Billboard advertising (Mar 1911)

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MARCH 18, 1911. T il e Bill 1> o a r d 97 TRAINING WILD ANIMALS, (Continued ftoiu i>»gB It.) v • : .' ,iic'ceMful progrMS. Aiw«y« to keep .ono'i a comuianTa. neTer to be brutal U the only „,V lo obtain power and control oT tluni. lo« euu a trainer tell? Again, llto to human iiatuiv. Bome are more apt than other* to ^Knwp rust - expected o( them. Some are Muhboruj r„m.- are brlRht. «l«Ick and Clever. Some lisve Just brute IntelllgeBcefana cuimlngneaa: ,omt «re ai™"" beyond control. ^ A trainer l°ho olJserTea'wlU . BOon know what method to acloDt with each IndlTldual caae. , ' WhVn a careful atudy of each aeparate specie* haa been obserted, take tWO'dUTereot apeclmeni. 5Jd Introduce them. Thia U the critrcal mo- ment Will they endure each other's Presence? If in doubt. It la wlaer to rope tbem. and the aftendants from the outside of the arena from oDiKialtc sldea. hold the ropes. Extreme pru- S?Me must ^ obaerred for the Introduction of n^weottier In a group, sc as to avoid an accl- Sent When the trainer. In Ws own Judgment, reallieg that the paychologlcal moment naa ar- rived to dhinenae With all aceeaaorlea. then the S^up l" "«me7 «nd ready to be preaented to the boblic. ;-Xow thla doea sot. by any meana. au Siat tb« tronp la not liable at any moment, wUboot any apparent reaaon. to fltie up In a Sittle royaii auch a* those wltnMaed often In oTt <ad group of twenty-aexen. African Hon*. Srhen bv rare good' fortune, though losing my Jiht arm. I haTeescapcd with mjr life to^ tell the tale, leaving ttie- anarllng brutes to Bght It out all night 1» : the arena beap*tt«red with tlood. In which taHlM wme ot the Itooa loit ""Your^Mtwatlona Iwhen «r«t befOre. tbe- ptib- llc? I aaw no public. 1 waa obllTlons to It. Sly whole being waa concentrated m my work., Ster. though. I mast say. that the ezpecUncT jf the audience carried me on—waa a powerfnl Incentive. I knew what> waa expected- of me and waa dared to do It. , ^ , The apeclal attraction It had for yon. also «or others? The attraetloq It liad. baa, and al- waya will have. I* the contest of the human mind pitted agalntt brute creatlou. Its astute- duss. Its resauroes. Its power. Find out the daw and - ccmqtiec, l» tlie: atranKe. fascination of wild animal training. Now aU do not view mat- ters In this light; tor aome It U business, for others a fad. a crave for public applauae. Bow animals an prepared for training, and bow a trainer cao tell lf .be can do anything with an animal T The animal selected to be trained mtmt Brat be madie accustomed to tlie trainer'* peraonallty. It muat tie made to nn- dtntand no harm la intended. Then from out- side the bar*, food Is given by thi* same per- aon, and later on. a venture la made into the <age. I have found a atool or chair the l>ef<t protection In tblt and thany caset. In this In- stance. I place a chair In, Ita cage, InvarUbly the animal springs with the Intention of deatroy- ing. The Intmalon ta resented—I then open and shut the door at Intervala to throw atrip* of meat, and every effort I* made t<r make the animal tmderaUtid one'a kindly motives. Then upon Its advent Into the larger arena, where the performance taka* place, autBclent time 1» given the animal to ttecome accoitomed to Its new sunoundlngii. In these long days of asao- clatlon, the temperament of the feline ahowb and developa Ita cbaracterlatlcs. Very few can be vetoed not apt for training. This, boweTCr. liappenSL Sometimes the r animal is Inbred In captivity, and lack* both sense and intelligence. Tb* proeess ot training different, ipeclea of the eat tribe are aa aforeaald. Methods dlSerJor elephants,' and again tor horaes, and aelnas. Bears have alao a. different process of making them acimatatsd' wlth yonr wlBbcs. Out of ptihile view, have wild animals any affection for their trainers? In the eat tribe, when they know tbelr trainer, they know what be expect* of them perhaps aa well aa he knows mmadr. Tbey tolerate tab presence, when they do not hate or Ignore It. bat the vrord alfectioa IB the cat Uoe Is alncolarly ont ot place. Btrecta of travel and. transportation on the wild animal? - It a Journey by .rail la contem- idated. an extra ahlftlng den