Boxoffice (Apr-Jun 1937)

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RONALD GUTTMAN, popular GB salesman, soon to depart from ranks of Filmrow bachelors. The lucky girl is Miss Sylvia Wasserman. The wedding is scheduled for early June. Bob La Finer of Publix is still in the U. S. Veter ajis’ Hospital, recovering from an operation. L. J. Ludwig, Publix general manager, also continues on the sick list. Mother of Katharine Hepburn here for a lecture on birth control. Harry Hirsch’s Gayety (stock burlesque) closes May 2 for the summer, after a highly successful spring season. Harry himself will hie to Florida for a month’s rest. Before departing for Des Moines to advance into the sales’ staff, Bill Soper of the Universal accessory department here invested in a brand new auto. Max Roth, Republic district manager, in town for a few days and conferring with Publix regarding “The Hit Parade,” his company’s musical smash hit. Leo Blank, Warner Bros, district manager, a visitor. Ralph Cramblett, United Artists’ branch manager, is vacationing, but his destination is being kept a secret. United Artists sent a special exploiteer, Bernie Evans, from Kansas City to work on “History Is Made at Night.’’ Walter Branson, RKO district manager, here for brief business visit. Orpheum introduced candid camera contest to Minneapolitans during engagement of stage show, “Stripping the Stars,’’ with $10 for best photo of undressing before husband demonstration from audience. “Nickey” Goldhammer announces that Publix Northwest has bought the short, “A Day With the Dionnes’ Quintuplets,” for its entire circuit. Now that the state legislature is out of session for 30 days, S. D. Kane, Northwest Allied States’ executive secretary, will be able to get a little rest. Protecting the interests of independent exhibitors, Kane was on hand morning, noon and night during the session which ended last week. W. A. Steffes is another who battled hard for his pet measure, the divorcement bill. He gave liberally of his time and efforts. Out-of-town exhibitors visiting Filmrow included Joe Milner, Spring Valley, Minn.; John Filler and son. Valley City, N. D., and E. T. Bank, St. Charles, Minn. Universal salesmen will get their first trip in many years at the company’s expense this month to the Los Angeles sales convention at the Hotel Biltmore. Frank Mantzke and the boys depart May 12. United Artists here is now in first place in its division in played and earned dates in the George Schaefer drive. On the drive’s home stretch, the sales staff is working hard. Tri-States Shifts Managers in Deal Omaha — A wholesale shifting of executives necessitated by Tri-States’ partnership deal with Harry Schiller in the new Grand at Grand Island, Neb., is announced by District Manager Evert R. Cummings. Eddie Forester, city manager at Grand Island until Schiller’s appointment to that job, comes here as manager of the Omaha Theatre. Jimmy Schlatter, Omaha manager, goes to Sioux City as manager of Tri-States’ biggest house there, the Orpheum. Breck Fagin, who came to Omaha from the Piaza and Uptown at Kansas City, as assistant manager of the Paramount last November, and later moved to the Orpheum as assistant when the Paramount was closed, goes to Grand Island as house manager of the Capitol and publicity director for the other two Tri-States houses there as well. Don Shane, who has been assistant manager of the Sioux City Orpheum, comes to Omaha as assistant to Manager Bill Miskell of the Orpheum. IIL III M C Cl IIL M JACK THOMA, Columbia’s mighty mite, was here confabing with Milton Overman Bob Livingston celebrated his 34th birthday last week, he says. If this is so, his birthday cake was only carrying 15 spare candles. By the way, Mrs. Bob (Barbara) ivill be home from Arizona Wednesday. She’s been riding herd on that case of sinus. Now that Harry Schiller and Frank Van Husan and “Epp” Eppley have agreed May 5 will be the opening date for the New Grand, Grand Island, there’s practically nothing left to write about. And it doesn’t look like Eddie Forester is going to get on the way to that new job until near the middle of the month. Mary Fislar, University of Nebraska coed, was given a screen test at Paramount and offered a part in Joe Fenner’s new picture, but turned it down. Mary was one of 19 gals sent to the coast as guests of the Comedian’s Congress. Walter Shuttee, who’s been visiting on the local scene, was joined this week by Lou Finske, of Denver. Finske was bearing with him regards for all and sundry from E. A. Patchen in Pueblo. Patchen never writes a letter unless he can tell a story, and unless the Colorado miners come in to tell him one, his correspondence suffers. Legislature is about over — and the amusement game is ready to let go a big sigh of relief. The biz will owe a big debt of gratitude to Senator Bill Haycock, Bob Livingston, Max G. Towle and Charlie Williams. Incidentally, it made everybody feel very good inside to hear George Jessel call for a bow from Charlie at the Variety Club banquet in Omaha. O MI A IIHI A QORDON P. HELD, manager of the New Strand at Griswold, la., and Mrs. Held are the parents of a son, whom they have named Gordon Gregory. George Jessel reportedly collected $1,250, plus expenses both ways, for his appearance before the national Variety convention here. Columbia Exploiteer Jack Thoma of Chicago was in town for the “Lost Horizon” build up. Mrs. Thomas also accompanied him to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Knell of Omaha. Local exhibs are wondering how much of a dent the proposed outdoor municipal amphitheatre will put in their receipts. Fortunately the project is still only at the talking stage. Wes Booth has equipped his Booth Theatre at Nebraska City with new neon-lighted display boards at each side of the entrance. Salute to Nick Arnos sr., one of Omaha’s first exhibitors and now a salesman for Majestic Pictures Corp. and Mrs. Amos for the recent celebration of their 53d wedding anniversary . Amos opened his Elite No. 1 on lower Douglas St. about the time the Goldberg Bros, started their first Omaha house. Elite No. 1 was so prosperous, it was followed by Elite No. 2 a little farther uptown, Elite No. 3 in South Omaha and Elite No. 4 on the site of the present Liberty in Council Bluffs. Amos also started Lincoln, Wichita and Topeka’s first theatres. The string grew until he was operating 16 houses in three states. Then he began selling his properties. Since 1918 he has been connected with the industry as salesman. Omer Kenyon, one of the best known showmen in these parts, has quit as MG-M’s district exploiteer, with headquarters at Des Moines, and gone to Kansas City as manager of Fairyland Park. He formerly managed Omaha’s Krug Park. Bill Youngclaus was a business visitor to Omaha in connection with his two Grand Island houses. Miss Ethel B. Good, secretary to District Manager Evert R. Cummings of Tri-States, announces her marriage to Lt. Walter Smit of Fort Riley will be held in Omaha’s First Baptist church June 3. Opening of the Grand at Grand Island, Neb., in which Harry Schiller and TriStates are partners, now is definitely set for May 5, according to District Manager Cummings. Dorothy Olmstead, secretary to Hymie Novitsky, Republic-Midwest Omaha manager, this week resigned to join Monogram Film Distributors, Inc. in Des Moines as secretary to F. E. Judd, Monogram manager. Miss Olmstead worked with Judd during the four-month period Judd managed the Republic office in Omaha. Local chairman of the Rogers Memorial Hospital fund drive is Branch Manager D. V. McLucas of United Artists. 124 BOXOmCE May 1, 1937.