Billboard (May 1899)

Record Details:

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THE BILLBOARD. Chicago. San Francisco. Paul Schatfer Gett $12,030 in Sto;k- Gunnine i« Sttlioe a F^sl Pact for the Old Company. {Sppc-lal Correspondence.) ... <']n.;iKL>, ci-rElnerl to im (nrreimp 111 cap «„■* f.nni fr-.iM.i i<> r,i.«m. It 1h um .Il»|,l.„, iNuMrziumi. lill,- ean r ™nnclgcii. 'April S. ™ihod» The Little Rack , • hat 'city onailn'^ ■ Mm in Join I'M' IHI I'm.iii. The Atlanta Meeting;. II In d Ions point ta a Iflri!" atlPndancc Sign and Sign Bulletin Paint- fag- Devalopraent of At Learner. [-1. V. HAKBAtlCH. INTRODUCTORY. • ■ 1 ti It Is niii-.i-skii! The 11 «,-,.,. ,.n the ■».*■«.. Ot ... ^ ene to the projector o( a dimcijlt enterprise. A DEAD WALL. Qm*0U by F. C. Parker. Macon. Mo. HENNEGAN & CO. Have just issued a brand new line of Posters for Picnics, Celebrations, Fourth of July, Pairs, Etc. If you wish anything of this character write for Free samples, HENNEGAN & CO. 127 E. Eighth St., Cincinnati, 0.