Billboard (Feb 1900)

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tm BILLBOARD ttillposiers*Jlotes-<iont*d. Mr 11. L. Smith, fol-merly of Van Wert. .)' now holds the oo&itton of manager of the Vi.'iiitKomery (Ala.) Bill PoeUng Plant, which ,J 1 braJKh of the Bernard Advertlelng Serv- u;' Mr Bernard mUst be congratuktted upon 111- s«urin« of Mr. anrlth. for in him he has a man who Is thorougMjr competent to con- iSii.-i the affairs of a modern bill poeUng T F Slegmund has purchased the bill post- Ihs'plant of A. H. PrentlEB at Truckec. Cal. lie starts out with many good resolutions as to the kind of service be will render the ad- vdUsPis. Thv Ilwkvllle BHl PosUng and Advertising Coiimany. of Kockville. Ctonn.. are new ones in the field. They Buccecd to the business of .1. S. Thrall. They are the only concern in that city. J T H Clark, of Kansas City. writ«e that his' business Is moving along very encourag- hiRly and that he feels confident that in the near'fuure the plaint will be able eo give a vfry favorable account of itself. .M ^r. Inin, manager of Love's Tlieatre. Fi^niKint, Neb., has bought out the bill post- ing business, boaids and good will of the lilai.t formerly owned by \V. S. Watts. He says his business Is good. n F Bangaeeer & Co.. of MeMinnvllle. Orel, write that they are very busy posting botli -opera houE* and commercial work. Hill posters should l>eor In mind that "The nillboaid" rea<-bes every month all of the ad- vertisers, as well as all of the bill posters. J. H. Wattles, executor of the estate of H. A. Thayer, sends out a postal containing a notice "to all whom it may concern," saying ll.ut the Thayer estate holds all the rights of fianchisce in the Michigan State Bill Posters' Association and that any one infringing upon the rights of this franct'ise will be prosecuted aetnicing to law. It gives directions to where paper should be sent. The oard serves very well its purpose of advertisemer.t. Dllts, of Cincinnati, who heretofore bcs con- fined his work to imall signs and dead-wall a£b'. Is placing Bmall single bulletius tbiough- out the city and subut^js- With Mctt-on and Cfaainian. it looks as ttough there would be no locm for a bulletin man In Cincinnati, yet l>ilts has a great numlier of lx>»rds.and each board contains a sign. Tbe question now is. How does he do it? The PIso Co., Warren. Pa., who have al- ways conllned their posting to very small towns, villages and country tiamlets. will invade a few large cities and many, if not all. of the largcir towns. th4s year. Letters to 15. F. HazeUine. treasurer, will receive attention. The Glasgow Wcoleti Mills, of Ciiicagi). li;.. h»ve ordered 5.000 sixteen-sheets for spring porting. They will commence sending out the paper about Feb. 15, and the showing is to tiegln with Match 1. There Is a MTtaIn solicitor In New York City whose strongest argumeitt witii adver- tisers consists of repeated assertions that bin posters are dlshon«£t and have to t>e watt^hed by an experienced man. Bill post- eis pay him a commission for securing busi- ness in this way. A private mailing card sent out by tbe Pat- ent Record of Baltimore, la striking. In white letters on a black background It says: "Ad- vertise ycur business In The Patent Record. Reaches afl quarters of (he globe." Wbat is the circulaition of tbe official or- gan-? The bill posters who are giving up th'F'ir good money tor ads. in it h&ve a right to They want to know, too. If we are to believe our correspondents. Will Stahl- broat let thtm knowT No, siree. K. R. Endly, Mansfle'ld, O., gets out a clean- ly printed folder, telling of the advantages of Mansfield as a city In which to place ad- vertiMng matter: alto exploiting tbe merits of his service. Ttie Newark Bill Posting Company has bought out M. A. U Force at Plainfield, N. J., ajid hus built a line of iron boards along the line of the Central Railroad, In all com- prising about 7.000 feet. Manager E. M. «o- comb declares that tWs will be an addition woitby to be placed alongside of the Newark plant. James A. Roberts, wbo was formerly lo- cated at Auburn, 111., has moved, and Is now at Louisiana. Mo. His successor Is ChaK R. Roberts. ilarr & Hustcd, Norwalk, O., have ordered JO.OOO onc-sbeet posnera advertising their 1492 cigar. They will iteal direct with bill posters. i Robert Palmer, bill pocter of Water- roro, N. v.. made a flying trip to Canada dur- "IK January. J. C. Brewiter took charge of ino businees during Mr. Palmer's absence. ...l^'"!"'''