The Bioscope (Oct-Dec 1913)

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1194 A PETERBOROUGH PAR. During the whole of last week ‘‘ The House of Temperley’’ took foremost place at the Broadway Kinema, and was an enormous success, large crowds witnessing the production.—At the Theatre Royal Cinema last week the special attraction was ‘‘ Annie [-aurie.’’ Matinées were given on Thursday and Saturday at 2 o’clock. A NEW DEPARTURE. The Princess Brand (Mutual) is issuing an innovation in ‘* The Law of Humanity.’’ Hitherto, Princess films have been farces, pure and simple, and the “leads ’? Muriel Ostriche, Boyd Marshall and Marie -line, were recruited because of their great abilities in this direction. Hence it will be interesting to note their work in such an emotional drama. ‘BY THE CROSS” AT NEWCASTLE. A special Trade exhibition of this film was given in the Olympia, Northumberland Road, Newcastle, on Tuesday last, with full orchestral accompaniments, when a large number of the local managers and others interested were present. The exhibition was arranged by B.B. Pictures, Limited, Newcastle, agents for Messrs. Fenning, and we understand that bookings for the first, second and third run for New/astle, and for several other districts in the Northern Counties were effected before the close of the show. A POPULAR PLAYER. Miss Maud Fealy, of the Thanhouser Company, was a legitimate star before coming to “ films.’’ She first won distinction by her portrayal of the réle of Eunice, in ‘ Quo Vadis?’’ and her success was such that William Gillette immediately engaged her to support him in ‘‘ Sherlock Holmes.’’ Sir Henrv Irving later engaged Miss Fealy to portray the rdles enacted by Ellen Terry, in which she captivated the London public. During her career, Miss Fealy has plaved under such stars as the late Sir Henry Irving, Mr. Ik. S. Willard, William Gillette, Richard Mansfield and Nat Goodwin. SUCCESSFUL CHARITY SHOW. A special performance was given at the Abbey Picture Ilouse, Kirkstall, Leeds, last week, in aid of the District Nurses’ Fund. Mr. oe Briggs, the manager, made special etforts, and the result was that the event proved to be of such an attraction that large numbers had to be turned away. A first-class programme of pictures was submitted, ‘* The Rosary’”’ and ‘The Village Blacksmith’? being specially accompanied by Mr. John Stones. A hearty vote of thanks to the manager, Mr. Briggs, and to the proprietors, Messrs. Rawnsley, Dealv and Briggs, was accorded, on the motion of the Vicar of Kirkstall, seconded by the treasurer of the fund. ROUND THE CAMBRIDGE HALLS. At the Plavhouse last Friday afternoon an excceedingly interesting film was screened, entitled ‘‘ How to Save a Nation’s JTeeth.”? The lecture was given before a large audience by Dr. Cunningham. The programme at the Playhouse this weck is one of exceptional merit. The star picture, “ The Battle of Elderbush Gulch,’’? is supported bv other fine films. T’p-to-date musical selections are rendered each evenIne by Mr. May EE. Bennett’s well-known orchestra. The managers of the New Theatre are showing Paul J. Rainev's “ African Hunt?’ films. Special musical items are given bv the orchestra, under the capable conductorshp of Mr. T. G. Briges.—At the Palace Rink last week some exceedingly good films were screened, the best including ‘ Red and White Roses”? and “ Beasts of the Jungle.’’—The Alexandra, the Gatety, and the New Palace all gave excel lent shows. : | Goog e THE BroscoPe, DECEMBER 18, 1913. NEWS FROM NEWPORT (MON.). At the recently opened Clarence Picture House, Mr. Hazlewood has every reason to be pleased wth the business. It is highly possible this theatre will show the Clarendon speaking pictures.—The Cinema, Station Approach, is popular with visitors and residents alike. The ‘‘ Warwick Chronicle,’’ to which a new item is added each day, keeps patrons well in touch with events.—The ‘‘first in Newport,” the Tredegar Hall, still holds its own. Mr. Walter C. Davis is the manager and proprietor, and one per formance is given nightly, with three matinées. <A Cinechordion, played by Mr. Percy Haves, materially enhances the value of the fare provided, and several] turns are included in the programme.—The Coliseum Clarence, in spite of increased opposition, reports capacitv business. Mr. Gwynne is in charge of affairs here.—A generating plant is being installed at the Olympia Cinema. A large electric vacuum cleaner has also recently been fitted in the basement. A feature of this cinema is the orchestra of aes performers, under the direction of Mr. H. are. SWANSEA SNIPPETS. The latest addition to the theatres is the Castle Cinema, Worcester Place. The elevation is carried out in Bath stone, and is designed after the late English Renaissance style. The handsome portico stretches the whole width of the frontage. Between the portico and the hall proper, there is a spacious ‘‘crush hall,’’? where waiting patrons can be accom. modated. The interior decoration is most_harmonious, the colour scheme being cream ard gold The exterior sculpture was executed by Mr. Geo. Houghton, of Worcester, to the design of the architects, Messrs. Thomas, Meager and Jones. Swansea. Accommodation is provided for 1,000, all the seating being plush tip-ups. Two Ernemann projectors are installed. Mr. A. T. Bowden, for some time assistant manager at the Central Cinema, Cardiff (belonging te the same firm), is the manager, and his consistent courtesv should assist to ranidly promote the nonularit-of this theatre.—Last Sunday a most successful concert was held at the Theatre Roval, Swansea. the proceeds of which were devoted to the Mavor’s fund for the relief of the sufferers from the Senghenvdd disaster. The success of the affair was in no small measure due to Mr. Wm. Coutts, who was the organ. iser. At all Mr. William Coutts’ district halls tof which there are eight, “ Pathé’s Animated Gazette” provides the tonical fare. LICENSING AND TENANCY POINTS. At Northallerton Police Court last week an interest: ing point in regard to tenancy arose in a case in which Mr. Matthew Richardson, cinematograph pro. prietor, of Darlington, applied for a licence in re spect of the Northallerton Town Hall. Opposition was forthcoming from Mr. L. Prest, who holds a heence for the Town Hall, but whose tenancy ceased on the day of the hearing.—Mr. W. Berry, acting for Mr. Prest. objected on the ground of unsuitability of the building, and also on the ground that the apphecation could not be granted, because a lcence in respect of the building was already held by Mr. Prest. 9 He pointed out certain deficiencies in the arrangements of the building.—The magistrates, however, beid that they had inspected the building some time ago, and no objection was now raised by the police.— Mr Berry insisted upon his point that whereas the mags. trates had power to transfer a licence they had net power to do so without the consent of the existing holder, and they could not grant two licences in tespect of the satrne premises. He quoted a case which occurred at Gateshead on November 2cth, when an apolication in similar circumstances was refused.— The magistrates decided that they could not grant we isenices: and the application was, therefore, re. used. aft