Billboard (Feb 1900)

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Greensboro Letief. NOTES. TIPS. The following is a list of probable l:|pring: distributing advertisers: car.y Abbey EfferveEcent Salt Co.. New Ysrk. S. C. Wells & Co.. 1« Roy, JT. Y. Sterling Remedy Co., Mineral Sptings, Ind. L. EL Pinkbam Med. Co., Lynn, Mass. Dr. Chase Co,, PbiladelpMa. Pa. Chas. F. I>are & Son. Vlneauid, X. J. Peruna Drag Co., CoInmlHis. O. ' • Dr. C. I. Sboop, Racine, Wis. C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. Dr. Miles Med. Co., BIkbart, Ind. Dr. W. S. Burkhart, Cint-innati. O. ■ W. H. Comstock, Morristown. JT. T. Kondon Mfg. Co.» Mtimeapolis. Minn. Merchants' Association. U'U'liamsport. Pa. Kocb Brewing Col. WiUIanuport. Pa. I Roy Med. Institute. Oticaeo. IlL I^anson'B Ready Recovery Co.. Chicago, 111. Mitterman Invention Co., Chicago, III. Washington Med. Institute, Chicago, III. Seabury £ Johnson, Xew York. Chattanooga Med. Co., Chattanooga. Tenn. Boston Med. Institute, CKeago. lU. Van Camp Co.. Indianapolis. Ind. D. Jacques & Co.. Omaha. Xeb. La Harpe Pattern Co.. Grand Rapids; Mich. Pels & Co., Philadelpiltia. Pa. Newbro Ding Co.. Butte, Mont. Brighfs Chemical Co.. LittTe Falls, X. T. Hutton Remedy Co., Buffalo, X. Y. Dr. Radway & Co., New York City. Dr. Bosfnko Co., Fhiladelpbla, Pa. Dr. B. J. Kay. Saratoga Springs, X. Y. Humphreys Med. Co.. New York City. Dr. X. C. Davis, Indianapolis, Ind. ^ant Chemical Co.. Pblladelpli^t, Fa. : The Central Pub. Co... Battle Creelt. Micb. Wl'.son Drug Co., Lexington. Ky. The Spragtie Pub. Co.. Detroit. Midi. Hand Medicine Co.. Pitiladelpbla. Pa.. Seely, Fitch * Co., New TorR City. Dr. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y, Bayer Med. Co.. Toledo, O. A. M. Bininger & Co., Xew York City. Acmie Chemical Co.. New Orleans, l<a. Foster-M>%nni Co.. Bnlblo. X. Y. \ Dr. Kilmer Co., Binghamton, X. Y. X«w Spencer Med. Co,. Caiattanoosa. Tenn. ! Heller-Merz Co.. Xew York City, i R. T. Bocth & Co., Xew York City. ? Tarrant & Co., Xew York City. I Dis. F. E. & J. -A. Greene, Boston, Mass. j I. B. Ford Co.. Wyandotte. Mich. ■ Scbaner & Miller, Ann Hartwr. Mich. \ India Spice & Drug Co.. Marietta, O. t Church & Co.. Xew; Tork Clly. I. C. Hubinger & Co., Keokuk. la. I Central Pub. Co.. Battle Creek. Mich. I Coffee & Splce Co.., Columbus, O. 5 Frank O. Reddish, Le Roy. X. Y. Koenig Medicine Co., Chicago, III. if \% Xovelty Plaster Works, Soutville. Ma=s. A I. P. Urban & Sons. Drugs, AUegiieny, Pa. The Guarantee Medical Co., Hot Springs, rk. Pabft Chemical Co., CUcago. III. Cbnrch & Co., Xew York City. Thatcher Med. Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. S. R. Feil & Co.. Cleveland, O. Beers & Hauk. New York. Duffy Ma:t Whisky Co.. Rochester. X. Y. Potter Drug & Cliemical Co., Boston. Mass. J. W. 'Brant Co., Albion. X\ Y. Kennedy &. Kergan, Detroit, Mich. Akron Cereal Co.. Alcron. O. R. £: G. Corset Co.. Xew York City. Providence Medical Institute. Chicago. John J. Melbourn, Eaton Rapids, Micii. Savannah Letter. ifleitor of "Ttie BilHward:" i& Dear Sir—.\n item w-lricJi may Interest the liiftaveiiDg advertisemfent agents, if no one f f jTse, is Ifte fact ti>at a new ordinance has l>een i ■ faseed the City Dadb x>equiring a license tfe a«mnint of %W from eacb and every ^ leTEVsO' found posting bills, distriiwUng. tack- V.ti Bigna or TOBaged hi tt» usual .^litAMr -petiM* of adrcrtising. The ctoief oT polSs* I BB issued a rigitf ordler that all persons seen : ' oB«lng. distributing, etc.. be promiitly t'^tnight in to vomt unleSB they iboir license Ut certiBcote of employmeot from a person hc'Iding So far. llr. J. E. Campos and niysflt are ihk> or.'ly ones to i)ay tlu> li- cf nse and in view ot Ibe fai-t that in ttiv l>a£t the very lew license and lack of police prctet-tion has raadie this city a reputation for being an) "easy tiii-ng*' for a certain cia£s of advertisers who have educated tbemselves to bt^ieve tiiat it is ttfeaper to have their own man hire a gang of inexperienced "kids" or negro men, who have no reputation's at stake and strew -the c^ty with vaiuatote advertising niartter. than to give the wTsrk to an expe- Tieoiv^d -loeiaX man wlio kn<ows th-e city and has a reputation for doing lionest work at a fair pri<?e, we itav^e prepare-d a sch^ednle ot prices, a system of regulations for transact- ing busincES with; all da^ee of adivertisers and their representatives, which will insure fair anB equitable treatment to all parties'. .A i-areful study of thie situation a'nd a desire to iiannoniize and 'make our business mutually profitable, as well as entirely satisfactory to tlie adTCTtifer, lias