Billboard (Oct 1910)

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28 T »i» c B i 11 b o o r dl OCTOBER 22, 1910; brings back with him the hosband. With the help oC the police the n-oman fs extricated frtHn the cellar. BALES COMEUrZ'. TANKEB. THE COPPEB AND THE CROOK (Drama; released October 17; length, • feet).— John Walsh was born and raised lu the low- er East Side la New York. He secures an appointment to the po- Uce force. Skitiny Ijeacb. another type of the East Side, such as fill tbe -police court and jails, baa caused the new officer ceaseless tronble. His last crime broDgbt him five years in tbe "pen," and when he u released it is Captain Walsb wlio leads a lidplne liand to the esHionTlet, dis- playing an affecting East Side evidence 6f sood will. THE CAT CASH: BACK (Cbmedy; released October 17; lengtli, feet).—Sirs. Brown's .entire lioaseliold and her neighbors are in a state of excitement OTer the mysterious disap- pearance of Mrs. Brown's Taloable Jeweled bracelet.. A dlUgeht search Is immediately in- stitated. After some oQ the part of amatenr detectives, the bracelet is found securely fastened around the cat's heck, jnst where Baby Brown had placed it. And the foUy of It all was that Mrs. Brown had made an nnsuccessfnl attempt to rid the honsebold of : the feline. >'ow tbat tbat cat came back and broagbt with It the missing Jewel. Mrs. Brown Is happy. THANHOtfSEE. OH, WHAT A KNIGHT. (Comedy; released October IS: length, 1,000 feet).— Tbe course of true love runs too smooth to snit May- Brandon when, after a commonplace engagement, she Is alK>ut to be the bride at a commonplace wedding. She dreams tbat she is the daugh- ter of a feudal lord of the long ago, and tbat her father frowns upon her match with an ad- venturous knight. In order to marry whom she leaves her castle via a rope ladder. She awak- ens and makes her fiance play "knight" with surprising results. THEIR CHILD (Drama; released Oct. 21. length. 1,000 feet).—Wife mins husband tlirough her extravagance, and then Ijorrows money for the family's use from a gentleman friend. I.eamlng the sonrce of the snpi^, the huslmnd In a at of jealousy leaves her, taklntr tbeir child with him. Aggrleved.-lhe wife, contem- plates going off with - her gentleman ftiend, when the diild, who has eluded bis fatlter, ap- pears and causes ber to clunge her views. The closing scenes: sfaow the reconciliatiott of. ims- band and wife, wtth tlie Child acting, as media- tor. ■ ■ BISON. • A- COWBOrS DABIX6 BEStnTE (Drama; released Octolier 11: length, —— feet). ■ — Hartley is piled with liquor by Bosco, tlie card sharp, but is saved from lieing plucked by Jack Hartley's daughter's sweetheart. . In revenge, Bosco detains the girl in tbe mountains, but she makes her escape, pursued by the miscreants. Jack arrives in time to defend -her, but is being hard pressed when Hartley arrives with a posse. .During the me- lee Bosco falls over a cliff. Hartley la remorse- ful over the trouble bis drinking has caused and takes a solemn oath never to touch liquor again, while Jack and Bess immediately resolve to marry, and the wedding .takes place, witnessed by the cheering cowi>oys. TOE PEATBE OP A MINEB'S CHXLD (Dra- ma; released Octolier 14; length, feet).— Exhausted by a run of nine miles, with twenty- one more to cover, to reach a doctor to minister to his wonnded cUId, Jim, In desperation, appro- priates the liorse of the mail carrier. Tbe slieriir organizes a posse of cowboys who take up tbe pursuit, thinking Jim is a common horse- tlile& Tbe little girl is made comfortable by the piiysicias. . Imt Jim is apprehended. The sheriff releases him when he discovers his Inno- cence through overhearing the prayer of the mi- ner's little boy, who was the innocent cause of. his sister's injories, leading tier in play near the mine sliaft into wiiidL She f^ CTATiA. SnrSTEEIES OF BBIDGB OF SIGHS AT TEIfnJE (Scenic; released Octolwr 13; lengtii, feet).—This film Is replete with lieaatifnl scenes, showing views of the Bridge of Siglis at Venice. A PEABL OF A BO.T (Cbmedy; released Oc- tober ISr iengtii. feet).