The blue book of the screen (1923)

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Foreword When the motion-picture industry was young, the personality of the players was an unknown quantity to the devotees of the "nickelodeon." No casts of characters followed the titles of the one-reel thrillers of those days. "Fan" magazines were yet to appear, and the "fans" who dared write for portraits of the players, even if they offered to pay for them, received replies something like this: BIOGRAPH COMPANY ELEVEN EAST TOURTEENTH STREET NEW YORK. NY. May 21, 1910 Miss Betty Blayne, San Francisco, Calif. Dear Madam: Replying to your letter of May 16th, we regret to state that we are not issuing photographs of the artists com- prising our stock company. We are therefore returning your check for $2.50 enclosed with your letter. Yours very truly, BIOGRAPH COMPANY L. E. W. - D. L. E. W. Enc. How different to-day! Rare, indeed, is the person who cannot call off the names of dozens of the stars that shine in the glittering galaxy of the screen! ' The favorite portraits of the members of this veritable aris- tocracy of filmdom and authentic information concerning them have been gathered for presentation in this, THE BLUE BOOK OF THE SCREEN. It is a pleasure to acknowledge, with sincere thanks, the kindness and co-operation of the many persons and studios that have made the collection of this material possible. Their names being evident from the material itself, no list will be given here.