Broadcasters’ news bulletin (June-Dec 1931)

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BROADCASTERS’ NEWS BULLETIN Reporting accurately and promptly current happenings of special interest to Broadcasting Stations in the Commercial, Regulatory, Legislative and Judicial Fields OFFICERS WALTER J. DAMM, . Milwaukee, Wis. President EDWIN M. SPENCE, Atlantic City, N. J. Vice President O. D. FISHER, . Seattle, Wash. Vice President PAUL W. MORENCy, Hartford, Conn. Treasurer Issued by THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS Incorporated NATIONAL PRESS BUILDING WASHINGTON, D. C. Telephone District 9497 EXECUTIVE PERSONNEL PHILIP G. LOUCKS Managing Director EUGENE V. COGLEY Assistant to Managing Director OLIVINE FORTIER Secretary SM FRANCISCO IN JULY June 6, 1931 Commissioner Harold A, Lafount today accepted an invitation to deliver an address at the first Regional Meeting of the National Association of Broadcast¬ ers which will he held at San Francisco, California, on July 21 and 22, 1931. The Commissioner will leave Washington on June 27 for a trip which will carry him through the Northwest, Pacific Coast, Southwest and South, He will establish temporary headquarters in San Francisco, California, during the time of the Regional Meeting. All members of the NAB are invited to attend the meeting on the Pacific Coast and all stations west of the Mississippi River, whether members or not, will also be invited to attend. Tlie program will be ready for announcement within the next ten days. Officers, members of the Executive Committee, members of the Board of Dir¬ ectors, and Committee Chairmen, are urged to attend the Pacific Coast confer¬ ence. There will he an important meeting of the Board during the second day of the conference. The dates, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 21 and 22, were selected to enable those in the East, planning to attend, an opportunity to travel over the w©©^;end. Executive Committee: Wiiliam S. Hedges, Chicago, lil.. Chairman; Henry A. Bellows, Minneapolis, Minn., and Frank M. Russell, Washington, D. C. Directors: William S. Hedges, Chicago, III.; H. K. Carpenter, Raleigh, N. C.; George F. McCleiland, New York, N. Y.; Dr. Frank W. Elliot!, Davenport, la.; A. J. McCosker, Newark, N. J., Edgar L. Bill, Chicago, ill.; A. B. Church, Kansas City, Mo.; J. G. Cummings, San Antonio, Tex., Don Lee, Los Angeles, Cal.; E. P. O'Fallon, Denver, Colo.; C. R. Clements, Nashville, Tenn.; Henry A. Bellows, Minneapolis, Minn.; John J. Storey, Worcester, Mass., E. B. Craney, Butte, Mont.; and Leo Fitipatrick, Detroit, Mich.