Billboard advertising (Aug 1905)

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4& r Ttie Billboard t^iait % d GBin Mar ft . fjlp and Projecting Kinetoscopes > t;1^rFIRST IN THE FIELD Blisso-Japanesfr' Poace Goitfm ""'^"Irin^'ffjfiff- PORTSMOUTH, M. H. VASQUEJAR. IfNCrm; SOOft. ^- -5 —-BM»I«B En»OT»<lep«tInBJH>mthefoof of art StneCEut Rlxer, l%Ior.Ont>rJtar.IMCblud. Baron Komnnand XlnliterTak&hmof th«JuaaesepartT. and Bgyc«Ra««n of ag g oMla n jarty.arg'all raadlly Kcig gn l ' *"!- H» next icmio'^liowa tbe-Eii' TarJ a iiJlialM ■■inalm il aifaHt-l Mmi ' til ttin rtlltHtlllllllKl 4MMt'»^ Birthday Party TOOtt. Coney Island afel DrlUvand Exaroisea; School Ship ' ' , The Whole' r ^^t. Mary's SSSft.' ~ Damm Dos ^Sll2,2^,^?J2*Si-*'" *"^ 7K» Th« Bur«lar'a Slide fbr Life •jKmS^^^tSISS? ' " saS^ O^* aiSd Old Sc. Trolls, iSSSynmJltogS^" •i>^ai;ltend; ^How Jo«» M»t His Roll. ;Cc«»y Islam! SOOft' On A Good Old Sc. Trolley Ride. A«esl CLASS. Bk'HM^FgST FEATURE SUBJECT45.- HOW JONES SAW THK ma'WaSHIllO DAT. SSSft. COOK ASO CHIMXEY IKC Krae OF.DOIXAB8, ■.Wi^r SOOft. 265ft: S4Sfti 57Sft. 4ISft; tsMt.. wgmHO" THK OCSBT FATOBOK • UMWU U WAM POUCtWAW. . ^'.-v.-'-. ■UBHEB OP THE ZOO.ICo. I, ■■- mft.' THE ABKUSS MAX BIBHOP- AM) BURQLAK - . . ■. «7Mt. agB<y UtST-B lCYCt.E LEBgOH; - - B OCBre mc BPBCJ.ABT. - - .r.. - mrt. that awfxti. donkey, BATP BDAT B WAQE8. ...... nut. TOO KUCH POS DAD, . - . ■-- 'sen. CABOS AKD CSDI£,' - . i. , «v, - - - SKft. TRACnOS ENODfE, --' -i-,,.: -'jfe - . -...vmt%. STOLSirpio, - .' BUA18 ICAIIOEimERIItO, • fML 80LI>JK9 KOM/LNCE, • . t SKID FOB I.ATQT CATAIOaS-AIfD nJORRATED CfBCUI-ABS. NBCKLACE, K ACBtTO R BED, xoi^px> LGftl^ON MANUFACT^RlNe OO^, OFriOK FUlt UaiTKb KINODOM: B n.KMKKNWwi.T. KOAI>, LOSDOS, E. C, EKOIiAXD. SELLING AGENTS: S?^n¥^"^°,?.?A??=,~ ■ il E. fist St.. New York 78a Mlislfm SL, San Frajiclsco, C»L WE WANT SHOWS . „ r ■ AMUSEMENTS, FREAKS, AND aOOD FAKIRS. ■ Erery indorement offered. 700,000 poDalatlon to draw from. Tbe \Ag ■ BRISTOI. eOUNTT FAIR. SEPT. 4-S«, TAUNTON,.! ■ CP~a«tiMxttoHil]tBYOASLOW*«' k MILES AND MILES OF afi£rc in^cictiistaiit lise by Progre8aiv«^-• Ptoyides CVnuftantly .jC^nging 1-5 ^ from afraiakfeirs/We^play for putii^^^ • «■. .... , . .• yiLESILB6., 10 E.:i4tl St. HnYorkCiti. MILES \. Sai FraKisco^. - fcailhinii. i Vaudeville Acts [ WANTED Star Tbeatire, Miincle, Indiana, ireopens for next^aea^ flW week of Sepu 4; aU time .open. Want to bear. ^ 'bom tlie beet in ■ Vaodeirllle.- Iwdnding animal acts. Tho6e harinff wiittoi me'last month -write again:^;.!^:: RUSSEli H. OSOOONY, Slw TkMtra, Huoia, liii:'^ MONEY GETTERS I I Money Getters! Money Getters! SELl lOE CREAM CRISP CONES. Best Va omg . Maker U World's Fair. The lee CrcHUB-Come proposition is IT. Get la Uiie: seize the oppoRnnlty: thousands of dollars can be made at Besorts, Beaches. Parks. Carnivals. Circuses. Baseball Games. County and Street Fairs, by privllese men everywhere. No expensive eQUlpment; make the price Ol four outQt in a few hoars. Oar New AjnerlcaaOveD revolutionises the art. It Is x>ortable. simple, cheap: and by far the best oven on tbe market. We are sblDPlnz them everywhere. What yon want Is sometblcz to do the work: we have It; you can't make a mistake by ordering irom ns. Don't delay, for you are losln« money. Secret Formula, Blolds, etc., fomlshed with each order. Get ready for tbeFaU Fairs and Circus Day. UOHTBar AND MOST COHVACT OVBN IMANUFil SinsI* Oven. weWrt 2S lbs. WWi Burner. 38 Ita. Double " SO lbs ** 60 lbs. Triple 75 »■ " 90UM. Can be carried as ba^a?e or in a trank. Nothinir like it on the martlet. WRITE FOR PARTICULARS. W* anarantee' WeliaTaiibc Ovens tn oneratloa at White Cltj. Chlauco'i' 'TlteXlttle KoDod Oven, do the wiirk. •tooBtro BaUej- aar. room, and c*n be used with any f ueL" i. B. Oitaiai, of GllaonClty, HL, lays: 11 aaally' elear op a eowlc oC tbOMa— aiTBls,FlcniS^iiiaa iiniiMTfii l»i .(kUFWn.' mlllfon dollaratounetnenC.park, ADd Concc- That iM what we want. They take up less Ice Cream Cone Cooking Ovehis, EMERY & TARBELL FOUNDRY CO., 133 Stiith Water St., CHICABO, ILL Itloa fkjk. Coo Icannot say t<io much Inpmlse of your ut "u« tbi. Hummer. weafv'ifellM|pSaoC oC^alowlns letters ftom petvf leg* MS Mr. JUIla. at . noihiactaiti tke oatapiiiMtaMS It LalM. Pa..wbotaaa boaffbtSSot our O.eaM, aajai ' ailaroaDdall olhwi.asd 1 ksv* i ~ ~ raariartkaaaoy othari ^'—~ iiiani"T«HrIJ«M»l I I