The blue book of the screen (1923)

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Contents Page Portraits and Biographies of Players 1 Writers, Producers and Directors 277 "Screen Pets" " . . 324 From "Fade-in" to "Fade-out"—How Moving Pictures Are Made 326 Glossary of Technical Terms Used in the Industry 340 "Today and Tomorrow in the Motion Picture Industry" . . . 341 By WILL H. HAYS "The Art of the Art Director" 342 By FRANK H. WEBSTER "The Future of Motion Pictures" 343 By JESSE L. LASKY "What Psychology Has Done to Pictures" 344 By CECIL B. DE MILLE "Screen Renaissance Through Motion Painting" 345 By FERDINAND EARLE "Realism" 349 "The Dramatic Side of Comedy" . . . 353 "What Happens to Fan Mail" 357 Views of Hollywood and the Leading Studios 359