Billboard (Aug 1899)

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THE BILLBOARD WALLA WALLA, WASH.—Walls Willi Val- ley Fruit Fair. ScpL 26 to Oct. L W. A. tttMj T. 3. Dement, ireas.; C. F. Vin WKs r VIRGINIA- DEFENSIO HOH PROVOCATIO. Wm~ DEFENSE NOT DEFIANCE.-*! • IUod Association. S*pL M to Oct 12. W. H. QiatDD, urn.: J. B. Adone. treaa.; Hyd- ra 1th, aery. 1 L..L.MILI.H iv. V«.-Oaio Valley Fair. S*PL 12 to It lt>j l^AKTIfjSVlLLE, W. VA.—Wetial Co. Eakln. pres.: L. J. William*, treaa.; ItoiL PAIR IN YOUR CITY? Hso.itwitlPAY YOU TO INVESTIGATE. DON'T at*! contracts unlit you are full, convinced a. to what yon are aolne to GET, DONT be PBNNSBpHO. W. VA,-HlMhia Couut, Arrt foolish enouah to BIND J DOWN " "*■=£.!? oryounjavhawCAUSE'-- Driving PAID a ftyin K visit to ihe would DC M Ar ' a. WAYS, and satisfied younclcn that TH S)!t;fiit:KudTOWH. wT'VA.—Hortaa Qrara ltc """"K enough to PLEASE your I — aU Un Slack Aaaoclallon. TRON8. ^»i-5 ?m T JJS^L«- -* i^-otioai. -, THORITIES on this SUBJECT ii< u- Virginia £ ™'B0STuCK^*^ SSITW tBSJTStf- J " • Carnival and' 'YE OLDEN ENGLISH f~.^K?;i*y»" „ PLEASURE FAIRE," The moat ELABORATE CREATION of COSTLY AMUSEMENT yet DEVISED A VERITABLE FEAST of an that is SI"*"?*: WEIRD " d curious. ™'°" * OBr <**"■ '""Posed "Son by the m,«™bie ATTEMPTS ol unscrupulous per- sons' WHY subject yonrsel»es to the .dietae ol the entire pItM and cotntnunity; WHY h. ■ ■ c « I <Jr,E3», Win [KCOtllC S^rELTJJ^iSSa a sufficient to give the citizens all ,h CJ HAbEl BACK'S TRAINED WILD Streets of Cairo, s 7 German Vi'laga, 15 "Chiqtiita," E th- B Q U oen of the ft = S5o,aoo v The Mystifying Crystal Haze, The Aerial Flyers, E'ectra. the Marvelous, The Gypsy Village, Opium Den, __ _ Balloon A The Carryinq Elephants, Riding Camels and Dromedaries, The Quaint Burros. Every inhibition operated by EXPERI- ENCED MEN. (NOT AMATEURS.) The ENTIRE CONCERN under ONE nMnairaenL The complete OUTFIT U STHICTLY NEW to this CONTINENT. The CJORtSEOUS EXTERIORS, EN- TRANCES. ORCHESTRIONS, etc.. of thi. Bnterprfse are SUFFICIENT alone to not only DRAW TENS OF THOUSANDS of VISITORS, but to cive them AMPLE SATISFACTION. The SHOWS. EX- HIBITIONS AND PERFORMANCES, presented by this AGGREGATION ans ABOVE REPROACH. FRJIK C. Walloon Ascensions and Parachute Leaps For Fairs, Fetes and C it. II to IS." Qi». BeMo aa a r . TANK TON, B. D.—South Dakota BUM Fair. BtPL S la n Com H. Harrla. Aberdaaa. sat PROF. E. STEVENS.