Boxoffice (Jul-Sep 1939)

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Carolinas in Call for Pact Concessions by Majors Carolina Convention Program Readied Charlotte — A program will be arranged shortly lor the winter convention of the North and South Carolina Theatre Owners Ass'n convention to be held here December 3 and 4, according to Mrs. Walter Griffith, secretary. Approximately 460 theatres in the two states are expected to be represented at the meeting. Aclion on Objections When Jurist Returns Miami — Action on the objections filed this week to the interrogations propounded to some officials of the eight major companies in connection with the securing of evidence for the December trial of the suit being brought by the Cameo and Surf theatres, must await the return of Judge John W. Holland of the U. S. district court. He will be back in Miami, October 5. Similarly, the taking of testimony of Hiram D. Parks, Warner film salesman at Lubbock, Tex., apparently will have to await the judge’s resumption of his seat. The taking of Parks’ deposition, scheduled for Saturday, September 16, was halted at the demand of the defense counsel, who is seeking to have Judge Holland issue an order limiting the scope of the inquiry. Counsel for the defense protested on the grounds the transactions about which Parks was to be questioned occurred “two or more years prior to the time when the plaintiffs established their theatres.’’ Wometco's Credit Union Entering Filth Year Miami — Continuing to aid employes through emergencies of all kinds, the Wometco Credit Union is going into its fifth year with $17,485 in shares as compared with $14,746 at the same time in 1938. Current loans show a similar increase — $15,443 as against $11,185 last year. The union’s net earnings are a full $125 ahead of last year’s at this time, a checkup with Stanley Stern, president, and L. A. Johnston, treasurer, reveals. Deal Brings Grainger Dallas — James R. Grainger, president of Republic Pictures, and also general sales manager, has been in town to close with the Interstate circuit for 1939-40 product. He visited the Dallas exchange and held conferences with W. G. Underwood and Lloyd Rust. Buys "Waterloo Bridge" Hollywood — “Waterloo Bridge,’’ a play by Robert E. Sherwood, has been purchased by Selznick International from Universal, which company produced it in 1931. Charlotte — A five-point plea for voluntary contract concessions has been directed at major distributors by the Theatre Owners of North and South Carolina. Perfected at a meeting here of the board of directors, the resolution asks: 1. Straight 20 per cent elimination. 2. Non-forcing of shorts, trailers, newsreels and accessories with features. 3. Elimination of all score charges. 4. Price allocation to be stipulated with notice of availability. 5. Full protection against non-theatrical competition. The resolution commended the distributors who have granted “certain of these privileges.” Contending that many of the organizations members “working in the interest of cooperation with the distributors and under the firm impression that the privileges of certain fair trade practices would be granted have bought product for the Arkansas ITO Will Meel Ocl. 15-16 Little Rock — At a meeting of the board of directors at Hotel Marion here, officers of the Arkansas ITO made plans for their semi-annual convention here, October 1516. O. G. Wren, president, stated that date was set to give delegates an opportunity to attend the second annual Arkansas Livestock Show in North Little Rock, scheduled for October 16-22. At the board meeting here were Wren; K. K. King, Searcy: J. F. Norman, Little Rock; D. E. Fitton, Harrison; C. F. Bonner, Pine Bluff; L. F. Haven jr., Forrest City, and W. E. Malin, Augusta. The board adopted a resolution asking members to give their support and cooperation in advertising the stock show. Members of the Arkansas ITO, it was announced, will be guests of T. C. Robertson, rodeo manager, on October 17. Biscayne Plaza Launched On Its New Season Miami — With the return of Edgar B. Pearce, manager and joint owner of the Biscayne Plaza Theatre on Miami Beach, from his northern vacation, this month beach house is launching on its preparations for the season. Besides having a grand postman’s holiday visiting as many theatres as he could crowd onto his schedule, Pearce did Radio City’s Music Hall from foyer to stagedoor, concluding with a long backstage visit. He has two new members in his organization, Mrs. Eunice Outlaw, as cashier, and Lloyd Chambers, formerly with Robb & Rowley circuit. Little Rock, Ark., as the newest member of his service staff. 1939-40 season and as a consequence are overbought unless the said privileges are granted,” the petition urges immediate action. Officers and directors of the organization are: President, Lyle M. Wilson, Roanoke Rapids, N. C.; vice-presidents, H. R. Berry, Hartsville, S. C., and F. H. Beddingfield, Charlotte: secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Walter Griffith, Charlotte; directors, Boyd Brown, Winnsboro, S. C.; Robert E. Bryant, Rock Hill, S. C.; H. E. Buchanan, Hendersonville, N. C.; H. F. Kincey, Charlotte; J. E. Massie, Waynesville, N. C.; J. F. Miller, Hickory, N. C.; George W. Parr, Lancaster, S. C.; Charles W. Picquet, Pinehurst, N. C.; Roy Rowe, Burgaw, N. C.; A. F. Sams jr., Statesville, N. C.; J. I. Sims, Orangeburg, S. C.; Albert Sottile, Charleston, S. C.; S. S. Stevenson, Henderson, N. C., and C. A. Turnage, Washington, N. C. Oklahoma City Joins Variety as Tenl 22 Oklahoma City — A Variety Club charter has been granted the Oklahoma City petitioners. That city joins the ranks of National Variety Club as Tent No. 22, with L. C. Griffith of the Griffith Amusement Co. as chief barker, and a charter membership of 30. The petition was signed by L. C. Griffith, of the Griffith Amusement Co.; Morris Loewenstein, Majestic 'Theatre; Wm. P. Moran, Southwestern Theatres, Inc.; Wm. Zoellner of M-G-M; S. J. McKenna, Griffith Amusement Co.; Max Brock of Lawton, Okla.; Sol Davis, Republic Pictures; Jack Curry, Paramount Pictures, Inc.; Otto Rohde of Vitagraph, Inc., and Ralph Talbot of Tulsa, Okla. Okla. Variety Bowlers Keep Season Alive Oklahoma City — 'The local Variety Club League of Filmrow teams moved into its second week of bowling activity with the RKO team defeating Griffith 3-0, Warner defeating Paramount 3-0, Clark Poster besting 20th-Fox 2-1 and National Theatre Supply decisioning Standard Theatres 2-1. Installs New Tents Dallas — R. J. (Bob) O’Donnell, Chief Barker of Dallas Variety Club, left Thursday for Atlanta to attend installing ceremonies of a Variety Club in the Henry W. Grady Hotel there. From there he was to go to Memphis for another Variety installation. He is organizer in the south and west for the national association. 85 BOXOFFICE :: September 23, 1939 S