Billboard (Aug 1899)

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20 THE BILLBOARD KOODB1KE. MO-—Dual Grand Loflct^ T. o. WORCESTER. MASS.—Like Qutn.lMn.ond »«rsss •SSt^t. irtV- TOPEKA. EAK.-KIDU1' SUU Historical Society. J MB- W. 1900- PriaVim C. Adama. necy.. Tope k a. Kin. TUPEKA. KAS.-K. 4 A. M Grand Lofleo. TOPEKA. KAS.'—Grand Chapter. HoVe| C Arch Maaou. Pah. 12. isoo. Jacob DeWltL. aecr.. "j^^-^&SXSTrSSZ TcSBwUsC H. T.-No. Tort But. Ita- MlLWAUKE^WlS^lf^lf ^^^6^1.^* Kan. ncD'a Convection. Au«. S lo 29. ISM. MINEOLA. L- I—June a to a Sent. 16 S ° I - |J ,S ' M- A. VIII TOPEKA. KAK.-Kinaaa Christian HKUOi- TOUNGSTOWN, o.-Ohio Sale Liquor to 30. ™^ PROVinEKCS I L-MHa Ml ■ ~T S3mU. Oct. I to 6. O. L, Cook, aecy.. Leesue. Sept. 12. 1899. John F. Mk Can- MINERVA. O-Oct 1 to C o,t. in in 11 E. M OWh.™' L, -JS^SSt "i;,! 01 "^'..^^ .. .. . *""■ °- teCT - l*O WOPT H. ILL.—Sept. 11 to IS, T0BONHV HN-T.. CAN -Indualrlal' Eirw.l. MT. STERLING. ILL—Aaa 1 u S. Hon Association. Sent. 4 to I T II 5. MIM IK. IND.-Aue, IS to IS Fraiwr aecj R Races. S3S;jfS'~"'-'' ^^SSr^.WS A^ M. Oct. 95. Wm, B. Mlera. aecr.. Box jaHLJlNri - o'^^Se'l! 6 ta 8. KEW^TORK CITV—Empire Troltlna; Club. ■ *" ijlM&B^y^ In* I Lodee Knllhta of ATLANTIC. lA^^^u'to U- NEw\oRK?"N- T.—Sept- 4 to J HOTSP SHOWR Pjtble.- Feb. a. n. ami. Geo. E. Pleraoo. AOBITHK. N. T.-June 20 to 23; A ill- » to OSKALOOSA, II ■ill ■ to IX. ™ «J IIUTIB . Aug. !7. -. .. . I^M^'-- Poultry Shows. •iNttn^wr. •Hb^IWh.i tifiKraaf?.^ jBEsiSsbsk: BepC. L KeWrtlla Trottini Park. July JO lo M; Ua READING. PA — - - - UNION CITY. TENN.—Baptist State COBTefl- *'""; . READV1LLE. Hon. OeL 15. ReT. Mantii Ball. UNION IULlI N. J.-Ordet of True F { fry*** .^^V"" "r^ WAarnmrros collrck p. b . n ; ahaHian.liB.wir. Tonmjatmra. O.. .ecj-. SARATOGA N iiJili a rn aiTi is WS^Olm Qorln. St Nortb »L. Auburn, N. 5^jgfP*gV ^ ■ ^ - ,fcg ' aM . SPWNGFIELD {IL1.) STA^E FAIR-S ROCHESTER. !> ROCKPORT, a o!—Jn t S( S |u"(D L 2- S *^lll" L5 _ SriSv 1 ^ ill* — Aur. 7 to II. CHftS. BOY INTO IN. KDSHVILLE ,VIt JCOTHE. HO. -Sept. 12 to IB. «).)' STATE FAIR—Sept. 'to 8. COLUMBL-S, p.— CBlumbuB dim vlng rark As- S 111 J aPniNGFIL-LO, O.-Aaf. 2S tp SeoL Z. STRATFORD. OXT.-Jlfne 2S To Julj L SYRACUSE. N. T^SeoSaJ 0 N.EWk Trot- B to f* 1B,L Jnn * SU " Palr * ScDt VALDol T f CA^-V^ ( ." l E. , Sr i S CO C PRESS J Ractt. Oct. 31 to Ka7 31. A T Moore « 8L.IPP1NG J VASET%.-Kortiaj, te r 0 OIHo Trotti nI J BUREBC VICKSBURG. J trlgrgTw f^i 3 » » : n«t. MARK A. WMT,K£rs£ d «!! WASHINGTON C. H.. 0.—Am. IS lo IS. WtaBMBnm, PA. agg !1 B S Every DlotrlOutor WATERBURV. CONN —June 17 M 90 Au( (Hm ,, „ ,. SP I H15 WALLACE BAOi HSSLOPEN AIR ATTRACTIONS SSi! w->-s=35. ^: For lhe Gr «t Free Street Fair and Carnival. SSSLL^%. T SiS^ , VS rort To b. held at SEDAUA, MO., SEPTEMBER 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. and JopAouc Atrobaw, Whirling Dervishes. Turkl9h Sworismtn. Hindoo JgRlcri. Koile Wire Asccosioni soy oitier ads soiled lor outdoor ST. LOUIS OUTDOOR ATTRACTI0M CO- - m 2, 919 Olive St.. St. Lonli. Ho. pcrcenlofe, al.-o Merry Uo R< wlllpoy preferred. Positively (he blunt ">lo| evcr piivHes^s'sddress' eillrooied at 49.000 dsily. C0LBV BLOCK. Sccrelary. Sedsll The Frank Mead Amusement Co. WH-MINGTON. DEL.—t 0. O. P. Gratia 37 Tremon! Street, Boston, Mass. THE CURRAN COMPANY, ® ® # # CJTY BILLPOSTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS : l^K OmiallbmboM^andtiMsiinift.nneddirtribmm* Dem^. Pu e b [o . Colo. Spring. M „l 5U m.u,,di., J! to«n.. «uM«m.D^m™»ii^?i^a5: General Office, Denver. Col.