Billboard (Aug 1899)

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THE BILLBOARD. ALL SILVER HEADS On Fine Polished Slicks. Biggest Assortment in the Country. GOODS SENT C O. O. HALL & CO., 122 ELIZABETH ST., NEW YORK WAMTFn. ATTRACTIONS OF THE BEST FOR THE- I ndustrial Street Exposition Kansas cm y , mo. SEPT. 28--OCT. T, Inclusive. ; Fakirs Thai Fall Their Buslniss lot Rioolitd. Ho Off Colors Piimiltid. ,~: i- w. Poalllwlj No Bonus ol C JOHN F. EATON, PRESIDENT. KANSAS CITY KARNIVAL KREWE. KOLA. ILL.—V*rmiltitm Countj F«lr. 2* . » U> SfJH. 1 f HOBO. IUU— Mm Colon!yF^lr. Sfpt. «2 / AKEE, ILL.—Kinkrtee Fair Anocla- <Z ^ Hastings, Nebraska * & \ KNOXVILLE. ILL.—Kno. Co q nIy Full. S*pL LB BOY, ILL—Le Roy FUr * Acrlcultural STREET FAIR: and CARNIVAL I SEPTEMBER 18th to 23rd, 1899. $10,000 FOR SPORTING EVENTS! f FRED RENNER, ■ SECRETARY.