should t>e provided, to be Died to permit Qie attendant to Uanster the animal from the uie In which It 1* secured. Into more sanitary anarteta. This, although oecesaary, la not alway* poaalble c» a abort Journey. It, by boat, an Jnclosute shosld be arranged, 10 that the anintals can be Ukea ont of their den* to walk aboot and atreteh them- aelvea. Tbla 1* aU cmduelve to their health and longevity. If this exerelalng space can not be tecuted, the time of captivity In tbe dens during the Journey may Ik a long and tedloua «ae, and aapa their vitality. Water must t>e provided tor liberally. It la twice mote Im- portant to see to this, even it the meat rations Should have to run abort. Upon arriving at their deatlnatlon. however.. the animala ahotdd ti* taken from their dens as soon as possible. Slven romny quarters, and It is Important that their lyndltlon of health staonld be looked after. Bow are wild animala fed? Tbe rat tribe la fed once dally with raw meat. Beet generally, and mutton aa a change ot diet. Some timea chicken, with an occaalonal atrip of 1lT«r, ae^ cording to eoadltlons In ■ health, and'what Is most beneOcial to their, good omdltloih^.and appearance. The <iuantlty given la aecorttng-to alae and weight of animal. In cold daya or win- ter, food Is given .twice dally. They, have their meals at the closing ot the night'perfonnance. 5rhen not showing they are ted at anhsct. . Row . to regulate temperature?.;-.It Is not 'So 4incult a* Imagined to acclimate' wild ani- mals. Polar heart from the far North, and Hons, tigers and elephants from tbe tropical re- gions, can stsnd mostly any extreme. Tbe length of time during the Journey from theli native baunta la often aufllctent transition. The proper feeding Is here of great Importance to mst&taln them in good condition.- and 'also en able tbem to stand the climatic changes. Another qaeatlon I have often been asked la. How the dread of leaping tbiongb a circle ol tire can be overcome with wild animala; or Jumping over hurdlea of flames? The natoral -diead at are, and their antipathy towards It, makes this a very, tedious, dlffleult and dange^ ons lesson. "In thl* case the animal la driven Into t corner ot the training cage, then bar- ♦ler« are nlaced around It. The only way of egress being through au Iron hoop ivhich Is auspended from above.' After the trainer hss succeeded in driving the animal through the hoop a number of tlmea, rope that ha* been wound around the hoop and aatnrated with nil. 1* tben Ignited, forming now a hoop ot lire. The animal, by force ot habit, and also rcanilng from farmer experience the way out without anything harming It. passes. generaUy without further tmuble. After several trials, the har- riers are then taken away. When the pupil has given aallafactlon to his trainer, thla one te- tania him with a atrip ot meat aa aign of sat- isfaetloa and encouragement. Another question ia. What !■ the best tem- perament for a trainer? First, and this abso- lutely, a trainer wbo would have to' depend upon artlllelal courage, due to stimulants, before en- tering the arena, must always be checked or re- jected. A self-possessed, courageoua and level- headed man ot calm temperament la tbe beat to depend on. Bat. of course, methoda differ with temperamenta, and are gnided by tliem. These rales apply equally as well to lady train- ers. A question that haanot been put to me this time, but tbat I will answer, as I am positive la In tbe mind of many, and tbat Is tbe sopposl- tlon of doping or drugging pf wild animals. I have never dragged a wild for training pnrpbses, nooe to my knowledge have ever nsed this meth- od. It is an erroneous belief.