Boxoffice barometer (1954)

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FIRST WITH THE PUBLIC! ( Results of a poll by Film Research Surveys) "If you knew nothi ng about a picture except the company that produced it, which company’s picture would M-G-M, of course!" 42% ( Almost Twice The Next Company ) SELECTED M-G-M! FIRST WITH EXHIBITORS! Again M-G-M Leads in the Current Boxoffice Barometer Poll! TOPS IN HITS! Out of 74 hits listed in Boxoffice Barometer’s current Poll, M-G-M has more hit pictures than any other company, with 15. Next company 11, next 9, 7, 7, 6, 5, 3, 1. M-G-M winners: "Ivanhoe” • "The Band Wagon” • "The Bad And The Beautiful” • "Million Dollar Mermaid” "The Merry Widow” • "Lili” • "Because You’re Mine” "The Prisoner of Zenda” • "Above And Beyond” • "Latin Lovers” • "Jeopardy” • "The Naked Spur” • "Plymouth Adventure” • "Dangerous When Wet” • "Battle Circus” ALL-TIME BLUE-RIBBON CHAMP! Blue Ribbons are the industry’s best, voted by exhibitors, press and public. Not only is M-G-M winner for the past season with 4 hits out of 12 (next company 2, next 2, 2, 1, 1,) but M-G-M is also the All-Time winner with 81 Blue Ribbons, nearly twice as many as the next company — and more than the next two companies combined. STAR POWER! M-G-M has 6 out of 12 Female Winners [with Ava Gardner voted the top female star). Next company has 2, next 2, 1, 1. And in the All-American Screen Favorites in Boxoffice Barometer Popularity Poll M-G-M has the following; Ava Gardner, Esther Williams, June Allyson, Deborah Kerr, Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, Clark Gable, Stewart Granger. No. 1 IN SHORTS! M-G-M is First among the Ten Best Short Series. TOM And JERRY [Technicolor) CARTOONS wins again for the 4th consecutive year (tops in 5 out of past 7 years). M-G-M is also First in Live-Action Shorts with PETE SMITH SPECIALTIES, winner for 11 consecutive years and tops for 12 out of 13 years. BQX OFFICE BAROMETF0 JP*