^''" Bro*. of LOTlsvllle. Ky.. who dis- till th«> famous I. W. Harper Whisky, are go- ing to boom the brand on the boards thte sum- mer. Thty contemvlate a thorough cam- paign, and are askinc for sketcbee and eatl- matca on BO.OOO tbree-ttteets and SO.dOO elght- fiivltSi Wll posters Is F. H. Cook, of NieTi-adu. lowia. has eold out his posting plant to .Mr. W. R. Boiler, who »iil cronduc't the buelness from now on. lu^'rA' ^I'e, of Jefferson, Iowa, has formed We City Bill Posting and Advertising Compa- ny, under which name his plant Is now run. iv.ew l)oards have been built and the entire fwant lmpix>\r3, in order to be able to meet The Advisor for January, published a por- trait and a sketch of Mr. O. J. Gude. They gave It away flrst. so we feel privileged to tell his age. "O, Jay" will be tblrtv-elght on tbe of next month. The Chicago Art Association has declared that the bill boards are unsightly and mar tbe beauty of the city, and thiat Ihey must be abolUihed. We are suiprised that the Chi- cago scciety should be so slow In getting on to the lat»it fad in their line. Boston society started this movement about a year ago, and even PMIadeipMa has had a turn. Either the artistic sense of the cultivated Cbicagoans is less easily offended than in other cities, or tbey "have been too busy thinking about send- ing tbe refuse and sewerage of the city down to their hated rival. St. Louis, to think of bow mortifying to tbcir delicate vision the boaids have been, A bill h«a been Introduced In the Assembly at Albany, K. Y., prohibiting the use of signs or bill boards Id the cities of tbe flrst or sec- ond class on buildings, when tbe signs are over six feet In height and on the ground when over ten feet In height: also, prohibit- ing tbe use of tight-board fences on tbe front of any let in the city of New York, and pro- viding that all such fences shall be removed by Aug. 1. 1900. The New York newspapers are in all probability luck of this movement, but that's all the good it will do them. The New England Bill Posters' Association was formed during January. Nearly one hun- dred employing bill posters were present, either in person or by lawful proxy. The fol- lowing ofllceTs were elected: Edward C. Don- nelly. Boston. President: U. O. Aekerman. New Haven. Vice President; Chiarles C. Ames, PiOTidence. Secretaiy; L; B. Fiske. WKwceiter, Treasuier. The strike of the employes of Wbitmler & F'ilbrlck, which was- announced in our last issue, ended by the men agreeing to return to work unconditionally. Manager Filbrlck alliowed all but tvo of the men to return to their places. Upon returning, the contrite ones were rewarded by a pleasant surprise. In the shape of an increase in their salaries to cover the extra Saturday night work. B. S. Crow has just recently purchased the BIoomiDgtn (Ind.) Bill Posting Company. D. W. Coyle. of Pasadena, has Iwen having his troubles over a bill board which exceeded ten fSet In he>ight and which was some time since declared by the city council to be a menace to life and to' public safety. The trustees ordered the marshail to tear down th-a board. Thereupon Coyle get out an injunc- tion against the authorities, upon the grounds that be held contracts up to May 1 which he could not fill without the t»ard. .^fter much quibbling the council passed a motion provid- ing that if Coyle would move the board lyack from the street and to cut off ten feet from the top of the . board by May 1, further pro- ceedings by tbe board would be dropped. This is practically what Coyle promised to to when proceedings were first begun against his property. Dr. T. n. Smith. Cynthlana. Ky.. will go on the boards £thort:y. Dr. B. L. Brown. Tenth and Arch streets. Philadelphia. Pa., is getting estimates on posters. He will commence in a small -way at first; but if his tesu prove satisfactory he will prove an extensive advertiser. The Quaker Ab:orption Saebet Co.. 1213 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa., will try post- ers soon. An ordinance placing the following prices upon bill posting and distributing has t>een passed by the common council at Syracuse, -New York: No person or corporation to whom a license shall be granted shall charge or receive more than the following prices for the distribution of bills, circulars, samples and advertise- ments and the posting of bills: Posting bills for one week for any show, enterti»inment or business. 