Boxoffice (Apr-Jun 1937)

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Monogram Takes Over Two Majestic Offices Dks Moines — Monogram Film Distributors this week acquired the Omaha and Des Moines exchanges of Max Wintroub’s Majestic Pictures. The new Monogram company will liquidate all present and contracted product of Majestic. The office space of Majestic here will be occupied by the remodeled Warner exchange. Strickand Heads Omaha Office W. H. (Bill) Strickland will be in charge of the Omaha exchange at 1505 Davenport St., under the supervision of L. O. (Bob) Ringler, Monogram lowa-Nebraska cofranchise holder. Strickland is a 12-year veteran in the Omaha territory. He was with Universal six years in Omaha and branch manager in Sioux Falls. He resigned from RKO last week. Lew Wintroub will be retained for a period of six months in the Omaha Monogram office. F. E. Judd is at the helm of the recently opened Des Moines office at 515-A Tenth St. Physical distribution in Omaha will be handled by Rogers Omaha Film Distributing Depot, which has opened a shipping inspection and film storage establishment in the old Universal building. The office, although small, is comfortable, conveniently located and completely remodeled and redecorated throughout. The front will be finished in structural black vitrolite glass, and the sign containing the words “Monogram Pictures” will cover the entire top of the building. WiNTROUB Keeps K. C. Branch Kansas City — The Majestic office in Kansas City is being retained by Max Wintroub, according to Miriam Wintroub, local manager. BARKER CHIEF LAUDS OMAHA TENT'S SHOW Omaha — John H. Harris, re-elected national chief barker of Variety at the recent convention here, has written the Omaha tent praising it for the show it staged and predicting that Cincinnati will be hard put to equal the affair at the 1938 convention. The show to which Harris referred was staged by District Manager Evert R. Cummings of Tri-States Theatres in his capacity as chairman of the entertainment committee. He made several trips to Chicago seeking acts, finally signing up a hit show which also included acts from a stage show the Orpheum played here the same week. Effective Circus Curb Omaha — The local city coimcil’s heavy circus tax still is discouraging the tent show and so far none of these exhibitor headaches have been booked in. The circuses pay $750 a day for three rings, $500 for two rings and $250 fvr carnivals. Two Amusement Bills Stay on Calendar Lincoln — Two amusement bills survived efforts of the sifting committee recently appointed by the Nebraska unicameral legislature to cut down the load. One most directly concerning the film biz is the antiAscap measure which seeks to make the music society in restraint of trade and a trust violation, not to operate in the state. Other is the bill to provide for refinancing the state fair grandstand bond issue, a $250,000 task, the money to be taken from the state educational lands and funds treasury. Neb. Bank Night Declared Lotterg Lincoln — Bank Night was held a lottery in Nebraska Thursday afternoon by Judge Messmore of Beatrice, Neb. Immediately following the decision both sides were expected to take the case to the supreme court for final adjudication. Crux of the case was whether or not there was a consideration of value for participation in Bank Night drawings. State Attorney General’s office presented the view that any effort, such as registration, attendance at the theatre, or the giving of one’s time, is a valuable consideration, therefore making Bank Night a violation of the lottery law. Holdrege Delay Holdrege, Neb. — Pending a decision in the state’s case at Beatrice against Bank Night, hearing on the Porter Amusement Co. Bank Night suit here has been postponed until at least May 7. The company is seeking an injunction against Coimty Attorney Wilber S. Aten and Sheriff Royal Hanson to prevent them from stopping weekly drawings at the Sun Theatre. HAVE YOU A ■■ HAVE YOU A CHANGE IN MESSAGE POLICY y©«: want to toll yoof potrottfr oiMMit on th« screen? f ffmock wflt make your f/oiler. # Hftlo bwer thoft FILmnck\ . J^TRRILERtO speed pli Quoiily Ift or Motto Try Us On Your Next Order I •43 SOUTH WABASH CHICAGO. ILLINOIS MIDWEST METROITES SEND CONTINGENT New York — Delegates from the Midwestern area to the Metro annual sales convention being held May 1-2 in Los Angeles numbered thirty and are as follows: From Kansas City — Leon Abraham, Harold Cohen, Edwin Green, Frank C. Hensler, Joseph Maguire, Joseph Markowitz, Claud E. Morris, Truly B. Wildman and Harris P. Wolf berg; from Omaha — Hazel Anderson, H. W. Lambert, Charles Lieb, Carl Nedley, Harry J. Shumow, Fred C. Thortsen and Voight B. Trent; from Des Moines — George M. Baumeister, Howard Dunn, Dexter C. Kennedy, Gerald E. McGlynn and Sam B. Stoll; from Minneapolis— Morris Abrams, William P. Cameron, Allen S. Clatworthy, Louis H. Cohen, Sanford Gottlieb, Walter McKean, Alfred Putz, George W. Turner and William H. Workman. Mayor Bars Sex Film Council Bluff, Ia. — Following an order by Omaha’s Mayor Dan Butler barring showing of two sex films. Mayor William Guilfoyle of Council Bluffs also prohibited showing of one of the films, “The Vice Racket” at a midnight show at Morrie Cohn’s Strand. Open Free Shows Liberty, Neb. — This town, which is without a theatre now, will see free films this summer at expense of local business men who have purchased the town hall and remodeled it at a cost of $2,000. Other free entertainments also will be staged. NEW RAY-BELL PRODUCTION St. Paul — One of the largest companies of artists ever used by Ray-Bell Films was employed recently in the preparation of a business film ad. Largen Sound Systems ''BEAM POWER” Perfect Fidelity Amplifiers FEATURING NEW "Hushed" Background Reproduction "COPPER OXIDE" RECTIFIED "DC" EXCITER SUPPLY.— CALIBRATED VOLUME CONTROL.— BOOTH MONITOR WITH SPECIAL BUILT-IN AMPLIFIER FOR HEARING AID HOOKUP. LARGEN "SUPER SERIES" SOUND HEADS LARGEN TWO-WAY HORN SYSTEMS PERFECT REPRODUCTION PERFECT DISTRIBUTION IOWA THEATRE. Sheldon. Iowa: ‘The sound is the best we have ever had in the Iowa." R. F. EERBERG. S®0 MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALERS 319 NORTH lev* STRICT OMAHA. NCBR. 122 BOXOFHCE :: May 1, 1937.