Billboard advertising (Mar 1911)

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MARCH 18, 1911. Xlie Billboard 95 A»ln w« fluote from Ealph T. Kotterlng i^V^vmlttKC the publicity end of tlie KUmt ^Silo StwUOM: "KUmt and ObikiIo. ;5i.?,»f?ne of tbe oldest ptoduclng Orm. Id SwcJgo plin no extemUe •nmmer of operation, hnt not In the inunedlate vicinity. . "This arm win inatall « •tock. epmminy «t .h. mtmi Ooera Hou»e, MlnnempdH, to roa Srou«h lieTg dayi. .id wWcli'wlU be mtd« TO Sf «c?ult« from their itock^ comjpany at thtir BIlou Theatre here. wUlch baa Jn»t dla- ?.idcd. G«.rSe Fox .wUl be the mtiu«er of •'ifKlfmt °.°nd a««olo wUl .1.0 InataU . atock «>mMny In the Bljoa Oper. Home. MUwaokn. Xch w»l beViD operatfTn early In May The road companies of the firm wlirdoM tteto aea- «u eaSy thla year, and will then take to the "??,,ni'i.n&cwS'w&tte"- to ran the Imperla. Theatre «nd Ub atock company tlirough the rammer or not. Thla bonne hu » record of ca- naclty ncrfcwmancea that many a loop theatre mlgUl be ptoad of In thla wry uncertain the- •trlMl year. Forty-flTe Minutes from BroadWay Ian for fourteen performancea at _the_Imperlal In iiv>bniarT. and hung oat the 8. R. O. at mS?rt^Sem. It la 'ery probable that Kllmt ud Oaiiolo wU! operate a mualcal atock com- aanr at the ImperUI thronshoat the summer, terTvlng all toe lateat mnalcal playa. "Prank A. P. Oanolo is pretldent of tbe Arm. Georee KUmt I. Tlce-preafdent. Joseph Pll- «rlm bu»lDe»8 repreaentatlre: Ralph T. Ketter- Inf eeneral representatlre, and Lee ElUworth. tte" mneral stage director. Edward R. flulch- iBBon has just been engaged aa general jirodncer of all tbe mualcal play* for Ktlmt and. aaaaolo." In a diiconne with tbose wbb will galAe tbe dullnlea of tbe parks thla season, we gathsr tbe ToUowlna: Charles B. Madoon, • of BiTerwIew: "The mastgemeDt «t Rtrervlew Exposition, Cblcago'a biggest outdoor amuwment enterprise, la paving the way for the most anccesatol year in Its hU- toiT* New rides are under conatruetlon, an aTla. tloD field It being prepared and arrangements made for the Installation of many new features. NeaotlatiODS are ali*o on for the cODatmctlon of 1 motor cycle track, which will gtre Chlcago- •ni some excUiog svort tbrougbont tbe sum- mer. "Monitor and Merrtmac and Creation win re- aaln features. Floyd C. TbompMn. formerly of Boston's Wonderland Park, bas begun tbe eanatroctian of . big new ride, with many tnUQUe features, that will cost in the vicinity «f flOO.OOO. As yet tbe ride Is nnnimed. Fred iBgeraolI. of Pittsburg, anotber successfnl build- er of rldlns devices, is also putting in a run of the thriller type. With tbe new Derby, Boyal Gorge. Velvet Coaster, Chutes, Figure ■Igbt, the Scenic, assorted, and other rides. RlTenrleir will have tbe t»est equipment along these lines of any amusement park In the world. "BlTcrrlew has a great advantage In tbe Boaaesslon of a beautiful picnic grove and ath- leUe Held of forty-two acres. Nearly fifty plc- ■Ics. representing the leading arganlzatlons of Chicago, bave already been booked for tbe com- ing summer, and tbe attendance alone from tbeee affairs will asgregate nearly'a million.