Billboard (Oct 1899)

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THE BILLBOARD SEW YORK. U. Oct 3 to 6. W. L. Ftrr- SYRACUSE, N, Y.—Onondaga. County Fair. Oct. 3 to 6. Addison J. Loomls. Cleero. Ira.- L H. Mimro, Camllluri. vice pre*-. N. H Chapman. Sjracuae. aecy. and treaa. VERNON. IS. Y.-Vcrnon Agricultural So. cletr. Oct. 4 *Dd 6. Deo. P. Ungford. . PA.—Agricultural A HortlcuUu- Jajnea SlcCosvan. ^Prea.j Mlltord N. Rltter. Sto'eboS™ ri.-i'™S» Fair. Oct. 3 I™ - Cco J 'H B1 FoWl?r e5 aitj.'' bL "' ltllODE ISLAND. COLUMBIA. S. C—Stale J ... It Society. Nor. to jb. Li^X''™Eria— SSb County Agricultural Society. Oct 10 to 13. Hob. Wm. Ruutnr, : T. B. 'Boweraock. secy. MARTSVILLE. O.—Onion County Airtcnl- Oil. S lo t T. P. Shield* COLFAX, 1 SPOKANE. 6 1 'f VIRGINIA. i County Agricultural RANDOLPH, o — Rands I pU Agrlcultnral So- ciety. Oct IS and 11. Ira Meactrani. prea.: W. D. Haaaina. treea.: W H. Batlaa. aecy. RICHWOtlD. O.—Tri-Countr Fair. Oct 1-14. J. E. Roolnaon, riccy. UPPER SANDUSKY. O —Wyandot County Aailniltnn.1 3oclety. Oct S to *, CD. £»'hirdt"i; T . H " ri ' OKLAHOMA. GUTHRIE. OKLA.—Street Fair. Of PKKB-iLVANIA. BEDFORD. PA-—Bedford County . ■nral Society. Oct 3 to «. Dayld pren.; W. S. Arnold, manager, W. BrtoOMSBORa. PA.—Cotnmnla Com PARKER SflUR G. ... VA_—Wood County LA-RKBBTJRG. W. VA.—Weal Vlrjlnle Con- tra] Agricultural and Mechanical Aanocla- tlon Oct I to f. T. T. WaUla, pre*.; M. ^'io V o HON VIOLA. WIS.~Oct CANADA BALI J UK.—Oct. 5. BURGETTSTOWN. PA.—Union Agrlenlrurnl Aaaoclatfon. Oct ^3 to 6. W.^W^ P^tea, ' PA.-BuIIHan County Arri. r. CAN.-CeorglDA nod N. Wll- woonnniuGE. OST. — Woadbriage Fat Oct. H aud 18- Hon. N. C. Wallace, treai Tooa F. Wallace, aecr. ADDITIONAL PAIB LIST. F. Paturel & Co. 16 Warren Street. N EW YOR K. FABBRICANT1 DEI MI6LI0RI PALLONI di gomma. a gas e col fischietto e di ojrtd getwic di iiovita per veniti CMS. L. YOKES. Memphis Street FAIR! Oct. 23-28, Inclnslve. Attractions Wanted! HK^g; CIS. as »c dig^no Ircnchca. hHl 50 di qualsfassi colore, la^wu, J3.T5 " " 4S Sockets a fischietto, » iU5 " » 50 " " " S2.75 " » 60 - " " '■ (3.25 Serpen It, l>ani1>ole. PROF. F. H. FI.OWERS. Mgr., iini siamo i'soU" fabbritaiiU Aei PALLONI PATUREL, cbe iioi veiirliaitio fino tin 45 anni e t he itoi Karanlianio superiuri a ligli aUri. atiardat<-*ldachl vendc ne. Interior 1 di ENGLISH PRICE LIST ON A-PLICATION. Tree Street fairanTCarnival, MONTGOMERY, ALA., October 23rd to 28th, inclusive. Correspondence- especially desired with Hagenback's Animal Show : Speedy, the High Diver; ■ Achilles Phil ion : Streets of Cairo; German .Village, and other Grst-class attractions. Address : I~ L. GILBERT. Secretary. Attractions Wanted •««! Annual Fair! October 30 and 31 and Kowmbtr 1,2,3 and 4,1899. E. J. GM.LHGHER, Secretary. ■»Bill Poster SPRINGFIELD.- Hiheoakb. Subscription so cents per year, post free, may be sent to 117 East Eighth St., CiociDmili, O. New, Novel, Vivid, Pleasing, Instructive and Entertaining. Thl Perfection of Picture Pennies or Nickels. ■0 Noli., No Dirt, No Batteries, No Lamps, adjustable Focus, Spring Motor, NEW YORK SLOT MACHINE CO, 83 Dessau Street, «e» York.