Billboard (Feb 1900)

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BILLBOARD. rcditnr of "The BllJbcaid:" Dear Sir—As the Gaveinor or N'ort<h Caro- lina 8aid to the Qovernor ot South Caro- lina, "It's a long time between drinks." and in our (.-age It's a long time between letters. Itut—and of course there Is a but—1 have been as busy as rhe proverlrial bee all season and Ill-sides had nothing to write about that rould inteieft your rieaders. However, tlila la a flttlng time, I bel'.eve, to nmke a retume of the year's business and to wish you and my Brother Knltrhts of the liruih and Bucket a bappy and prosperous New Year. 1 used to watch the circus bill posters at work, never thlnkine that I should one day be nuDil>ered among Vhe greatest promoters of puKIclty the civilized world has e\ei seen. However, here we are. and we are doing our best, as the following list of paper pasted and samples distributed will show. Posted: Singer Sewing Hachlne, 200 sheets; 100 sheets Gi:t Bdge Soap. 200 sheets Koyal Crown Soap. sheets Griffiths' Liniment, 100 eight-sheets W^eon & Risciv Piano, ICO ones and 5 twenty- sheets Sterling Remedy Co., 280 sheets Handes Cigarettes, 20 tour-etieets Big Wheel Lem- onade, 100 sheets Gorona Tea, 100 sheets Rob- ertson Pure Paints, 100 .sheets Mendelssohn Piano, 100 sheets Autliors & Cox, 100 sheetit Gendron Bicycles, 200 stands and 900 snipes Perry Davis & Co,. 100 tbree-shsets Karn Piano, 1,00) sheets Walter L. Main Shows. In add!ticn to this, we tiave pceted to date about 3,000 sheets for local people. We bave distributed for Abbey Effervescent Salt Co., S. C. We:iB & Co.. Perry Davis & Co., Sterling Remedy Co., besides being kept constantly on the go wltb local work. Our advertising and distributing wagcn. which we sent around to the local fairs this fall, made quite a hit. From this we distrib- uted medicine samples for several firms. We have' in the past season increased our p'.ant to a considerable extent, ana have added a good bulletin system witb a first-class sign painter in charge. We iMve tbe only doub'.e- dockers in this part of the country, and are using the upper part for bulletin boards. In a recent issue at your paper I noticed an allusion to bill posting on ihta coast by Mr. Ware, of Montreal. W%ile I am always pleased to be noticed by members of the fraternity, at the same time I trust Brotber Ware will excuse me for correcting one or two serious mistakes wbtch he made in regard to ua. He stated that it does not cost as much to post paper here as it does in tbe United .'Elates. Now, I have been told by trill posters and commercial men that paper is pasted et 3 cents per sheet for thirty days duwing in nvarly all the large cities In the States, while here on the Pacific Coast the regular price is 7 cents, and I am happy to say timt only In very few instances has the price l>een cut. lirother Ware gave the impression that our firm has the monopoly of British Columbia, but this Is not the case, and the honors are divided about equally l>etween my compan>' and our oppoEitlon. and I think It wouM be difficult to Hnd a section where rival Arms have such good feeling and work together (or mutual protection as in British Coluntbio. -Vow. 'Mr. E»Jtor, I think I only echo the !«-niiments of every bill poster wlien I wish you a prosperous New Year, and to my brother bill posters I wish to return my thanks for their kindness, and I shall be fiieased to receive and will promptly answer letters from any of them. Very truly yours, A. F. MORRIS. Manager Paciflc Bill Porting Co. Vancouver. B. C. Editor of "The Bil»oard: ' Hear Sii^Aithough you have not heard from me during the year. I would have you know that I appreciate your paper very much and receive much pleasure and boneflt fiom l»-ru8lng lu pages and 1 wish It every suc- ce.*?.«i. The following is a list of work I have done In 1899, and you will notlci) tliat I have been busy: but trust to do more this year, I distributed 100,000 lx»ks for U K. Pink- ham Med. Co., BS,0CO l>r. Ohase Co.. 39,200 Chaa, F. Oare & Son (local), 18,100 W. K. Hanson Co., 16,000 Peruna Drug Co., IS.700 Koaler-MIIburn Co., 8,600 Dr. C. I. Shoop, ■i.ioo c. 1. Hood & Co., 1,000 Warner Safe Cure Co., 4,000 Dr, Miles .Med, Co., l.COO Dr, W. S. Hurkhart, 1.000 Sovereign Rem. Co., making n total of 2S9,T0O books put out In the year. In Sign-tacking department wo tacked up isi signs for Japanese Pile Cure Co,, B.tOO £lgns for Chas. F. Dare ft Son. Wishing you tbe best of success, I am, very truly yours, Vineland, N. J. C. A. MiBNDUM. Editor of "The Billboard:" ~ Dear Sir—In looking over your ever-wel- comc paper in the last year, I find vei^ few letters from the larger cities. Perhaps the members of the I. A. of I), have too much business on hand to find time to write, I al- ways read and enjoy all letteis, for they keep me posted as to what ti>e advertlceis are do- ing. In the last three months I have distributed SO.tOO books for Lydia E. PInkbam Med. Co., £0,0.0 samples Or. Burkhart, 50,000 l>ooks Pe- runa Drug Co.; also, delivered 90 window cards for this firm: CO.OflO almapacs for W. H. Comstock. lO.OCO samples Koiidon Mfg. Co., and have another shipment of 30,000 l)ooks for the Peruna Med. Co. The work for Dr. Miles, Dr. Chase and Dodds Med. Co. was very well done this fall. KOEter-Milburn Co. had very poor service. Dr. Shoop received a poor service, but I am eatUfied, if he is. You can not expect per- fection at fl.S per thousand. C: I. Hood & C5o. have employed the same distributor here for years, a man who uses old methods and will not learn new ones. He claims to have started all the other distributors in Milwau- kee since the year 1. Druggisits tell me they bave very little demand for Hoods reme- dies, but the pecple keep on S3nding the pa- per and put out more advertising in a year In our city than any other two firms. Ix>ng live the I. A. of D. It Is the real thing. I am tired of hearing the boys adver- tise the new cmnbination. I. O. A., and calling pet names to the Honorable Mr. Runey. of Waukegm, peace to his ashes. Ring cfT, toys, there is nothing in it. No mortal can get away with a distributor or bill poiter when it comes to roasting. W'ishins you a happy and prosperous year, 1 .remain., yours re- speeUuIIy. WALTBS D. DIXOX. Milwaukee. Wis. Editor of "The Billboard:" Dear Sir—Business still at the top notch. Working from early morning until late at night. My four men who look after the dis- tributing here and over my circuit at Lock Haven. Jersey Shore. Milton. Danville, and Lewisburg are kept on the bustle by the best firms of the country and also by local firms in Dho different towns of my route. Not a week passes but what th^e entire cir- cuit is coverefl by some Arm. In the month which has just passed we have distributed work for the Dr. Green Co.. ot Boston. 12.000 books. Posted 2.000 one-sheets and distrib- uted 50.0C0 papers for the Merchants' Associa- tion of this city, for- whicb I do all work. Posted and distributed matter for A*e Hart, ciotbier: Irvin. the shoe man: the Y. M. C. A., the Muscatine Oat Meal Co. Posted a large amount of paper for the Continental Tobacco Co.. Sen-Sen Co.. Pettijohn and Ohio Gum Co. Covered entire circuit for .\mger Chemicai Co.. of Boston. Mass. Put out 6,0*0 books for Coe-Roborant Co.. New York. .\lso put a book in every liouse for Vinal Co.. and hung .SOO calendars for the KocQi Brewing Co., of this city. We are now at work on a line book fur Dr. Shoop. pasting for Quaker Oats and several others. Very truly yours. 'Willlamsport. Pa. GEO. H. BUBB. Editor of "The Billboard:" Dear Sii^ln the year 1S99 we distributed SXW.COO pieces, and the prospect for the pres- ent year was never brighter. We now have Wizard Oil, Royal Med. institute, Chicago, ill.: Hansons Ready Recovery Co., of Chi- cago; Harvard Med. Institute, Chicago .111.; MItterman Invention Co.. Chicago; Washing- ton Med. Institute. Chicago. 111., ready for this month, and which will be distributed just as fast as roads permit. We are having tw.?. new wagons built, and our old ones repa'red. so that when the spiing woiK comes we will be prepared to meet it. Very truly yours. Normal. III. DILLON ft KOGLE. Editor of "The Billboard:" Dear Sir—I have been greatly favored dur- ing the year thnt has Just passed in reieiv- Ing orders . I liave billed Montreal and vi- cinity si'vetnl times durini? the year for the foliowlng firms: Kerry Watson Co.. w-holesalo manufacturing druggists of .Montreal: John Murphy Co. (local): Dr. Moiine Co- Quebec. P. Q.: Hire's Root Beer. Philadelpihia, Pa. Also, Dodds Medicine Co., Toronto, Ont., be- sides several smaller firms-of this city. 1 attribute my success to my advertisement In "The nillboard." and I can only wish you great success during the year 1900. as well as Id future years. I assure you tbat I shall at &U times do everythlne in my i)0«et tb aid "The Billbaard." I appreciate the paper very much and' look for Its arrival from month to motitk and fee! lost if I do not re- ceive it on the 1st. Again wishing you the best of success,. 