Boxoffice barometer (1944)

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greet the eyes, ears and noses of theatre patrons are much more reassuring and welcome than perfumes and disinfectants. But all this is not to say that pleasant odors or even disinfectants and germicides are taboo in the well-kept theatre. Sometimes an atmospheric effect can be attained by the dissemination of a pleasant invigorating aroma. Occasionally, under the most rigid rules of maintenance, a disinfectant or germicide may be found necessary as a temporary expedient. But it never should be necessary to resort to the coverup means permanently. Good plumbing fixtures, proper ventilation, efficient lighting, plenty of waste disposal receptacles, careful maintenance of floors and walls, thorough cleaning after each performance and careful vigilance during showtime are the things that suggest sanitation and sustain it in the eyes and as well in the noses of the public. The health of the public has also become of considerable concern to theatre management who, in fact, have borne the brunt of sanitary legislation. Contagion or the frequent outbreak of epidemic disorders usually bring prompt inspection of theatres and frequently condemnation or a closedown order results. Therefore, theatre management can ill afford taking chances on the whims of local authority or suggestion to the public mind of improper or inadequate sanitary provisions. Many theatre owners found ways and means of keeping their properties reasonably sanitary and safe during the emergency. Others have found the emergency a convenient excuse for a let-down in good housekeeping practice. But when materials for remodeling and structural corrections again become available, there will be no alibi for some of the conditions theatre patrons now endure as good sports. Keeping your house clean is the best possible way to preserve it. No Startling Changes Foreseen for Theatre Seating (Continued from page 44) also may provide more and better seating if the layout is planned well in advance. Theatre architects are well acquainted with the laying out of auditoriums for best possible seating and sight-line considerations. Seating layouts planned in advance also make purchase planning in advance much easier. We may be reasonably certain that theatre chairs will be among the first available products for the remodeling of old houses and the building of new ones after reconversion has become an actuality. If plans for theatre construction or modernization are now being held up in the thought that something startling may occur in the public seating industry, it would be wiser to think the thing over again. Theatre chairs will have emerged from this war emergency with many improvements, yet they will be practically the same products which we were offered just prior to the war. The theatre chair maker is most anxious to serve us again and we may be certain that satisfactory products will be available to us at their earliest possible production time. IMMEDIATE © DELIVERIES ^ On CHICAGO'S Supreme Expansion l|l| Bolts. Keep seats anchored securely. |jl| Available now at leading supply houses. CHICAGO Expansion Bolt Co. /T 2228 W. Ogden Ave.. Chicago 12, 111. L3 L^p Capacity up to 1000 Watts FEATURES; Silent Slide Carrier * Easy Access to Parts l For Longer Projection Distances Another GoldE advancement in stereopticon design! This modern, trouble-free Stereopton withstands constant operation — heat absorption filter gives slides added protection from heat damage. Precision optical system uses the finest ground and polppr ished lens (choice of 3) . . . All *. I'uT I jT/-’ assures perfect clarity of image. PI.. T-ir Shows standard 3V4''x 4" slicks. -Bollt-in Tilting Device • Ad,u.table Bellows , Compact-conveniently portable. GoldE Manufacturing Co. Available on proper priority ratings through Theatre Supply Dealers Dept. A., 1220 West Madison St., Chicago' MATTING !:3 INFORMATION OF INTEREST TO THEATREMEN m. i f As America's largest matting specialists, we continue to make matting available, despite restricted production and material shortages, and to act as the sole remaining mat firm servicing the equipment now installed in America's theatres. Furthermore, new materials are being developed and more will be announced as soon as production restrictions are lilted. New. enlarged facilities and modern equipment permit increased production. Chief among those types of matting available today are AMERITRED SOLID PLASTIC FRICTION MATTING for use where rubber matting was formerly used, as in entrances. It provides a non-slip surface, lies flat on the floor and affords good scrapeage. It is easily handled and cleaned, is black in color, and comes in sheets 29" x 63" x 9/64" which con be trimmed for smaller or odd shaped areas. FLEXIBLE WOOD LINK MATTING also is available. It lies flat, follows the contour of the floor, and can be rolled or folded for easy handling and cleaning. Beveled edges reduce the danger of tripping. RUBBER MATTING FOR SWITCHBOARDS or for use in front of exposed switches also is available without war contract number. Write for prices and literature describing various types of malting for promoting safety, sanitation and comfort. Give details of your problems, such as location, prevailing conditions and size of the area to be covered. As soon as wartime restrictions are suspended production will be resumed on Ezy-Rug colored rubber link matting, Countertred matting, Airtred sponge rubber matting, Tuftred tire fabric matting. Rub-O-Rug solid rubber cross corrugated matting, Amatco wide ribbed corrugated rubber matting, pyramid matting, steel matting, leather matting, rubber safety stair treads, cmd perforated rubber mats. ii Ulv! AMERICAN MAT CORP. 1719 Adams St., Toledo 2, Ohio i.' BOXOFFICE BAROMETER 47