Billboard advertising (June 1918)

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JUNE 2% 1914 The Billboard ^^SU'si^'k mi.. CDfcojo. 11 SnrJOMiToad Co.. 82« N. E] e bln ti'. Bi. 1 TURNSTILES (Full Antenitla nd BaiUUrlci) FmjT U»- M, 80 CBurcu it., N. I. 01 TURNSTILES CBeKltHUU U4 CoJn-Cor.lrtiL!sdi H. V. Billht, I'RMprct BUt, Cltnluil, O. UKULELES Ktno.l l^nUD. SB! Mlulor. >L. Sin Fr UNIFORMS ■m Em. * CoYAof W. Kate ft. L * KI. VAUDEVILLE AGENCIES VENTRILOQUIAL FIGURES ^WAGONS ^ WATCH ES WIGS AND TOUPEES TILES Luui. Bnli., MS <Jr.ou S S w lor. C1I7. WILD WEST COSTUMES Cb.t. P- Slllpl.J. San,., fit*, llo. WILD WEST SADDLES. CHAPS, ROPES AND SPURS njtfta SUck SUM]* Co.. III? Uirttt SAn XVLOPHONEB AT LIBERTY CLASSIFIED ADS. ll.l'.'l Vaudeville Artists 4th of July Celebrations THE BILLBOARD BIG LIST NUMBER All Lists Revised and Corrected Up to Date INCLUDING ; The Fair, Park, Convention, Chautauqua, White List, Vaudeville Theater List, Fourth of July Celebrations, Summer and Park Pinks, Miscellaneous Events, etc. ISSUED JUNE 24 DAT ED JUN E 29 AN EXCEPTIONALLY VALUABLE ADVERTISING MEDIUM An Inexhaustible Information Encyclopedia for the Entire Amusement World. GET IT AT YOUR NEWS DEALER'S, OR SEND 15 CENTS FOR SAMPLE COPY ' THE BILLBOARD PUBLISHING CO., Cincinnati, Ohio Albli—MM Uen Rilph llua rtilnm. ESSbEss™ e "-"- Adrian—Patriotic LcIfW. Hoi." n. B. ■ tniM. |> of Norm?. B. T. AiWlM, e D.r Cl.bT.Uon. USB: *jiiajti^Mii—Cyt B. A. Pit™, ehrm. Mneral paint—(1. C Hnl Mer. Oo. '*!r inn., 3 s^.r^^^^ggV^ Wanted KiT WANTED Swings, Stow M4 Cansslonslir July ■ sr st sursa s s,"c-"" ■IQ 4TH OF JULY CEUSHAT10H