-and 1 have never known It to be done.. It la expected of every practical wild animal trainer. to be possessed of the knowledge necessary-tor-tbe treatmentot atlmenta peculiar to his cbargea. Therefore, day after day, he mast make himself more familiar with their condition, prescribe accordingly, and It is only when absolutely needed, that a veter- inary Is called, and if an ^ operation is deemed necessary for Its safe accomplishment and ha- manlty towards the animal, s^me times'narcot- ics are used, but this Is the tmly 'eaae in ■which they are applied. " nRie popularity of wild animal training In the United States? Today, wild animal training Is no more' a queatlon of' curiosity alone, but a marked Interest Is shown In the ihethods, ability and knowledge ot the training and trainers. The present status? It wanta a new incentive. Fntnre status? If new iwlld .animal acts are trained, extraordinary in nnmlier. w perfection in training comes to light, the trained wild ani- mal attraction will receive new impetus.. Accidents seen and experienced? I have seen trainers attacked by wild animals. Injured more or less, and In more or less dramatic dream- stances, injured sumetlmea unto death, for in the arena, the trainer is as far from effective help as alone In tbe forest. The trained wlld anlinal show as a park at- traction? At the present time, trained wild aal-' mal Khows of merit are so few that parka com- pete for them. It w<HiId he a matter of Intelli- gent business to have a good wIU animal at- traction in every park of standing, aa this will always pay, always attract and Interest tbe pub- lic. Trained wild animal acts as clrcns and vaude- ville attractions? A well-appointed wild animal act ought to be on tbe program of every circus and vaudeville performance. I recall a little incident that may inteieat. Once dnring a performance with the famooa twenty-seven lions, and while specially busy with <me ot them In the center of the arena, all the others grouped on their respective pedea- tals, my attention was called to oas ot them Jumping off bis sest and going toward the tar end comer of the arena, where he began pawing from side to side, first with one paw. and then with the other. 17pon investigation I. found this to be a young sparrow, not harmed in the least. The mother sparrow. In the meantime, fluttering anxionsly and calling to the little ^ one from above the arena. 1 actually t9<& the little teatherless sparrow from hetwe^ the two huge paws of, the lion, who, by the way. was the ferocious and untractable Baltimore, a very bad lion, who then ctirlonaly followed me and my wee charge to the opposite side of the areqa. In the meantime, some of the ottter iiOBS left their seats and. gathering around, were interested onlookers. Z then banded tbe lit- tle bird to an attendant oatslde the arena, who restored It t<K. the mother sparrow. Another in- cident equally tme. By some mistake, an at- tendant. Instead of going into the den of two little Hon cobs. as. he intended, entered one that contained a tnU-grown tiger that siirang on and aerlondy Injured Urn before help ooidd he given. In fact, wlien help did come. It was meleas. and Jnat before dying in the tfger'a dutches, the poor fellow** last words were: "If* no use, he la too much for me.** A typical Incident tbat I recall, that proves the tact that a wild animal wUl not, nnless tamtehed. devour a dead body, onlesa It Is a victim ot ita own ferocity. A performer, wUIe driving his group.Into the arena from their dens through a narrow passageway, was straek and thrown down unconscious by a llcoess thst ' turned':?iack on htm. Several shots bad been tired by him. but as this was a tunal oecturcnce when she proved imroly, so as to-drive bee on and prevent her hacking on him. nothing waa thought of it, and we only be^mme anxious when a great silence followed the shots. All the an- imals were In the arena except this lioness and the trainer. Two other trainer* and myself rushed to tbe t>assafreway, tired at tbe lioness and drove her from the prMtrate form that- she was gaaing at,- bnt not toadiliv, tltoagh ^Ing very near, watching for any sign of IIfle, -bta be-: Ing nnccmscloos saved him. Bcferrlng again to tbe qnestlons made abeui training, the keynote ot all Is the fearlessaesa of tbe trainer, the patience he dlaplaya, and his ability to infuse confidence in the captured wanlR of tbf forest and Jungles. / 1 ■ ' • •' - ' B**:-. ^ PIPE TONE roldlna Oreana glass, a oCtav* ksTboard. Think ortt: Waatoai Oak or Kabogaay rialsh. tills Is m baaasr olMr • Baa* A». tlon. Bellows. Cam and Tarn . war oOsnd; ahlnpsd An a» pnval: moixy back if not aatiaOed. Uttta Olaat Vn. a Order today. A. L,WHm HPQ. oxTm W. sssd Flaaa tShloaaa, ni. ORIGINATOR—NOT IMITATOR • Opiriti Nihi's Pmin iiekiiis I The easiest and quickest way to maka money. liiet tbem gather pennies* tor yon day In and day Mt;* The beat y seller tor cigars and candles., Write J-LUMW. 101S taifUsinatM .nHsMsktakr*. COSTUMES. WIGS ETC. We manufacture and keep on band, ready to Ship, everything the performer needs to wear. Write us or call. HOBT. SCBMIDT, 2O8-20S S. 4th Street, St. tAul*. Mo. WANTED—A DOCTOR to sell patent medicine In Oltlahoma and Texas. Add. J. S. PATTON. Lawrence, Oklahoma. POEMS WAMXED Cash paid (or songs. I«BKI>AM MUSItX BOVSK St.