—A comedy subject on the same reel with Stolen Boots and Paid Boots. STOLEN BOOTS AXD PAID BOOTS (Comedy; released October 15; length, feet).—Claimed by the manufacturers to be a strong comedy sohject. AMBBOSIO. T-H E BETROTHED'S SECRET (Drama; re- leased October 12; length, -—— : feet).—Courting a maid and after marriage learning ftom her that she is in reality a. widow and the mother of a son. Free- man becomes angered and refuses to live with his wife. Some years elapse and Freeman's life is saved by--the ' boy, who, at great risk stops the antonsobile of the former in time to prevent it being stmck by a swiftly-moving train. Freeman accompanies tbe lioy to bis home and Is amazed to meet his own wife, and having formed a strong attachment for her son, he ef- fects a bappy reconciliation.' TWBBDLSDim OK HIS FIBST BICSCI,B (Comedy: released October 12; length, feet):-r-Tweedle<Itmt's attempts to master .the bl- cycle lead him into sitnaUons both thrilling and comical, and cause a mad scramble on the part of the pedestrians who cross bis path. CHAMPION. HOW THE TBN- DEBFOOT MADE GOOD (Drama: re- leased October 12; length, S50 feet).— Beckless friends, the invltloe bottle and late hours are having a minous eHect upon Arthur, an Eastern lad, when his father turns him out of the bouse. His. mother fomisbes liim with tbe means to go West, trnstiag, in spite of all. In Us promise to makie a man of tilmseU when away from ills evil associates. How lie succeeds Is told in ti>e remainder ot the ' DEFENOEB. THE TALE OF A CAMEBA TOLD (Comedy- drama; released Oct. 13; length, — ft.)—Henry Larkin leaves the farm and goes to tbe city, where he enters the university. Here he meets, falls in love with, and marries the college widow. His father is advised of the marriage and his benediction sought, but It is not forthcoming. Finally Henry's wife decides to approach the obstinate lord of their destinies as a book agent, and attempt to win his good graces. She wins his good graces to such an extent tbat be be- comes fUrty. , He kisses her, and his son. Just beliind with a kodak, snaps the bappy scene,' Then he presents himself and tlie i^tograpb, and wtaen the:father realizes tliat be Ims kissed bis dangbtec-In4aw, lie cannot wwder wliy liis son Iiad wooed so ardently, and bis opposition makes a noise like the sonset and fades. ATLAS. A TOUCHING MYSTERY (drama; release Oct. 23;. length, —).—^An East In- dian native approaches Mr. and Mrs. Belmont and ex- plains that he has a collec- tion of Oriental Jewels and novelties which he desires to sell. Among his lot is a. pearl-studded casket in which ' reposes a beautiful necklace. This, the Yogi explained, was a lucky charm and would bring for- tune to the wearer. Mrs. Belmont was ready to purchase the trinket but Jlr. Bdmout objects. Naturally Mrs. Belmont Is angry and the Yogi likewise ' evinced his wrath by vowing ^ vengeance as he left the room. After completely wearing herself out by sobs and tears, Mrs. Belmont fell asleep and dreamed of the mysterious necklace. Remarkable incidents occur. . Her awakening gives her a mde shock. RELEASE DATEiS—PATENtS CO. Ifonday—Blograph, Lnbin. Pathe, Beiig. .Tuesday—Edison, Ganmont-KIelne, Vitagranb. Wednesday—Essanay, Eclipse-Klclne, Paths, Ka- lem. Thursday—Blograph, Lubhi. llelles, Selig. Friday—^Edison, Kalem. Pathe.. Vltagrapb. Saturday—Essanay. Gannunt-Elelne, Pathe, .vi- tagrapli. MOTIOir . BICT1IBE 7AXEHX8/ go. BDISON UAXtrFACnntlNO COMPAHZ. Angnst— Feet. 20—Love and the Law (Drama) .......... 2S—The ralet'a Vindication (Comedly) .... 30— Ftom Tyranny to Liberty (Drama) .... September— Wttt. 2—nie Man Who Learned (drama)...... 6— Tbe Bi» Scoop (drama) I>—Alice's Adventure In Wonderland (fairy „ _ comedy) tfr-^ Great Secret' (oom^l ...... la-Vnm-tbB ArctlCB to the Tropica (Scen- ic) ....i.... 480 18—Bnmptlons as a Fireman (Comedy) .. SOS 20—An nnselfisb Love (Drama) 1000 23—A Jar ot Craniierry Sauce (Comedy).. 