Billboard advertising (June 1918)

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WANTED == WANTED PITTSBURGH, PA., BIG PATRIOTIC KERMESS AUSPICES OF COMBINED WAR CHARITY FUND OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA 150,000 MEMBERS BOOSTING Location al Entrance Shenley Park, on Streets, Heart ol Pittsburgh. All Cars Lead to Ground SIX BIG DAYS AND NIGHTS —JUNE 24-29 Positively the largest celebration ever promoted for our Boya.Over There. Have contracted eighty-piece Marine Band, WANTED—Three of the best Free Acts. Act quick. WANTED—High-class Shows of merit, also good Platform Attractions. Have elaborate outfits. Fat People, Midgets or any other good Freaks, write. Percentage or salary. WANTED—Plantation Show. WANTED—Concessions of all kinds. No exclusivea. We have other celebrations to follow. Have contracted following Fairs: HARRISONBURQ, VB_; STAUNTON, VA; WINCHESTER, VA: WOODSTOCK, VA; COWINSTON, VA; LYNCHBURG, VA; DANVILLE, VA: SOUTH BOSTON, VA; EMPORIA VA Fair season starts in August. We stay out all winter. We have now our own special train,fifteen cars, and will play cities only. FAIR SECRETARIES, WE CAN BOOK AFTER OCTOBER If. Will consider good Fairs only, bp we have the Show which cannot play small towns or fairs. WANTED—Musicians for Band to bally, good Trainmaster, Union Billposter, Calliope and Una-Fon Player, Wild West" Performers and good Circus Acts. We furnish outfits to good show people. Write, wire, or come on, to HONEST JOHN BRUNEN. , MIGHTY DORIS EXPOSITION SHOWS W«h Jim IT, MBmh, Pa.; BuMm Aiahefury. i Aihbb, Pfttiburjh, Pi. LETTER LIST Turn*. Hvete "VStor. '*rst Pel V manned, OllaniT Vofal, Jotra W. Killn. Mu^^" INSIGNIA BUTTONS, 6c each | CAMPAIGN BARS 12c EACH MUNTERBROS., "LIBERTY" FUG EMBLEMS '£5^^^ ■ 493 Broadway, NEW YORK CITY. BILL POSTERS l JflS. DAY, PH. MORTON'S Cincinnati, Ohio, for Job. Good sa chance for men from small h: Attention—Circus Billposters Will furnish transportation. Good Posters over draft age preferred. a good winter's job. AUTOMATIC FISHPOND CO., WtoUcr. Walter W«flj. Fltr/lt D. WootiWia. H. A. TVood Cord. John MARGERY MAXWELL