Billboard advertising (Aug 1905)

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47 II mm Egyptia»Sphinx Vi THE SERENADE larLaiattGlRlriKhMSatjict. "THE SERENADE," is the hmt of Animated Plioiographj. It is a"chase" picture and "The Cliase of all Chases." In 12 I^engtln SOO Feet. Priee $60. &£2S) -The GraatMt Creation of Senmatloiial Motion Pletur* Phetotnphy.' THE HOLD-UF* OK THE LEAOVILLE STAGE JL WOnderfaHy rotltoUC series of scenes and incidents actually made la Colorado* and following with exce^rdlogiy fine accuracy tbe true events tbat m ade Colo ra do ~ Send for Illustrated Clroulair. ——^ — STILL A HEADLINER., 1«A< H. H. BUeKWAkTBM. ■V ■LOODHOUNDS or A LYNCHING AT CKOW CBBBK.I XHE OSfOM IN THE Lonsth. 480 Foot. Prioe. •54.00. ' Lonxth. SSO Foot. SEND FOR. COMPLETE CATALOGUE AND CIRCULAR, or.FILMS. PriM. «4SX(j». ONCOBPORiLTBD) 4S Pedc Gew|» CBKMOw lU^ Geo. Melies ''Star' NKW YORK'S 8UMMBII SmSATION At Klaw fk Erfantor's Aerial Oardoim. An Adventurous Automobila Trip k FARCE COMEDY INOMOVINe PICTURES. LtBgth 660 ft., PriQt $100. Ask for our lllutrattd Sapp't lto.29i New York Branch 204^ East 38th St. GASTON MELIES. General Manager, Selling Agents: KLEINE OPTICAL CO., No. 52 State St., Clilcage.. GRAND OPERA HOUSE T. K. ALBAUOH, iManas»r. VOUMOeTOWM, OHIO WM IpMi I MSil CUSS VAUMEVILLE THEATIE, Mniq $i|t. 4. Booking Exohwhraly Through the B. F. RoHh Oflleas. \il/AM I irn—ForopenliisaadUUrdatM,lln»«lMa Tmudevlll* perfonncra In all I 2!!J£s£S L^(r.Jf*lo>v^ coamnlMa bmktottojDBqtButorWMt. Aiiitm^t ■ODOIKMI,KiMa-fcaofMaKOHiw^ m.Immmllannm^lSimitmr —«Ml* lUiII. iCwr of til* pro. 'Acme COAST AMUSEMENT COMPANYi •UIXIVAN* OOliSIDINC, WANTED Wort AT »TT. TUGS, FIRST-CLASS ACTS OF AIJ. KINDS ~ tbat c«n dellTer the Bo^>tl9. mmm * •r So. Ciarfc St. CHICAQO. AMWE ICVY, niM. WIAY, III Eddy St„ 219 Donny Bld«.. SAN nUMMHO, CAL SEATTLE. WASH. RIUing*s Hotel, St. I^ouis, IVfo. NOTICE! THE PROFESSION Wlien in St. Louis, stop at Billing's, opp. Standard Theatre, in the heart of the theatre district. Bates rCMOnable. Restaurant attaclied. All newly fur- nished and every conveniencp. SEVENTH AND WALNUT STREETS. PRINTINC CO. MBMSBM CHICAGO " " C0NTBACT5. TICI\CT EMVELOPEg ETC ETC fare a*w«AJ MOVING PICTURE AND SONG SLIDE 1 THE BEST WEEKLY SERVICE. Chicago Film Exohango 133 S. Clark St., • CHICAGO. ILL F I Li IWf S f Second Hand FMnw. Ciieap, Wrtte tor Ut» aa* Meaa. PETER ■ACMUUJIK 786 MlBslon St., SawFtaiilauu. Col. .nwVlNe PICTCRK niAVHIHBS. Film, ud ueaiMrtn, cAmaru. leiiM*. Mac iIMm. Dew ud leoOBd band, bongbt, lold ana aobaiisM. Sxpenmscliaaleal rapalrlnc apacial «Hd« made: movlu plctnna takan to order; porforatlns. devel- opl&s and film prlBttac for tba tiada. Ozxii ax- Amibioah CnranAToeBApa A Fiui Co., Elrarbardt Scbnetder. Mm-., in. B. IMb St-. K»w Torle. OOLOREO OELATINES. I0IS4 tnebaa. all eoloia. IB etnts par ttaat. Wooden (raiae to hold earn*. SB c«nta aztra. fc. Iffy*"" «».. Trftia Bldfe. Oleaf. BL CHICAGO FILM EXCHAMBEy 'y CONXR/kCTORo Managers' and Actors' Representative. JAY L. PACKARD, Tours Directed NOW ORGANIZING SUMMER SXOCKS. WANTEDa People in aU Row booklBS fbr Parka. Falia; and CainlTal^- Fear Doop the Low. DIavoIoi PiadlgioaaRMaMNLUW Cha Marrel": Santos, the Demon^^MK ttooOaglha C Lines to Book. Aets; The Orlclnaa T^bM^m OwJlaas **iflfiaiiM^- akA ateapof: TliipHM 4m-m of 28 feet into I 0il| the BEST Sketches^ Songs^ Comedies^ aadaVMydflierlptKnotUlwttlealworK WBITTSN Tu OBDKB. Mooomcum aad PuedMaaH —-^^ - -— oil^al fa»»li*ad Bafaraaeaa l>» the boadna. ■MMM, hat «alr wrIiaaahlKlMatciMetoaTdaraw BOB WATT. 806 Wllnt Strait. Phlladelohia. Pa. WE WANT YOUi ITyon bave a Good Ont-Door Act. We c«a nee (be beet at all tttsea. Good Sensatlonca Acta Alwnya In Demnad. B. J. Preteett Booklne Agency, Z16-17 Ijpltr Exstasfi. Msstsitlhi Miss. MILES BERRY STOCK CO. :iN m THE BEST SXOCK COMPANY FmMcd to the AwTleaaPaMiefor Itaappnrallayean. FAIR DATES SOUCITEO. Uaaacaia aand open tiaie. Pleaaed to bear from Good Be- pertolre People. See Ronte. MILES BEBHY. Mgr.