prompted us to arrange a plan wh-ich- we httve now in operation, by whicSif it matters net whiich of the firms an advertiser ■visits first, there is but one price quctcid ftr any kind of servic*. and that is made as reosotatole as good service w^ill per- mit ■My rapidly increasing business in contract- ing vrark for tii<a sevemil l>ill posting piants in' whicb 1 am interested and' tbe small-town Ecrvioe tlrrcugJiont tii-a Sotlt^t^ast wiiich is growing into so m'uch favor, recently made it advisable for me to place my distributing and sign-tackinK under management whiich would not require my perronal attention. I liave contracted' witir J. E. Campcs to handle all work, iir tiie distributing a!n<d sign-tacking de- partment, thereby securing a service which we jOiMdy guarantee satisfaictory, or no pay aslred' for the work. A contract just closed makes me the official ad-vertising dis'tributor of the Georgia & Ala- bama Ratlroad for 1900. I place a man on th'S line at once wfao will work, station to station-, SKvtaras^ to Montgctnery and Coiixmbus to Albany, bbndling posting and distributing. Sajvanneb. Oa. CHAS. BBRN*.\iRD. Editor of "Th'e IJiliboard:" De«r ^Ir^IC is- an tfW saying, "Wliat is worth duirrg at all is woKli doing well." I believe iMs to be true in every brajioh' of ii.d'iiatry. I owe wlxat success I have hiad in tii'e ad"iertisiijg buiimess to my careful meth- cfis I adopt'.d' in th? beginning of closely fol- Icwing i..t'iiuetltv.B and seeing tOuit every piiw of mu'tter was put where it would- tell, and work for the interest ot my patron. It lias be«'n som'etli'ing over a year since I t>egan. a distributirrg tnisi'ncEs. 1 luid hardly em- barked in the business liefore I learned from many of fhe advertisers that they had' not bi'en doing any lidiverliiing in this city, on account cf tiie poor service they had gotten' from these to wi»nn Uiey had trusted tiieir business; it seeimed to be hard to convince ■many of them ttat 1 had emtoarked im the busine:^ia with "Good, honest service" my motto. At last I have been successful ini se- curing tire w^ork of some of the largest ad- vertisers in the co'untry. For this I feel flat- tered in to toon' gaining the conifidence of those who had; you mi^t say, been robbed here heretofore. You might as well ss.y rob- bed, llr. Kditor. I consider any man who fails to place every piece of a-dvertising matter £«it 'hSm as per instructions and to the Ijest advaii'tage of hi9 patrcirs, a robber. Just' as well go into bis pocket and take his coini For Ktie matter costs money, and is as same as money to those seoding them. I bave been &o much encourageid and hav« liked tbe ad- vertiMng business so well, 1 decided to build' a bill posting plant, and in this fate has been' with: mei Altbough' I met tbe same <>bstruc- tion as iU' the distributing, I have so far beeu' able to secute work from a number of the bill board' ad'vertisers and Itave assur- ances from a great number that 'when tbey cover this territory they will do business with mie. I hold the fraitchisie for this city iiu the S. E. B. P. .\. and the I. A. ot D., and the influence ot these organizations bas been wortb- mucli- to me, a'nd J siiaM at all times up4;t;Id tSie saying; "Wl>ere there is union, .there is strMgtb." The- South is Uie most prcduciivs field to-day for tbe advertisers aud juet as soon as tXuse wbo bave beretDfore beea abusers of the confidmice beetowedi on tbem b7 tbe uneuspetidiig advertiser, Is rout'- ed out, ar;<d' good, bonest men take thfjr places, just eo soon will the tide turn U> the' SoutbL I am glad' to say- tbe asBociaitian In- fluences are fiast putting tbe disbimest ones' out or business; and: wten this is done, titen it win be that advertising in tbe homes and on the UII boards will be adopted by ail busi- nesB men wbo bave anything to seH, without a fear that they are paying for something they arw met getting. Par£cir me, Mr. Editbr. for taking so much cf your valuable space. WlisUing ali tb'e craft a happy and prosperous Xew Year. I reme£n, yours truly, J. W. GRIFFiTH. Grcen£lx>ro, N. C. It will be noticed that the column of our Dis- tributors* l>epartment, headed -*Who -Tis Items" does not appear this month. This is not because the writer is dead, or evt n sick, but beca use he tecently made an extended combined business and pleasure trip. He was absent from his oHice .so long that on returning he had no time to get out the items This, of course, leaves the department somewhat incomplete, but we beg the indulgence of our friends, and promise fatthtuHy to have Who 'Tis again with us next month. W. E. \<ni9on. of Grove City, Mo., who