1 am, yours truly, Montreal, Can. C. J.iTHOMAS. Editor of "The Billbsaid:" Dear Sir^My business has steadily increas- ed in the past year, and if it continues dur- ing the present year I shall in the ranks with the big boys. I have three contracts on hand at present and have four on the road, all ot which will be put out as their turn comes. My motto is: Do all that you promise ana what you do, do rigbt. I am constantly add- ing new advertisers to my list, besides retain- ing old ones. KespecUulIy your«. Shreveport, La. ED. SEAMAN. Editor of VThe Billboard:" Dear Sir—As It bas. been some time sincS I have read a report from this section': of the Sta'te. I submit mine herewith. Posted paper tor Ruble-Kreyer Theater Co., Haytcs* Com- edy Co.. Mahar's Minstrels. Faust Co., Uncle Josh Spruceby Co., Plllsbury Milling Co., Prickly Ash Bitters Co.. Dr. Pepper's Cigars, Muscatine Oat Meal Co., A. K. Hawks. Distributed 2,0C0 circular for Hawks, 1.300 booklets Dr. Shoop. 1,500 samples for Dr. W'. S. Burkhart. Wishing you and my brother bill iK>steis and distributors a. prosperous year, I am, yours truly, , HIR-^M H. THOMAS. : Brown wood, Tesas. Editor of "The BiUboaird:" Dear Sir—At presem. I am distiibuting I>cok3 for Seabury ft Johnson, of New Y'ork. Am expecting SO.COO books for tnstributlon from the Lydia E, Finkham Med. Co., Lynn, Mass. This will be the second distribution in four months for (his firm. I completed distiibu- tion in four months for this firm. I completed distribution for Obattanoi^a Med. Co. and bare closed: contracts with several firms for spring work. Very truly yoiirs. Baltimore. Md. JOHN H. JONES. Editor of "The Billboard:" Dear Sir—I have not written you for some time, but I have been ill. I am improving now. although I am compelled to use crutches. It has been rather hard work to watch my men, as I could scarcely walk. I am getting my share of the work; have put out the fol- lowing: Boston Med. Institute. Chicago. 111.. 20.C.0,1: L. E. Finkham Med. Co., Lynn, Mass.. iT.aoO; Perun Drug Co., Columbus, O., 12.000; Van Camp Co., Indianapolis. Ind., 6,000, and have just; received bills- of lading from Pe- runa Drug Clo. for another 12.000. 1 have several new contracts for tlhls season aiid ex- pect more, as I am going to uniform after March 1. Whenever I get discouraged I take "The Billbcard" and study the reports of distrib- utors and I am soon all right. I could not spare my "Billboard" for twice its cost- Wishing "The Billboard"' and the members of the I. -\. of D. tbe best of success. I am. youis for business, ARTHCR LEON.ARD. Dubuque. la. Editor ot "The Billboard:" Dear Sir—At different times I have noticed complaints from small bill pasters .who claim they are not getting as'much work as they should. It is my opinltm that - this Is. caused by the Tobacco and other Arms sending out agents to tack up muslin banners and signs which hurts the bill poster and firms as well. These agents get tbe work wMch s>hould be given to the bill posters. These signs should not be permitted in any town unless the firm placing th«m can give a good reason for doing so. I should like to bear from bill posters regarding this mat- ter. Y'ours truly. 's'RED. STDA'RT. Kalkaska. Mich. Editor of "The Billboard:" Dear Sir—Once more we will try to chron- icle some of the doings in tbe "Gateway of the West." While in South Omaha in De- cember we noticed that Morse's almanacs were l>eing distributed by little Imys. who had evidently had experience in "throwing pa- pers." as the almanacs were twisted up in a tight roll and thTown on the porches-. In ao case where we examined the rolled almanacs did. we-And a perfect It w;as a-clear waste of advertising matter. The distribu- tion bore the Imprint or a local druggist. When will firms realfase that cheap work Is always the dearest? Dodds almanacs was another disgraceful ex- hibition of a waste of advertising matter—two to n house, banded out to children on the streets, fifteen to a vacant bouse, eighteen thrown upon' tiie lawn ot Trinity Cathedral. Xot tbe sHgKte6t 'inspetttioa ot the work. T ' Dodd Medicine Co. ot Buffalo. N. Y., will | well to pay a fair price and have Il»elr wo^ honestly done in the future. We are not believers in cheap work n" in poor work, and it would give us mc^ pleasure to praise than to censure, but whi> firms continue to oppress and demand perfe. work and give out the work to irresponsii!! men, who only care to get rid of their lo ot booklets, we have no sympathy for su, firms. Shoop, of Racine. Wis., has not yet secur' a man to accept his magnificent otter of (, teen cents per hundred and absolute perfe^ tion in his