Billboard (Aug 1899)

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ADVERTISERS II 00 FOR FIFTY GOOD ADS ANY ONE Consolidated Press Clipping Co., National Life Insurance Building, No. 159 La Sail* Si.. CHICAGO. WEYANft-EO*. soli^fabbricanti rlei PALLOM no tint) da 45 VST" nmwiMm] 3 BBM B'l lhai hut :wrii ! Ow.t W. P. McEwtD. WT- _ 4YLMEB. njISTI, ONT —East ElEln AMOdatlOD. SepL K ana 33. A- A. B : WilUlts MfBL- THIRD ANNUAL FREE S'REET FAIR, Dansville, N. V., Oc 3,4, 5 and 6,1899. FOR SALE. lo drive: wctfch* 6900 Ih » ptiiiltsn wilh i[ C^WW*r^JLN^A—Hnron^CH^ia Situ* COTJJNGWO^JdV "cAJJADA—flml Nortlsern The Pan-American= COMOS. CAN.—Comoi Filf. Sept a. ft. LindeUo. uct.. Coortcaj. P. o.. Co m nr . CYPRES RIV5R, CAS". — aommtr BBS". ^Matchless Mailer, WALLACE TO WT.'. CA-W—W«l Elgin F«lr. Best. 3 Eii 3. Du Medium. Bn M, WATTOED. CAR-But tmbton Fto. Im. m ui z7. jaiu ruiA man. pm.: r. PATENTED JULY l&h, 1899, BY REV. ALEXANDER DICK. 9SJtN?!i; 5 Arnold St., BUFFALO, N. Y.