Biographies of Paramount Players and Directors (1936)

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96. '.ffiSLE I RUGX-LES (Parenovnt Director) Wesley Ruggles, one of the top-flight directors of the notion picture industry, reached his position of ".rominenct through nineteen years of unremitting herd work. He wr s born in Los Angelas June 11, the son of Mr. end Mrs. Cherles £. Ruggles, non-prof c-ssionels. When he v;t s of kindergarten age, the family mi.ved to Sen Fr<ncisco, fnd thtrt, even during his grammar school days, his intc est turned toward the the; tre. As soon as he could manege to make the connection, he became a stock pltyer end played successive, engagements in every major pacific Coast City. He even at ont time during this phtst of his career orgni zed "Rugbies I. instr> 2 s" , and took it on a tour of the c > st urtil it str?nd*d without funds. He obtained his first job in motion pictures in 1914 with the Mi ck Seunott Keystont cormeny. F-r thrct years following, he tried in turn almost every job a studio oan offtr: property man, film editor, assistant director end finally dirtctor. Wtun tht United St»;tts int» rtd the Wzr, Rugglt s tnlisttd es e privati in the Signal Corps* Two years later, after service in Fr5.nct , ht was dische'-gfd as a first lieute nant. K*. r*. tunic d to Hollywood end joined tht Vitegrsph e mpany as a director for .'Allot Toy 06, Subsequent silent ploturefl rhich helped his career were "The Plastic / re" , "Silk Stockings", end "Finders Keepers". He "discovered" Jack Okie for %h& latter picture end for som* time had Oakiu under ptreonel contract. tteslty Rugglwf is e brother of Charlie Rugglt s, Paramount comedy fevorite. His outstanding recent directorial accomplishments are: CIMM.'rON COLLEGE HUMOR I'M NO ANGEL THE CILLED LILY ACGEiT ON YOUTH THE ERIDS COLES HOME