but tw i.m w Hok. .„.,,„ , . solicitor*. • HI. in lotoc oi G t>! •«« d»r. iry injunrnon win urnnlrd il>» , II Pontius Com omit from iHirtBI ^ Iprm Ihnt tho Currnn Company. fli»'">y olotiBly p&M on