- ]:.onto. BtLLTHROWlNeiUTOIIMTIC MOVING FIGURES For Park«i Fairs and Carnivaiau M All figures work mechanically, and made to last. Sold as represented and guaranteed. Send in ''''. orders for spring. Something new and amusing. C. H. HIGQINS, Mfr.; ' \ TT1 Teutonia Ava.. Mllwaukow, Wis;' WILD WEST ! WANTED: A small Wild West Show of about twenty head ,of horses and riders, or I will buy or rent horses and equip- ment. Also want to hear from good'riderSy both male and female. Answer quick. : Cr Q. D., care BUlbpard} 1410 Broadway* NewTo^. . :,. - ".;■ eULF COAST CARNIVAL Ci MINEOLA, TEXAS. ^ March 27 to April 1. UNDER AUSPICES BAND. FREE ON STREETS THEN NORTHWEST* Want to hear <rom good shows and concessions of every lElnd: al*a good 8-plece iMUid and merrifr' . go-round and Ferris wheel; prefer Jumping horse swing. WUl book one more good aerial act as free attraction. Would like to hear from Doc Allman, Cap.. Oyer. Simon Krsose. Dlvdo. and A:,..,. b: WUliama. STTTrON * -WEED. Mgrs., Bicbeiien Hotel. .>t. . Worth. Xex.. tltt March 18; th*> Mlneola, Tfz. P. 9:—Shows with thla company-honor np'paases. . . . . ■■ ... Best Opportomty of This Seasob** Furs Offend BIG AUBAMA STATE FAIR, Bimingbain, Ala.^Oct 5-14^: 19^^ Over 200.000 paid admissions laat year; over 43,000 one day. Space now l>etng aold for Soft Drinks, Strikers, Jewelry, Novelties. Ball Games, Knife Back*. Lunch Stands, etc. If yon want choice space, get after It no w. Our attendance Is composed ot good spenders. Birmingham haa FAT-BOLL OF fl.OOO.OOO A WEEK. 150,000 people wltUn flTe-cest street car fare of gronnda. T. P. CSCASKKB, Bscretaiy, Box Mt, Blrmingtiam. Alabama. -WRITE FOR PARTICUt^ARS. FREE! Ball Oowling /Vlleyi PRBEi — Pocket O' Fast,and Sore. One Game per IGnate. Investigate! The most' legitimate aniistltute tor all forms of FIck-onta. Dart Galleries, Wheels and FHae-boarda; These. sdeatUle bowUnc alleys can operate anywhere. We tell joa how to plac« tbem 1b parks.' at: -srtth canilTals. Write ftw Intormalloii: we wiU convince you. i- ' . - : H, S. BIOSABOaOir * CO.. im & aa. at.. Xavada. Ifo, Prices Reasonable* Anyone can ^V Operate Them. EiperiiiN tfuKissaii,. Look-WANTED-Look | The Great jEmpire: Stall Shows^ Carnival .people-in all branches.' two. or ttiree more good - abowa. that d<r not eonfltet. moat bava clSssy fronts and the goods Instdew Csn place a Ferris whed and - human roqiettewtieel. Want a high I, diver who has got everytlilnc: also a ten-piece band that are willing to work. Have not dosed with aayiprltlleges to this date. Only one ot a'ktnd with this company and positively so graft - will l>e toi^teA.. >Onr entire-aeasou now booked (15 week*): Mdid.^NBoate will be ai^nlttad to everybody rwtth the company upon receipt ot signed contract. £ All real live towna aad^ ho oppo- sition. <PrWlle||es addresSjJOBM U. 8ITrEKI.T; Shows,'Acts^ bads. GBO. K, SANOSTBB, Bait* 400, lUnc Edward Hotel BIdC. Buffalo, New Xork. . . : . R i ffl e n 0 P o Ic e p ! The Shooting Gallery Sensailon of 1911. Conslata of a series of 52 bolls-eyes, rcpresentiBr a deck of playbic cards. Each time a boU»«ytt Is hit a card appears, showing a customer what hand they get in so many shots, prises being gl-vaa tor high hands. Write tor descriptive circulars, cnt*. prices, etc. ' -, F..S,.:SAZE]:.TOH..P. CBsa OSS. IIaaaa.'.iDehisaa. WANTED-For the Southern Amusement Co. Colored Performers, men and women: also Colored Musicians for the Old Plantation; Shows and Con- cesslvMis of alt kinds: IXx^r Talkers and iieoide useful In tbe carnival business. We play oa MILITARY ri AZA, SAN AXTONiO, TEXAS. DDRINO THE BATTLE OF FLOWERS, April IT. IDll. Addr.<gs TON C. STEVENSON. Mer.. Palestine, Texas. Marcfi 20 to 28. lOB mrrCAL BBSCFIT MBNTIOX tub BIUJBOABD WBBII WBITINO AUTBBTIbBSa.