3 cents per sheet. Distributing almanacs, pamphlets or bocks to private houses, $1.50 per thousand-. Distributing bills, circulars or notices to pri- vate bouses, tl.S per thousand. Disttlbuting bills, circulars or notices to business houses and ofllces, $1 per thousajnd. Licenses are to cost $25 a year for a bill distributor, and $40 for a bill distributor and bill poster a year, and are not necessary for merchants or organizations doing their own distrlbuticg. Advertisements under this heading will be published at the uniform rate of to cents per line per issue or ti.oo per year. Boston Job Print. Co.,4 Alden, Boston.Hasa. Brooklyn Daily Eagle Job P. Co., B'yn.N.T. Calhoun Printing Co., Hartford', Conn. Calvert Litho Co., Detroit, Mich. Central City Show Print. Co.. Jackson.Mick. Central Llth. & Eng. Co., 140 6th Ave., N.Y. Correspondent Show Printing Co.. Plqua, O. Donaldson Llth. Co.. Newport, Ky Erie Show Printing Co.. E^ie, Pa. Enterprise Show Print, Cleveland. O. Forbes Litb.Co..l81Devonshire,Boston,Mass. Free Press Show Print. Co., Detroit, Mieb. Great Am.Eng.& Prtnt.Co.,S7 Beekman.N.Y. Great W. Print.Co.,511 Market, St.Louls,Ho. Greve Litho. Oo., The, Milwaukee. Wis. Haber, P. B.. Fond-du-Lac. Wis. Hennegan & Co.. 127 E. 8th SL. Cln'tl. O. Morgan, W.J.& Co., St.C. and Wod.Cdeve.O. Morrison Show Print, Detroit, Mich. National P.& Eng.Co..346-8 Wabash,Chl.,Ill. Pioneer PrlntCo..214 Jetferson.Seattle.Wash. Onion and Advertiser Co.. Rochester. N. T. A movement among the poster printers of thi? counliy. Icoking toward a combination, made itself manifest last month. It Is said that an organization has already been per- fected and otHceis elected, but no details are obtainable for publication. Th-e reluctance with wblch those known to the movement talk about I would lead one to believe learn little or nothing of The only thing that wi is that a narticnal orgi and meeting witb succ< an attorney. His na: ster. and his permai York Life BIdg., St. this address are tor' entified with objects will Association, s in Cincin- Ja-n. 11. Any The Cincinnati Li ccnsiiting of Itthogra: niati and vicinity, waf film within a radius of fifty miles of Cincin' nati iS' eligible for membership. Among these may be mentioired The Dcnaldcon Co.. The Sticbridge Litho Co.. Tie Russell & Morgan Co.. The Enquirer Job -Printing Co., Tbe Machrair Litho Co.. The H'r-Ederson LiUio Co.. Th3 Aehert-Henckle Co.. The Eagle Litho Co.. Zimmerman & Co., The Frank TucMarber Co. and Cramer & Co. Tbe color printing syndicate recently gave a demonstration of the multi-color printing machine for which they hold patents. It is cl£&inie-d that the exhibition was wonderfully successful, and that the machines accompllsb more than has ever been attempted lyefore. The essential points in these machines are known as the alternating traveling gripper and the supplement feeder. The latter takes tlie sheet wben first laid' on the feeding board, delivers it to the alternating traveling grip- per, which retains the sheet until all the col- ors required have been impressed upon it, and then delivers tbe sheet completed. The great difficulty experienced hitherto in color printing has been the necess-ity of al- lowing the different colors to dry l>efore an- other was applied, and the provision of other macbines to provide tlje different colors. This : has been entirely overcome by tbe machine under revie-w. and it is claimed that this in- vention saves time, labor, machinery and waste. It is also claimed that machines built under these patents are less costly than single machines of the same cajpacity, and, as each machine takes the place of four, it can be disposed of at a relative'ly bigb price, and yet form' a very good investment for tiie twinter. Every description- of colored work can be done with these macbiI^es, from the finest art work on fiat-bed macbines to colored posters, in- sets for nmgazines, trade labels, etc.. so that the utility of the system has the widest ranse. The Donaldson Lltbo. Company, of Newport, Ky., have just received another cargo of the finest lithographing stones tliat couM be pro- cured. Some poster printers do not seem to realize that the grade of the stone used has much to do wit^i- the quality of the work turn- ed out. The Donaldsons evidently are not among that number. The Chicago lithogidphers and printers hel^ a meeting recently for tbe purpose of organiz'l ing for protection against exlM>rbiant priceii cbarged by the paper trusts end to adivanci' tbe price of IHhograpIiers' and. printers' outr put. Competition was so iceen that-'soine-4 tiling had to be done to -keep Hie-paper