is emptoyed as an advertising man by the Northwestern Yeaet Compao.y of Chicago, re- cently got Into trouble at Detroit for taek- iiig a tAtsa where it was not wanted'. He placed a cAgn- upon a saloon aird started to walk away. Jut>ilant over the good position secured, when he was bailed by the proprie- tor and commanded to mnove the sign. This be started to do wheo the salooiiist took the hsnmier from him and struck him upon the chin with it. Three stitches wwe required to patch up the laceration which resulted'. Tberre is a lesson to be learned from this short story, and it will be readily seen and under- stood by our readers. The Nitra-Bu FhannaceuUca] Company, Zanesvflle, O., is sampling pbyslclans only. Xitlia-Bu is a diuretic powder used iii> kidney and bladder troubles'. CfaasL B. BsrdweH, druggist, Hoiyoke, Mass., will distribute a fiolder from house to liouse in tbe spring, advertising his root beer. drarges bave been preferred against W. Foster, of Guthrie, OMa., by the Thatcher Medical Company, of C^rattanooga. Tenn. Tbey claim Chat paper was sent bim, which he did not put out. He nevertheless sent in a bUl in full. The Secretary of tbe I. A. of D. re<iuests us to announce tliat Foster's ser- vices are no longer guaranteed by tbe asso- ciation. If the claim of tbe Tbatoher Med- ical Company is. upon investigation, found to he Just, tbe I. A. o< D. will make good all looses suffered by that company. Geo. Kellermanu, manager ot Qie Edwards vllle Adver^sing Company, writes that on ac- count oC other bustneas be Is compelled to discoDtln'ue the work at diitributing. He holds the I. A. ot D. franchise for Edwards- viUe, III. The MarAall Mediciire Oompariy. 417 B. I8th St.. Kansas City. Mo., has ordered 2,600,- 000 each of their books advertising Hepatl- cure, in English and German. Ttte printer cummenre delivery Feb. 1. AH communica'> tions should be addressed to the llim. The Fiscber Disrtributing Agency, of which Mr. G. E.; Fischer is manager, received a fine rxrtice in tbe Decea>ber numljer of the Omalru Druggist Quite a long list of the agency's regular cuetomers was given. The notice, together with a Imlf-tooe portrait of Mr. Fischer, filled tnlf a page. Dr. T. B. Smith, Cyntfalana, Ky.. Is writ- ing to distributors, a«kinir nites on a circu- lar. Berctielm Bros., of Louisville, Ky., are ad- vertising their famous E. L. Harper Whis- ky with one of the finest booklets ever is- sued. Street & Smitii's Traveier 'was In Omaiia about the first ot tbe year and endeavored to have his work dorte by rdiable men, and' of- fered $1.25 per ttmusand tor the work. Need- less to say that tlie proposMon was declined. The work was tbei; given tn ooe Ostvome, who hired boys to do the work. Tliey of course knew noilhing aixnit tbe ri^t way to distrib- ute and cared lees, so tbey simply scattered thu matter around. E. O. Burroughs, of Newark, C, wNI in all piotmbllity leave there in the spring to open a bill posting and distributing sgeney In an- other town. H. J. Liadeaomtb. Readlat. Pa. H. J. Lindenmuth.' whose portrait we are presenting In this issue. Is an enthusiast over the I. A. of D.. the good It has done him, and Uhe prirKriplee of tbe aseoclation. His home is at Reading, Fa-, where he con- ducts a distributing agency, tn ttie right way. He Is a most genial fellow, and has a host of friends among his fellow-distribut- ors. He was in attendance at the I. A. Lf D. convention at OincinmttI last July and contributed a big share ot life and' jollity to the occasion. Mr. Llndentnuth is by nn means a boy, yet, ae he Ibtmself teHs, bo is rather large for his age. H. J. LINBEN.UUTH. Readleg. Pa. Not a Fake, but Near It. Some time since we peoeived a letter from one of our readers wbo is a distributor. He inclosed a circular from tbe Roose Advertis- ing Company, of Coryd<m, Ir»l., with the words "Another Fake Concern" written in lead irenoil across Us taoe. On examination, wc find that the scheme Is not a fake In the sense that tbey are trying to obtain money without giving anything in return. Never- iheletm, the circular is tneerK to cwtcii men who are on' tlie loolraut for something easy. Tbe scbcnro U as follows: Tbe appUcairt Dili out a blank, agi^ng to liB'Ddle all business intrusted to him in a prompt and satisfactory manner and Inciosing I2.G0, sends It to the company, for which he receives a paper called "Distributors' Guide" once a month for a yenr. Also, meml>ersblp in the company, be to give the company 10 per cent on all work tbey get irlm. It Is not a case of getting noth- ing for your money, for you get the "Guide" aiul In additlmi in that you get tbe "Hooks."