Billboard advertising (June 1918)

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The Billboard 59 THE ONLY ROAD r1'i:hUjq."- «ped»nj lt-J Wt lilhtlBf IB r. BeddlH vettUtJcs for m.Uflnf. Shs br tie attenUBM of tat aill Ptdro Lew; by the ttaclj arrival ot u booeat lur * Araatroof, lad efatnalij bet ptnnt- ra la «x»ptkul1j The atory It roll o: & it tool of ■ dutof bud o * dine" U Pmlin TIHtr, »M tbo twoiruM in «uf tun DniU * WHEN MEN BETRAY The Latest Sensational Success, Written and Directed • by IVAN ABRAMSON from the book of life, full of joys and er and tears, of hope and deep despair. WHEN MENBETRAY with GAIL KANE and an all-star cast, has achieved great artistic success. It has proven to be one of the greatest box office attractions of any photoplay ever s WHICH WOMAN Booked for a solid week by the Lexington Opera House, N.Y. C. Booked for a solid week by the Mt. Morris Theatre, N. Y. C. Booked for a solid week by the Times Square Theatre, N. Y. C. ' Booked for eleven days by David Picker, of the Bronx, N. Y. C. Booked for an indefinite run by Majestic Theatre, K Y. C. For bookings and other information apply to GRAPHIC FILM CORPORATION 729 SEVENTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY „[ the lnn™« of bM*. .ay audi.are, m It ta iaiemtlss tod doa Be THE VOICE OE DESTINY THE SOAP 01RL it arm, narnMnr ouara i Linctcd Martin JntlRI A aPASKUHa comedy i In a elita bf lbHUT. Is tbli li A rocd «orrof lUklmd WE SHOULD W ta Lk Kiddlej In u u» "aw ptr.m m. Co*ij*au*ntlj per picture ii a coatm ot A It t tDe oreBtlc^ point oj I RdeeculBf feature, J wrt, tad tte reaclt fa H