me^i from putting them all out of tlie business. (>*' Hennegan & Co. are preparing for the fai^ri season witb a large line of all kinds of adijf vertising matter. They expect to increas|' their trade of last year. ni Tbe Blatchly ComtiBny, of Tacoma, and thj Lowman & Hanford Litbo Comitany, of Seae' tie, Wasb., have consolidated. The new con» pany wlH be known as the Tucker-HanfoH Company, and will be located at Seattle. \t The Strcbridge Lithographing Company oV Cincinnati are taaid- at work preparing drcu, bins, printed in (Sennan. for tire Bamur, pe«|de. This is probably the flrsl instane' of German circus paper being printed In tbf; country- The officers of the PMIadelpbia Lithograpb^. ersi' Afsociation for 1900 have been elected, al follows: President, James J. McCafferty; VIri President, Herman M. Knop; Recording Seei retaiy, J. F. Fin-nigan; Financial Secretarj" Philip J. Kehl; Treasurer. Edward J. Burt^. in-iptctor, Joseph Friel; Statistician, JohC^ Starke: Inside Sentinel. Railpb V. Ric-bwint'S.^ Outside Sttitinel. Chailes Gtotz: ExecutlVr Beard, Frank Scblmpf. Jcbn'MeAdams, PraiiHI A. Flnnlgan. WUllam B. Morris and AntboSil Kager. -'4? John P. Church, formerly of tbi Nation^ Show Flint, of Chicago, is now Treasury t^. and Reneral Manager of the Standard £0*12 bfiSsing Co.. 234 Dearborn street. Clricag7 ' III. They manufacture an aavertislne wii,'« dow card that is at once handsome an^ striking. It Is a novelty which Is b^und t^ ha^ e a great vogue. An echo of the celebrated Donaldson-Coi iCer ccp> right contiDvetsy Is found in tii following letter from tine metp:>po:is: New^ York. January 13.—^Accuiding to a di ciiion of a jury In the United States Ciici* Court to-day a phutcgiapih or an actress t r.ot such an aitistic production as win brlij ,s it wi.'hin the meanirg and li;.e:K of the c::p:'; light .aw. and a precedent farjs bsen tstablls^ ed. whcch. It is alleged, will put a stop widevpiead abuse of tbe :aw. It is a quei' ticra whether under tMs decision copyright or phfo ographa of actors, actresses, pugillsi and ether celetiritlea In prcfissional p.9 s at of any \alue. i An oisanlzatlcn known as tbe Copyrig- League, through Its counsel, brought si? for damages amounting to $S.00O agaii^ Zueker. Levett & LoA. manufactuiers of( household cleaning ccmpemna tint bas be< extensively advertise. It was alleged that; certain poster, containing tbe figure of a w man In a th-atilcal poi.e. was a ieprcdnctl«f frem. a iriiotograpli of Jfevome EdwardCy, tfce Oaf Ino cjKurils. wUcJi had I>e3n o pyilgti ed by Jaecb &<<Uc«s. tetead of settKng tS matter, as the firm was given an opportuni to do. it. was decided to go to trial and maj It is said tbit heretofore ph::to«raptaers h<4 been able to piacttce a legal'zed blackmail f unsuspecting advertiser;} ard carehes pub If' eT5. It will not ba poeaible to maintain 1 ptactice In the future. The decision ls| i scuid one. Ninety-nine out of every hucdr^ copyright siiHs are eltb.?r wtiolly unjust *• cLtlie'Iy iralicicus. -li Where is He? J. A. Maddox. formerly of Sontb McAIistI | I. T.. now of , has left the IraslneES. » g left town one dark evening and forgot f come back, for which many, of his busing friends and patrons are very sorry, lodeii Mr. Maddox also received some paper fn! the Prickly Ash Bitters Company of St. Law^ bift he unfortunately lost it. and tbe Prieli | Aeb company would like very much to if him. to condole with him. We have recelif a number of letters, requesting Ms pres4' address, but are unable to give it correct!^ If this notice happens to reach the eyes!' Mr. Maddox we hope he will oblige us * dropping us a card. letting us know of whereabouts, so that we shall be able to commodate our many subscribers who about him. 1 The Official Ors[iin? A LOCAL POSTER ON ONE OF S.WITH & WHIRE'S BOARDS, VAN WERT. I ■ \ The official organ, wliicb In reality is \ house organ, of Edward A. Stahlbrodt. HI to refer to "The BHlbaard" as "The QrtAxi, GazHte," because tbis paper bas perforc^ larger eireulattim among tbe "lucky boy! It alTecis witb biniocritlcail disdain to 1^ down on falr-followent And yet there is no greater con. game existence than "The Bill Poster-Display I vertising." Talk about flim-flam and an things! Why. there is not a grafter Hv^ that has Stahlbrodt's effrontery. A grafter always gives bis victim sometbt for Ms money, if it is only a little gamtdi S^hlbrodt does not. Tbat is tbe only dlfl^ ence. A man wbo pays for an ad. In Staf brodt's paper gets notbing at all but—' fingefi