distribution. C. I. Hood & C had another lot of advertising matter left' take care of itself in a South Omaha store ^ a month, until the fact was reported to t^ firm, when the man told thj druggist that ^ had been sick for three weeks, w-ihile t fact lE, he was seen distributing in Omtij during the time he claims he was (K>nfined } the house by illness. The leading firms who have distributed ^ Omaha so far this seasou arc the Lydia Pinlcham Med. Co . Pciuna Diug Co. and » jac.,ueB & Co.. and judging frcm toe repo- of the W'holesae and retail druggists, the dl tributlons must have been good. Our agen has twen offered a weekly distribution on^ six months' contract by a local druggist. ■ The Chattanooga Med. Co. did not mai; their annual distribution of Bir.-bday alms' acs this year; their heavy loss last year l* made them dread another experience with t- same distributor. Tbe J. B. Kay Co. hSr their own distiibutor. and he claims to ha. 60.CC0 i>ooks on hand, but Ire has not as j visited Omaha or South Omaha on his fi; distribution, although the books have be In his hands over tvro months. We have been told tbat we are too sev^ In our criticisms on distributing, but t fact is. we do not censure the distributor - much as we do the firm makin-g rhe Gist; bution. Having cairicd a bag for over eig years ouiselves. we know what such wOj is worth- and how It should be done. A fi: that will beat down'the price until an h<; est distributor can not hand out enou, books or samples to pay his men their wat does iiot deserve aympattay from us or the ca-l druggists. A fair price lor honest woi' gentlemen; will be to your credit and inti **ia:mer, of Swamp Root fame, and Ho« of Lowe'.I. are wilting the diugglsta. reque; Ing them to Inspect the distributing of th- matter and report to those nrms. Swaij Root books were so well diairlnuted that ve; few druggists outside of the bilsiness cent of the city were avrare of the distributif Tours, etc.. AJAX Omaha, Neb. Editor of "The BHlboard:" Dear Sir—I have just sent a money ore to toie Secretary of the I. A. of D. for dues from Jaiiuary 1, 1900, to January I 19f'l. I have been a menAer of thSs associati for about one- year and can say that r money I have paid to tbe association V be«n one of the best investments I ha ever made. With: best wl"he* to "The BM board" and all the members of our assoc- tion, I remain, youis Iratetnally. CHARLES A. CHAPMANi St. JOhnabury. Vt. i Editor ot "The Billboard:" j Dear Sir—I iNitice in your last montnJ pap%r a letter from Newark by E. O. Bi'i roughs, stattng^ Utet the C. I. Hoed Co. bj received a poor distribtrtlon here by a c.-»j pie. Now. this is an ontioge. as Mr. Nl^j ols. the party referred to as a cripple. I a very conscientious gentleman, and a d-^ tributor of sterHng worth. I know frtl perEonal observation that he places his tributing matter iiislde the houses wfaeneti it is posrfble. '] Burroughs came to Mr. Nicbo's after .i (-Nichols) had secured tbe work and want! to assist in the distributing, and upon i{ fusal. BurroughB attempts to play even '| giving h-;m the worst of it in his letter, i have no doubt but what the C. I. Hood (A are well satisfied witih Mr. Nlehols' work.. I make this assertion in justice to s\ Niehols. I am In tlie bill posting busint.l here and have a good opportunity to e' lou a.\vi{ X Saiisnij, -^joa pooa saop oi. taleen too muctr fo your valuable spaceJ am. yours respectfully, Newark. O. W. W. RUGS Editor of "The Billboard:" S Dear Slr^Enelosed find money order ; renew mv subscription for 1900. I like "Tj Billlioard" too well to be without it. I ha, had a very busy season in the year that just passed. Am cotrstantly adding nj names of new firms to my Krt. l\ I suppose the secret of my suce-ee: is tV I oversee all work and follow fiit In'*-!,"] time to the letter. I have a yearly contr^ with Dr. Miles, Peru-na. Dr. Burkhart, Chtl tancoKa 'Med. Co.. l>€€ides a . i smaller firms- I have plenty of work ji ii-and and am expecting shipments at a'^ dav. I The T. A. ot D. and Pe'sters Registrv £ the only associations tihat I want. Wis'if "The Billboard" and Use merobeis of the; A. of D. a prosperous y««"-. r ^-•« tr<ily. E. D. MOOflEt Saginaw, Mich. ' Editor of "Tke Billl>~>-H-" Dear Sir—Havie not done mucb posting distributing as yet. 1 now ba'^e it hoards the followln" p'ner: .to oi»hie( sheets Senator General Five-Cent Cigar. ! t'-«i^'hpe»rs and 5 sev*»n-sh«efs Katv Fly ' ■Am exoectlng paper daily from the Star 1 bacco On. I think "T<h«> Billboard" a gn , paper..' Yours respeetfullr, E. K. CRAWLEY' South McAleeter. Ind. Ter. •