** N. P. Valerius, tieasnrer of Blverrlew. spesks as follows:. "We are out for 10,000.000 liiltors this summer, and It looka as thoagh we will iK^t tliem. AH winter we have t>een batching sebemea to bring tbe crowda, and we bare a lot of corkers ready to spring when tb« time come8> Rivervtew will be the most widelv advertised park in the, world. This will cost • a talr^alsed fortune, bat wDl ^t tbe resnlts, not only for ourselves, bnt for: the. coneeaslonalres. we will also still maintain our tepotatlon as a clean park. There won't tie a so-caUed ques- tionable show or performance In tbe grounds. "Bivervlew opens May 34 and doaes Septem- ber. 10. cnrtalllns; its season three weeks com- pared to last year. This eliminated tbe chancea of unsatisfactory business In bad weather. C. B, Uadoon, Blvervlew's director of publicity, baa been giving the park hia attention for KV- eirfil weeks, end expects to deliver a banner season." Very little la avaUable from Forest Park, deilalte plan. wiU sot be arrived at imtU tlte next meeting ol ttw Board of lUieetan. wblsb will be held very soon. Also at tbis meeting a manager will be Installed, and tbe rest of the olBcera appointed. The Executive Board con-. sists of the following: M. J. Breen, John B. Harding, Jos. Oreln, If. Bardell, A. Wlntrotb. John G. O'NeU and Henry Mawuren. It Is ex- Iiected that thla resort will open its gates .al»nt May 27. Improvements of tbe grounds are now going on. A new plant wlU be placed in tbe swimming pool so that the water can be changed every day. Improvements will lie made in the grill room, and an effort wUl be made to make that one of tbe big ftatnres. Vaudeville of a high class wlU be booked Into the park by tbe Morris offlces. All tlie most. popnlar of the old thrillers will lemsln, and several new European devices Installed. James O'Leary has made no announeement. as yet aa to wbether Luna Park will operate. Laat season it was closed down before the date appointed. An account of what will be doing at White City can lie found In another part of this paper In an article contributed by Balpb T. Kettering. THE VERBECK AGENCY. One of the prime factors In amusement In Western New Vorfc, Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada, is the Independent VsudevUle Company Of BnSalo, nnder the management of Geo, B. VerBeck. Among the small time vaudeville houses in that section, of which this oiBce books a substantial and well-arranged elrcnit, thla has been a imlformly prnfltable season. Small mualcal comedies, minstrel shows and rei>er- toire companies of aixe and expenaivenesa within tbe limit of the ordinary small-time theatre Have been welcomed In tbIs section and bave served to break tlie routine and posalble monotony of constant vaudeville. At present there seems to be an Increasing demand for stock In msny localities, due possi- bly to the fact that permanent stock companies of which the VerBeck Office baa organized and controls several, bave met with a high degree of success. In tbe big new Fillmore Ibeatre, on Baffalo'a Beat Side, they bave inataUed a company of ten people, preaentlng fnll, una- bridged versions of standard plays at ten and twenty-cent prices. The Fillmore Is ■ large bonse, sesting 1,200 wlthoot balcony or gaUeiji' and that Its capacity Is being taxed mwe andl more by the increasing patronage speaks wcU^ for the company's drawing powers. They are now In their third week at tbls theatre. That Mr. VerBeck bellevea the coming season WlU be a good on* (or outdoor amnsementa In the tenltorr orar whleb lie operate* Is «ivl- deaeed tqr the fact that b* has •staUlsbed a special department for handling all kinds of parks and fair attnettaaa.' A new vending machine, which from its slm- pUclty of conatruetlon, its neat and handaome appearance, and its freedom from hooks, knobs and other obstructing and dress-damaging ap- pendages, ta dne to anpersede all other coin-op- erated devices in theatrea and motion picture houses, la the Corfisch Opera-Vending Machine. It more than makes up In efficiency. It Is made Ing Company. 