49S 23—Almost a Hero (Qimedy) 485 27—Over Monntaln Paasea (Scenic) 275 27—The FootUgbts or flie Finn (Drama) 729 October— Feet 4^More Tlian His Duty (drama) lOOO 7— ^Bnmptlons Flays Base Ball (comedy) eso 7— The Farmer's Daa^ter (comedy) 845 11—The Song Tbat Beached Bis Heart (drama) lOOO 14—The Chnneo Indians (educational) 250 14—The Stolen Fatlier (drama) 750 15—Tbe House of Seven Gables (Drama) 21—A Wedding Trip from Montreal Tbrongh Canada to Hong Kong 25—His Bread! of Discipline (Drama) .. 28—The Swlaa Gnlde (Drama) .......... November— -Feet 1—The Key ot Life (mystic comedy)... 4—Riders of the Plains (drama) 4—Boy Scouts of America (topical) 8—The Little Station Agent: (drama).... 11—The Lassie's Birthday (comedy) 11—A Trip Over the Bocky and Selkirk Mountains in Canada (scenic) 15 —^Into the Jaws of Death (drama). ESSANAY. August— Feet. 24— Take Me Ont to the Ball Game (Comedy) 990 27—The Deputy's Love (Drama) ...1000 31— Yon Stole My Purse (Comedy) 470 31—Who's Wbo7 (Cbmedy) 02S September— Feat. 8—Tha Millionaire and the Bascb Olrl (drama) 08T 7—A Dog on Business (comedy) 940 .10—An Indian Girl's Awakening (drama).. 854 14—Whist (comedy) 645 14— Ba Met the Champion (comedy)..... 4S5 17—Hank and liank Joy BUUnc laoataj) 28S 17—^e Pony Bxpteas Blder (Inama) .... 7E0 SI -A Close Sbavo (Oomedy) BBS 21—A Flirty Affllettan (Oomedy) 41< Si—Tbs Tontfa Bememlnaoea (Drama)....1000 Announcement To stop, once for all time, the silly rumors to the effect that Miss Florence Lawrence is working for some other film man- ufacturer, the "Imp" Company publishes the fact that its contract with Miss Lawrence does not expin until a year from next March. Even if we wished to let her go, or if she wished to leave the *'Imp" (Company, it could not t>e done, as the contract provides that neither party can break it or violate any of its conditions. This ougfht to settle the doubts of all who may have become confused by the rumors they have heard. THETHANH0USER2-A-WEEK Say "THANHOUSER" to the Exchange Man and You'll Get RELEASED TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25 RELEASED FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28 Tlie Lovallaat Love Story everPletured I Y0UN6 LORD STANLEY is a nobleman whose innate democracy per- mits of his doing manual labor when his funds grow low and who, while engaged at his menial labors, falls deeply In love with his employer's daughter, who takes a fancy to him though—he Is below her station in life she thinks. How, when once the tide of fortune runs bis way, the young Lord's suit takes an odd turn, and what that turn is, are some of the points tbe picture «x- plains to perfection. App. length, 1,000 feet. No. 154. Code word, Stanley. It'aHsral It'sHsrsi It'aHaral THE FAIRIES'HALLOWE'EN Is a won'der-snbject that will startle at any tiuie 'o year and which you can use with a lecture 'round about and during Hallo- we'en week. If you haven't a lecturer, pass the synopsis to your singer and see if it doesn't enable him to "talk" Intelligently on this very entertaining novelty. Tbe film abounds In trick scenes tbat are highly In- tert-sllng, and tbe gyration of the pnmpkin-. men and .the fairies, for Instance, »e highly amnslng. Tlie pictnre aboold oecnpy a high place on your prognmme, App. length, 1,000 feet. No. 155. Ck>de word. Fairy. Get the THANHOUSER NEWS, the "Exhibitore' Guide." Sent FREE OF CHARGE to anyone who <an show connection with the moving picture business. Drop a card to MANAGER. THAN- HOUSER'NEWS, NEW ROCHELLE, N. Y. -NOW INDEPENDENT- H. &. H. F^ii^iu service: CO. QUAUTV FlUWf S. jSYSTEM/WTIC SERVICE:. BUYERS OF ALL INDEPENDENT MAKES. Special agents for Motiograpb, Power and Edison Equipments. Promptest attantion givan Jo ordeisfor suppBes and sundries. Write ns lor latest 61m list and oatalosae. 913.00 918.00 SIX REELS OP FILM, one ■hipment,'With alitaa and aUdaa. TWELVE REELS, two ahlpmenta, with altfna and alldea. • YOU PAY EXPRESSAQE BOTH WAYS WABNINO—Yon can't get gold dollars for 30c, and yon can't cstgood Blma for len money. SILVER SAVER WILL SAVE YOU SILVER 2?r.'!W?f.,'!f,7%« f.;iSo5.''^?ti to'SJl XmfiRTY FILM RENTING ^O-.^plt'^^bu^rS/V?.- f MOVING PICTURE MACHINES EXCHANGED Ton can ezdianse your oM nuchtnc for a new and \ip-to^Iate ontflt. We liaadle all the leading makes ■ ' and pay the htibeit market price fkir old macblnea. STELZER BROS., - - - - - McCook, Nebraska