Billboard advertising (June 1918)

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The Billboard JUNE 22, 1918 DIRECTORY (CooH.mi1 from in- St) PADDLE WHEELS Uim wwp a.. ;n nj^i.. Wratilela^Maa PANAMA HATS SAMTOGA PANAMA HAT CO. PAPIER * Co., am w. lai at, S, x. cii» PARK B'LD'3, CYCLONE COAST- PATENTS SECURED Flclor J. Krana A Co.. WaaMscton, D. <V PEANUTS, ALL VARIETIES i. domire * sou, me.. Fan. n. and si PEANUT ROASTING MACHINES ««svau ^ENNANTS^AND^ PILLOWS^ ^ aaiEaf.rt^*SiSi»Ttu" PERFUME AND NOVELTIES H uprrlcr Patfa» Co.. ISO M. Walls It, Onlea PHOTOGRAPHERS M. D. DREYFACH TIP TOP TOY CO. ^PILLOW^ (Silk^nd^F*!!) ^ PILLOW FRINGE BcbuhM. « SlHUi IL. H. T. CUT PILLOW TOPS M. D. DREYFACH \Aarn» ml. Ohlnmo, dlaoB if-, Cnlcafo. '■J. new Tn/a CKj. Iff PILLOW TOPS (L«*ther) PILLOW TOPS (Silk) PLAYS 1 AND LEATHER POODLE D0G8,STUFFED ANIMALS, ia DOLLS AND^TEDDY^BEARS^ Qall«' "ivi ™.Vml"J"S!, tOO IiS'iru' H. O. HiJi'j Co., 1(22 W. Adam* at, Chit Fe« A r Cl ™ 1 ^ 1 BneolJ Co., 1SS Flflti I singer Broa., 83 Bowerr. K»* n£^«S? Tip Top Toy Oo.. 114-US BL 28th at., New T- . Tip Top Tot Co.. «H W. FpJtop It. Cnlce.eo. ■ POPCORN PORTABLE EL EC. LIGHT PLANTS PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS POST CARD MACHINES t BpniiitT oo.. Daman: aiai.. St. M POST CARD AND TINTYPE MA- ■ntworth * !U^" T^to? Uearboro at. CM Centt»l FrinHa, Co., IMS Ptxlu Bldf.. PRINTERS Pictorial Poilor.. Bti T,po Bland., Sir. i™ Wlhaa n?' IT™ iSuubU™^' Dl i'Im ! PRIZE SILVER CUPS • EartaDd Tin A Ber.Ua Co., Stamford. PUZZLES, TRICKS. JOKES o> llulnl Co.. Depfc 431. Otbkmh. Wla. ROLL TICKETS H H. Erie at. Chlcajo. LIPtULT GO. K.Y. CO. TIP TOP TOY CO. B. RAFF A SONS 1 Sl»tt. T.ot t lnta( Co., -at Nwt, ■JuPRSUmb c£!!fn Si. ,«., pin SCENERY SCHELL'S SCENIC STUDIO SCENIC PAINTERS W.rHn IhSc Co.. taur it. I*. Amrfi — — Scenic Work*. Dept. 1-.. Aim.-, <J 8CENIC PAINTERS find Daalaia tp SWarT. Eta.) SECOND-HAND SHOW GOODS Pnlted State* Tint A Amln e Co., KB Nnrl Deiplalpea «*-. Chicago, nL SECOND-HAND SHOW PROPERTY Ameri™. J™™.«1 «o.„ W1& Whip BIflr„ BIG STOCK OF PAPER PADDLES IN SHEET AND BOOK FORM STAGE LIGHTING APPLIANCES Kllcgl B™„ iiO^W. wii^at., »J"^ l£rl eft)-, " STAGE MONEY Urn Turner. me„ SSS Wat Ml! rt. N. T. a. STREETMEN-S SUPPLIES TIP TOP TOY CO. SERIAL PAPER PADDLES SERIES QUICK SYSTEM PADDLES iwi a 8m. 9311 Bona* wt * **2rrVi A. J. SMITH MFG. CO. SHOW AND POSTER PRINTERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS Planar, Bbow Print and EnfTITUlff Hooae, OnM- ^^^JhJDE-SHDW ^CURIOSITIES SIDE-SHOW PAINTINGS Fn^etwll Arl CO.. SJOO N. ITtli at., Omani, Ntb. i;ii1t..,l MM— T,«r & Awoln, Co., SZB Hotta SIGNS ^rt™ * °°- I""-. 10S-I10 Bnndwar, SIGN CARD WRITERS' BRUSHES < n. t. jiw»ltw9fir. *u> ft. r. t. SBPB, e i - •WAKE^DEALERS ^ ^ i Bmnurrtll*, Tm. SNAKE OIL FOR STREETMEN J.J. WYLE 4. BROS., INC. in aJjPjB jS| cm. SPECTACLE^AND^EYE GLASSES SPIRIT GUM t aula Coantue oo... lao w. Di.i .t, ». T. fl. * SPORTING GOODS It S SSf f & 9 F AST** s=s SQUAW-KEE-KE INDIAN BABIES . ■ STAGE HARDWARE J. J. WYLE &. BROS., INC. NoValtr Co., ft Mo IL, Sburt Co., 31 -ail w. ■jotIMI Co.^ait N. . STRIKING MACHINE h SWORDS, SPEARS AND SHIELDS M3L|^%M- IpbI Oo.. 1M SppU Ipnrta at, ^oattr A Btrairt Oo-, lac. Hl-*15 f«rifle aL. »o?fon*Ki "* tattoo Minn. Haw Tort. St Lopla, NtH OiIiipi. Atlaoli ami Dallaa. Tm. . C. Ooa. & Co., Dtlrolt. Mien. Itorm Lu.bbort Ufi- Co.. SM Hawaid, Baa :ao. T. C Hojt Co,, S3 H. HMM ,t. Boatop. M>«. Joirar A Co.. lee. «J0 W. -Toltoo at.. Cilcaio. hH MhnbnH oo., IMC Honw, la. 55S issr.'a.f?.. DoaplUoaa >!.. CUoaCP. 111. TENTS TO RENT _ Fcater A Stawarl. IK, JI71 FaoUc at.. Snot- 1HM« * Son., lac. in mtn at,_H. »- 0> UnllM sr. if. iidi A Aaaiaf Co.. -CO Noftli Uerplalikaa at,, CbIcbjd. Ill THEATERJ-^CKBTS AaMfl mrtatC^, ™V'fM^t.. < cSw. Ill National TICIet CO.. Bhamoklo. Pa. THEATRICAL FOLDING BICYCLES, THEATRICAL PROPERTIES AND EFFECTS l^Allan ^"^^^yy gat at. THEATRICAL TICKETS TICKET CHOPPERS . V. BHIbt, Proa»r> BMi.. OlaaaUial. 0. TICKET PRINTER8 ciilfamU Ttetotbo., »11 B. Tin at.. I Hintotl Uma„ za Jeaale at.. Sao Ft National Tick at Co.. H ha mot Id. Pa. Rot. I Ticket Oo.. Sbamoala. Pa. Trlinopnt Praia. 83 A lean r fC Boat ~-"-.B. WlUlama A LUt, rt.-BBlIU TIOHTB GHHTHER I HUTTERH CO, J. J. WYLE &. BROS., INC.