Billboard (Aug 1899)

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SSTl BIG STREET FAIR KT. SEPT. 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30. WftNTEOI Big Clon Midwiy. A.ri.1 Acts. B,id ec Fikirs. Novdiin of All Kinds. Privilege* ol Every Dcrcriptioa To Let. ' Bund. Street, 100 Feel Tide. MIDWAY ATTRACTIONS! ^J|f Ob * B n -llllun The 'Rockville Fair' is a Corker Dlles: SEPT. 19. 20 lid 21. 1899. BOONVILLE, MO.—Cooper ConntT Agricul- tural ut UccBuical Eocieij. Aug. nue. CALIFORNIA. MO.—Moniteau Conutt A. 4 M. Society. Sept. IS CO 22. I pres.: Sid. KIcIt. (reu.: H. I'JTTSPlKl.lJ. MASS—Bprlishlre AgrtCUlIur- al Eatldv, S»tl I! w H. W. W. CoIeiBBa. West FlttsBeLcl, pres.; Joseph W. Lewis. ir. i-. . li. 1>»-:k(i:. :7. "'WEB. MASS.—Spencer Pinners' and " . Scot. 21 «od 22. Sent. S T tan.^T. |¥rtall, [-HILI.1COTHE. MO.—North Missouri Agrl * --" MecbBulcal SorlelT. Sept. 1 CIRCUS CANVAS. with bale nnts. pole, an.I >llk» .wo wall lent;. -rnli >nd camlv rup Mh. ■Mut balloon. VnM ni K a kSuc fr vSio. The Galesvtlle Fair, August 28, 29. 30 and 31. Winston-Salem, N. C. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29,1899. RALEIGH * FREDERICK. MD, elc. Horse show. aj-ricultural fain. etc. Will sell DAILY ATTENDANCE LARCH. Write to Sec. for ]Hrticu)»rs. G. E. WEBB, See. ft Red Hot Time in a White Man's Town. STREET FAIR. August 28, to September 2. J ne Secret ol Surer**. ~ — — — - __ __ _ _ _ •"fflS-,saB~""~ HOMHB. IUU ' ^S^TOt^J^^r- ;»«—J-g.. ikmmis^sjt^ BOD. J. JHcDONHLD. Mgr. and Promoter.