243 Hopkins atreet. Brooklyn. Xbe machine takes np less space than any otber, being only 8 Inches in depth, 3 inches in width, and lU inches thick, bnt what it lacks In slie, it more than makes up in efflelency. It is made to operate wltlL either a'^nlckel or dime, aa pre- ferred, and the otUy proceaa aecesaary to open a box Is tbe Insertion of the required coin, tbe IMX antomatleaily nniocklng. The Corllscb Com- pany sells the box outright to tile tiieatre owner, permitting him to make tbe enormoos rake-off that heretofore has been'moBopoUxed by the in- ataliing eompaniea of vending machines. They have perfected arrasgementa witli one of the largest confectioner; companies in the United States to supiily tbe flnest chocolates and bon- bons, put up to sell at 100% profit. However, there Is no obligation to purcbase theae goods, as tbe owner can Oil his machines as he sees fit. Six reasons sre advanced by tbe Corllseh Company as to the auperiority of their Iwx over any other: (1) The owner is not compelled to buy from any one manufaetnrer. (2) The owner's profit Is 100% Instead of 20%. (3) The owner contnds bis own maeiiines, and can make them work the year round, in city the- atres In the winter time, and at summer resorts in the summer. <4) Operation Is noiseless, there being no springs to snap and annoy the audience. (5) The box will not tear delicate falirlcs or drMses, u It has no shaip: booln, etos, kaobs or unsh-bnttoBs. (6) It la a strong. dniaUe oi^ nament to any tbeatre. Profenor Armand's City of Testerday is causing quite a stir over tbe Ons Sao Ciieait. snd he reiiorts receiving a twelve weeks' con- tract srith the Son people. Herrguth Bros. Ballooning Co. ENGINEERS OF THE LATEST IN BALLOONING Addras* LesUi^ Michigan. SREAIER ISLAND PARK EASTONiPA. Wanted, llrst-class attraetlons and Concessions aa flat rental or percentage. Rr** admission to parlc. XArse averase daily attend- ance. Both electric and ateam cars ran dinet to tbe park. Fine toeatlon open for pour Ufsir. miniature railroad and Ferria wliwi. H. B. FBHR, General Manager, Easton, Pa. WABITKS—^Por an Amnsement Park, slons, lUnslons. Comic MInon, or See Grottos. Keed not be new. Address 808 Bsnk BIdg., Buffalo. K. X. '■riaa THE one: THAT WON ONTARIO BEACH PARK ROCHESTER'S RECREATION RETREAT THE ONLY BIG AMUSEMENT PARK IN WESTERN NEW YORK ( GOOD. CLEAN NOVELTIES. SHOWS AND SPECTACULAR FEATURES AODRESS^-B. k. PCKR. Oan'i iManag«r. 734 P01WCRS BLOO.i ROCHKSTCR, N. V. Boeklng Agant. C. W. RCUiON. 3» UwmII St., RoehMMr, N. Y. - ] C A. WOITHAH T. W. AiLEN m OR T HAM - AIL E N UNITE 0 S H O W S Opens May 13, Danville, 111. This show is how booked for fifteen weeks in the Central States, bookings including Spring dates in the leading cities, to follow in the Fall with the beat of Reunions, CelebrationB and Fain. These dates will speak for themselves as a recommendation tor the high standii^ of the most reliable of carnival companies. Among the cities booked are Danville, III., Decatur, III., Springfield, III., Galesburg, III., Canton, 111., Terre Haute, Ind., Hannibal;Ho., Keokuk, la., and otheiB. WE CARRY EIGHTEEN ATTRACTIONS Comprising the latest, most thtilling and entertaining in novelties, together with the most sensational of free attractions, including Prof. £wing*s Famous Zoiuave Concert band of 22 pieces. Caa nse one more |{ood show. Concessions-write. Par Motto—"Eqaal Klihis to All. and Special Prlvtleitfaa to NoBe." PEKHANENT ADDRESS—DANVIIXe. IU. ON l^eCCIPT Of A- CT5. EVERTUALLY ' " It U ASSET" OUR rSCEfIT HALFTONE. ;' 3 X CASH iViTH OR0£R.