Billboard advertising (June 1918)

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6 The Billboard f<^"~ HOT FOB THE BIG TIME, HOE YET THB SMALL Ian, BUI JOB THE ARTIST ALL THE TIME. CIRCUIT OF SHOR T JUMPS Believed by Managers To Be Solution of Difficul- ties Brought About by Increase in Transportation Charges ELABORATING ON NEIGHBORHOOD THEATER IDEA To Employ Acts Profitably and Consecutively— New Development May Witness Ab- sorption of Smaller Circuits be made easily by street . lew hours, ta the only practical solu- tion of the rapidly accumulating cnltlea engendered by railroad i the Western ways made It a point to gather I many houses as possible,. heretofore the strength of the house and city In which it is located have counted i than the closeness or links In the ci because cost of transportation wi comparatively Email item, but now realized that tt will be wen-nigh i the neighbor- ftJne chaCofcitylurf suburban theat Rr.ll be unbroken, ailmim pFf emns; of acts from one tl s will break up, at least for th( ent and t'oy may do a "single" in Seville next season. FOy*a eldest New Tort. June 21.—Meredith and San Francisco. June 22.—One of the- heaviest theatrical bills In this section of the country la oiling three performances a day, and Fisher Will Retire San Diego, Cat. Jane S3—John C. lsber. theatrical producer and man- ager of Singer's Midgets, Is planning rminate bis activities In the the- si world and return to this city to make his borne, where he formerly lived- He built the lata Theater, for. Ackerman & Harris Williams in Chicago cage, June It.—Captain Walter una, one of the original members of the Lafayette Escadrllle (beat known of all aviators serving In the present war), is'In Chicago visiting old friends among the booking agents. He had a happy reunion with members of The anr> Brownie and Brownie and Wil- le most real heroes, Williams make's little ado about his part In the . struggle, tho he was In the thick of It for three and a half years. In one rem ent an accurate shot from a antagonist took off part of his eeurrence Is his praise for the sur- geons,.who repaired the damage with- His Role Came True whose cue to e: The brother was acting the part of 1 heart disease and dies. piaL Yonkers, « Harry Lander Is Knighted r of the United S In conjunction with M. A. vaudeville bill Will King and his company, who recently closed successful engagement at the Savoy, have been engaged to put on a tab. insists of the lowing principals: Lew Dunbar, Reece Oardner. Jack Wise, Harry Davis. Robert Byles. Ethel Davis, Clair Starr. Merele Meredith.. Nell Chick, Kl and a chorus of twenty. The prodi At Variance on Vande. Tax New York. June 11.—Correspond- association'! A., and made a public a appeal for better treat- -es of the proposed new ternal Department has reversed an earlier ruling regarding the applica- tion of the income and excess profits taxes to the vaudeville theaters. Th a correspondence shows that i i* P. Speer. deputy commissioner of in- terns! revenue, was willing. last March, to Interpret the regulations In a man- this city, to his bill for the n New York. June It.— Steps havs been taken by the leading vaudeville managers and.agencies to bar all Ger- man and Austrian acts from vaude- ville houses In the future. It Is said this action baa been brought t by the large number of German i on the vaudeville stage pro- ng to be of neutral countries. ' New York, June It. —When is a cabaret a theater? woi explained at a hearing yesterday st the City Halt on the proposed ordinance, the author of which is Alderman Thomas M. Farley or the Fourteenth Aldermanlc District, and which. If it goes thru, would place the cabaret In the same category as the theater. The committee voted to